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First 5 Strategic Plan 2018-2021

First 5 Mariposa County, also known as the Children and Families Commission, Mariposa County, was created in 1999. The actions of the Commission are guided by the needs of Mariposa children and families. The vision and mission as outlined in the strategic plan serve as a roadmap for achieving successful outcomes for children and their families in Mariposa.

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First 5 aims to:

  • Determine how to expand local First 5 resources
  • Develop a strategic plan that describes how the community needs will be addressed
  • Evaluate the current and projected needs of young children and their families
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of programs and activities funded in accordance with the strategic plan
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About the First 5 Commission

The ultimate goal is to enhance the health and early growth experiences of children, enabling them to be more successful in school and to give them a better opportunity to succeed in life.

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 How the Commission Works

The Commission has a role as a community partner working with agencies and organizations for the benefit of children. In addition, there is a focus is on promoting community support for your children and their families. Third, the commission is a community organizer who works to assist organizations and agencies with common goals in providing services to children 0 to 5 years-of-age.

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What the First 5 Commission Does

The Commission distributes the revenues from Prop 10 and provides leadership in the community to increase support for young children and families. The First 5 grant program provides opportunities for organizations and agencies to provide services to children and families in health care, preschool, other related services.

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Commission Connections

The Commission provides services, activities, and programs to move the community towards the following results:

  • Children will be mentally and physically healthy.
  • Children will be ready for school.
  • Families will have the knowledge and ability to promote their children's development.
  • Services will be culturally appropriate, integrated, and collaborative.
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Funding Opportunities

Grant Process

For the past five years, funding opportunities have been available in March of each year with funding beginning in July through June. 

After the application was completed and submitted, the applications were read outside of Mariposa County with recommendations for funding made to the Commission. In May and June, the Commission approved the grants for funding (Maxi for $40,000 or less and Mini for $5,000 or less). 

Then all grant applicants participate in the evaluation process and outcome measures. At the December 8, 2008, Commission meeting, the Commission voted to focus on four areas of funding for 2009. The focus will be on dental care, health and preschools with an emphasis on sustainability proposals. 

Current State of Process

Since December 2008, the Mariposa County First 5 Commission hasn't had the funds to offer a grant application process.

Continued Funding

With the reduction in birth rates and the First 5 Augmentation (Prop 10 funding), the Commission voted on December 14, 2008, to approve the continued funding of the four current grants:

  • Acorn Preschool
  • Children's Dental Health Program
  • Kiwanis Preschool
  • Smart Start Home Visitation Health Program

Each year in April, the four grant recipients submit a Renewal Grant Application packet that includes a program report, budget and budget narrative and the history of the grant.

Recent Guaranteed Funding

This year, 2014 to 2015, California First 5 provided a guaranteed amount of funding for each of the small counties. Mariposa First 5 is receiving $325,000 for the next three years, which includes administrative costs. Because of this safeguard, the Commission was able to offer a grant application process that focused on health, preschool and Transitional Kindergarten. 

Following the application process, the Commission funded a Transitional Kindergarten aide for both Mariposa Elementary and Sierra Foothill Charter School and the Children's Dental Health grant for both dental education and services. In addition, the Commission continued funding the School Readiness Program (Catheys Valley, Greeley Hill and Lake Don Pedro Preschools).

Other Grant Opportunities

The Commission will be offering another round of grant opportunities for 2015 to 2016 for children 0 to 5 years-of-age. The Commission requires quarterly and budget reports for all grant recipients, as well as an evaluation tool, parent and community surveys along with letters of support.

2015 to 2016 Grants Funded

Organization Funding Amount
CARES Plus Grant $10,000
Children’s Dental Health Grant $30,000
Kiwanis Preschool $5,000
Mariposa Elementary Transitional Kindergarten $16,882
Yosemite Child Care Center Grant $7,500

2016 to 2017 Grants Funded

Organization Funding Amount
Children’s Dental Health Grant $30,000
Kiwanis Preschool $10,000
Marie Pretzer’s Child Care Center $1,000
Mariposa Elementary Transitional Kindergarten
Yosemite Child Care Center Grant $5,000
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School Readiness

The first five years of life are critical to a child's development. These years shape a child's success in school and in life. First 5 Mariposa provides parents with literacy, nutritional and kindergarten readiness training and home visits. The Commission is committed to the vision that all Mariposa children will enter kindergarten "Ready to Succeed."

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Community Outreach

The Commission provides a video, literature, parent kits, and First 5 giveaways during the Mariposa Safe at Home Fair, Mariposa County Fair and Harvest Festival.

First 5 Hands-on Heroes Award Nominations

Do you know an unsung hero in our county who works with great passion and dedication to improve the lives of our youngest children from birth to age 5?

First 5 of Mariposa County is pleased to announce that we are now taking nominations for the 2018 "Hands-on Heroes" awards. These awards recognize exceptional individuals who positively impact children's lives. Hands-on Heroes work tirelessly, overcome adversity and everyday challenges, and are seldom acknowledged for their work. They could be aides in the classroom, janitors, teachers, family advocates, health workers, or volunteers in programs that benefit our youngest residents in Mariposa County.

We invite you to nominate someone who's proven to be a champion for children - and help us celebrate their contributions to our community! Nominations are due by March 30, 2018. Download the flyer and application form (PDF).