Community Surveys


Mariposa County, as a local government, strives to improve the quality of life for its residents through active community engagement and the efficient delivery of outstanding public services. To meet our mission, we need to hear what our residents want and how we're doing with the services we have committed to deliver. Surveys provide a unique opportunity to hear from representative samples of the community to understand public sentiments. Through the National Community Survey (formerly the National Citizen Survey), we are also able to see how our results compare to similar communities and how resident perceptions have changed over time. 

2018 National Citizen Survey Results

National Citizen Survey Livability Report

National Citizen Survey Community Dashboard

National Citizen Survey Demographic Crosstabs

National Citizen Survey Technical Appendices

2018 Mariposa County Issues Survey

The Mariposa County Issues Survey was commissioned in Summer 2018 to help the County better understand resident attitudes regarding an increase in Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) to improve fire response and prevention, law enforcement, roads and other priority services.

Mariposa County Issues Survey (Draft)

2023 National Community Survey

National Community Survey Report

National Community Survey Addendum

Comparison Data Spreadsheet with High/Low Highlights