Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality Assurance (QA)

The Quality Assurance (QA) Unit of Mariposa County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (MCBHRS) oversees the quality of services delivered to beneficiaries of the Mental Health Plan. QA's responsibilities relate to ensuring effective and timely delivery of services are established and monitored. QA assists with high standards of clinical record documentation, ensuring compliance and security of health information, ensuring notification to beneficiaries of their rights, credentialing and monitoring of MHP Network Providers. QA performs regular audits, produces annual quality improvement goals, conducts performance improvement projects, collaborates with providers, and develops training and resources to support staff and community. Quality Assurance Unit ensures that state or federal laws and regulations, as well as MCBHRS policies, are met by all MCBHRS network providers of behavioral health services.

For questions regarding QA, contact Jennifer Moore, SW Supervisor II, at 209-966-2000.

Quality Improvement Committee (QIC)

Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) monitors the service delivery system with a goal of improving the processes of providing care and better meeting the needs of clients. QIC members identify opportunities for improvement and decide on which opportunities to pursue. QIC assesses the 24/7 access line by gathering information from test calls to improve in effective and supportive services. QIC meets monthly at the Human Services Building.

For questions regarding the QIC, contact Jennifer Moore, SW Supervisor II, at 209-966-2000.

Grievances, Appeals, State Fair Hearing

If you have a problem with your Medi-Cal mental health services, we would like to help. You can file a Grievance, an Appeal, or a State Fair Hearing to help resolve your problem. Grievances and Appeals can be submitted by filling out a Grievance Appeal form (PDF). Forms can also be picked up in Mariposa at the Human Services Center or at Quest Counseling, or at the North County Office in Coulterville. Completed forms can be dropped off at the Human Services Center or mailed to:

Mariposa County BHRS
P.O. Box 99
Mariposa, CA 95338

If you need interpreter services, please inform any staff member or call 209-966-2000.

Grievance: A consumer and/or consumer's representative may file a Grievance, orally or in writing, with their service provider, any Behavioral Health staff, or the Deputy Director of Behavioral Health. A Grievance may be filed at any time.

Appeal: If you have Medi-Cal benefits and you receive a mental health services, you have the right to request an Appeal when your service provider conducts: 1) a reduction of services, 2) a denial of services, 3) termination of services, or 4) does not make timely decisions.

State Fair Hearing: A State Fair Hearing is available to you after completing the County's internal appeal process. If you are a Medi-Cal beneficiary and you do not agree with the recommendations or results of the appeal, you or your representative can request a State Fair Hearing within 90 days of the postmark date of the Appeal decision.

Compliance/Privacy Officer Information

To contact the Compliance/Privacy Officer, call Christine Doss, LCSW, at 209-742-0889.