PSPS- Public Safety Power Shutoff

*** Urgent Message***

PG&E is currently planning a PSPS that could affect parts of Mariposa County.  this event is currently scheduled to begin on october 26th sometime before 4pm. These area include parts of the Lake Don Pedro Subdivison and Greeley Hill. To find out if your home is in the affected area please us the following link PG&E PSPS Address Look-up


PG&E and other energy companies have created the Public Safety Power Shutoff or PSPS as a way to reduce the risk of wild fires. This means they will turn off power in certain areas during times of extreme fire danger.

A Power Shutoff could occur anytime. PG&E has put in place a system to inform and alert customers as soon as they have determined that a PSPS needs to occur. A PSPS could last as little as a few hours to as long as days. 

Mariposa County is working hard to make sure our systems and staff are prepared for a Power Shutoff. We ask that you do the same for yourself, your family, your business, and your neighborhood.  Our Departments and Office of Emergency Services staff are preparing for a potential power shutoff.  We are evaluating where we might be vulnerable as county government offices, infrastructure, and community members. And we’re identifying populations and partners that may need additional education and assistance in the event of an extended power shutoff event.

Don’t wait for a power shutoff to happen. Get prepared NOW. Help your neighbors and friends–particularly those with medical needs that require electricity–get prepared, too.

For more information on When, What, Why & How to prepare please visit- Prepare to Power Down 

Click the links below for online and printed resources with information about the Public Safety Power Shutoff program and emergency preparedness in general.

PG&E Wildfire Safety website

Public Safety Power Shutoff Statewide Fact Sheet

PSPS Info & Frequently Asked Questions

PG&E Medical Program Power Outage Preparedness 

PSPS Weather Awareness & Outlook

PG&E Contact Information- Make sure PG&E has your most updated contact information so you can be notified of a planed outage in your area. Please visit PG&E or call 1-800-743-5000

Non-Account Holder Information- For renters or those that do not have a PG&E account in their name and want to recieve messages from PG&E regarding PSPS please visit PG&E Non-Account Holders

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