Health & Human Services

We have organized our services into common areas of need to help you more easily find the programs or services that you are seeking. Please choose a division to continue:

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Mariposa county 2019 community needs assessment & survey results

In collaboration with the Calaveras Mariposa Community Action Agency, First 5 Mariposa, and the Local Childcare Planning Council, the Mariposa County Health & Human Services Agency developed this Needs Assessment and Community Survey as part of a comprehensive effort to identify and assess the greatest unmet needs in the county. These are the key findings from this year's Community Needs Assessment and Survey, as well as the Executive Summary, and it is recommended to prioritize the following areas in planning efforts. 

Housing & Homelessness 

 Webpage Available 

There is a new webpage available on the County website that will provide regular updates on the status of the current shelter and information regarding homelessness in Mariposa County. This webpage will be the County’s official source for news on housing and homelessness and can be found at: