Silver Tip Village Resort - Compliance

Conditions and Mitigation Measures - Compliance

Ninety Nine Conditions (PDF) have been placed on this project for Planning approval.

Open a table with compliance conditions and approvals. This table will be updated as conditions are met (PDF).

Grading Permit Review

Please note that the grading permit was issued on 9/7/16. If you are interested in the SilverTip project grading permit submittals please see the links below.**

Grading Permit Submittal 1
Grading Permit Submittal 2
Grading Permit Submittal 3
Grading Permit Submittal 4
Grading Permit Submittal 5
Grading Permit Submittal 6

Aesthetics and Conceptual Landscaping (PDF)

**The grading permit submitted plans, supporting documents and condition compliance items required prior to grading permit issuance may be found by selecting the links above. The information in links above are for informational purposes only and not to be considered a public notice for comments on the project.**

Please email Steve Engfer, Associate Planner at Mariposa County Planning Department with any questions.