Scenic Wonders-  GENERAL PLAN/ZONING AMENDMENT NO. 2020-096 

The project proposes a development that would consist of employee housing and support facilities to support vacation rental management operations in Yosemite West. The proposed site is a 7.2-acre parcel (APN 006-150-003). The parcel is zoned Rural Residential and designated Residential Land Use and (Yosemite West) Planning Study Area. It will require a General Plan Zoning Amendment (GPZA No. 2020-096) and an environmental determination pursuant to The California Environmental Quality Act.


Applicant: Scenic Wonders Inc. 

General Plan Zoning Amendment Application No. 2020-096   Site Address: 7548 Henness Circle, Yosemite West; APN 006-150-003

Project Description

General Plan Zoning Amendment No. 2020-096 Phase I construction of a primary and a secondary residence used for long term rental, in addition to a detached garage structure.The garage structure is proposed to include laundry facilities inside to service the Scenic Wonders vacation rentals. Phase I water systems will serve the primary, secondary, garage and a proposed laundry facility. Project proposes completion of the existing on-site water well with storage tanks and an engineered septic system with secondary treatment. 

 Phase II of the development proposes sixteen (16) low cost apartment-type units to be utilized for staff employed by Scenic Wonders. 

Of the sixteen (16) units, twelve (12) will be one-bedroom units and four (4) will be two-bedroom units, with approximately 46 full time residences. Phase II will include the expansion of Phase I septic and water facilities, including storage of up to 500 gallons of diesel and gasoline for private use only. The applicant states that there is approximately 17,500 square feet of possible septic field area. Water tanks are proposed to be installed on the property. Access is proposed via Henness Circle and onsite driveways. And on-site parking s proposed.


The project requires an environmental determination and a Initial Study pursuant to CEQA is being prepared for for the project.

The document would include all studies and background documentation for the project for the CEQA determination.

The public review and availability of the CEQA document  will be posted here at a future date when available.

Project Review

The project is reviewed by departments and agencies and/or organizations with regulatory purview over the project before proceeding.  This is the initial "send out for comment" step of project review and processing step. This step can result in a need for additional work needed from the applicant, such as additional studies or technical drawings, before the project can move forward in processing.

The next step would be generation of a draft CEQA document, and staff reports. Public Review of the documents would occur at that step. And then to Public Hearings to consider the project by decision makers such as the Planning Commission and/or the Board of Supervisors.

Project Documents

Detailed project documents documents may be found here:


Initial Review

As outlined in the preceding Project Review section, the initial "send out for comments" process was completed and the resultant information is available here:



The project will require both Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors Public Hearings for consideration and actions

Additional information on those steps will be provided here including project staff reports and recommendations. Hearing Dates have not been set yet, so please check back for updates.

For any questions please let us know!

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