Pest Exclusion- Invasive Pest Prevention

  • This program provides the first line of defense for California agriculture. Inspections provide protection from the introduction or spread of harmful insects, plant diseases, weeds, and other pests into the county through the movement of plants and plant products as well as other items through normal channels of trade. 

  • Harms of New Pests

    The establishment of these new pests may adversely effect our natural environment as well as negatively impact the State’s economy. This program also involves the inspection and certification of agricultural export shipments to other states and countries and the issuance of certificates documenting compliance with their entry requirements. For example, we are there to inspect incoming plant shipments to ensure that non-native plant diseases such as Sudden Oak Death and insects such as Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter are not introduced into the county.


    Pest eradication programs are often conducted following the discovery of an introduced pest species in order to eliminate infestations of new pests before they become widespread. Primarily we want to prevent their introduction, but if they are found in the county, we want to eradicate the population or control it if the infestation has gotten too large. Often these projects are partially or completely under the jurisdiction of the California Department of Food and Agriculture. However, we are often involved as the liaison to local government.