National County Government Month

Every April, the National Association of Counties (NACo) sponsors National County Government Month (#ncgm) as an opportunity to highlight all of the work, services, and programs that counties provide and this year is no different. For 2018, the theme is "Serving the Underserved," Take a look at the video below for more information about Why Counties Matter, read about how Mariposa County works for you, or get information about this month's County sponsored events (PDF) or about our Youth Contests

Why Counties Matter

County governments provide essential services to create healthy, vibrant and safe communities. Counties build infrastructure, maintain roads and bridges, provide public health and social services, administer justice, keep communities safe, run elections, keep vital records, build and maintain parks and recreational areas, and so much more. Check out this quick video for more information:

National County Government Month

Mariposa County Working for You

Mariposa County government plays an important role in the lives of your family and community members as its 22 departments work to keep you safe:(Sheriff, Fire, District Attorney, Probation), help keep you productive (Agricultural Commissioner and the Farm Advisor), keep you healthy and assist you with sensitive issues (Health Department, Human Services, Community Services, Child Support Services), keep you informed (Library), keep your valuable records (County Clerk, Recorder), administer the democratic process (Elections), keep you moving and building (Public Works, Planning, Building), and do it all effectively, efficiently, and legally (Administration, Assessor, Auditor, Clerk of the Board, County Counsel, Human Resources, Treasurer-Tax Collector, Technical Services). The approximate 400 County employees are your family, friends, and neighbors and they proudly serve you with integrity and passion.

Learn more about how Mariposa County works for you:

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Contests for Local Students

Check out these fun contests for local students - with cash prizes being offered for the poster and essay contests!

Posters will be judged by the Mariposa Arts Council with winning entries displayed in the Tree Top Gallery, and essays will be judged by the Mariposa Gazette with winning entries being published. Click on the contest of your choice to download the contest materials. (Submission deadline of March 30, 2018 for all contests.)

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