Frequently Asked Questions

What Rebuilding Fees will the County Cover?

Mariposa County is covering some permitting fees for property-owner/displaced residents (or their contractor) IF the homeowner's insurance does not cover these costs. If homeowners insurance does cover permit fees, they are not eligible for a fee waiver for permits. The following fees may be covered:

  • Blue Tag (electrical) at $410
  • New well or well repair at $364
  • Septic system repair at $269 - $690
  • Temporary housing (RV) pursuant to County Code Chapter 18.05 at $410

What if my home was not previous PErmitted?

Mariposa County has opted to cover these permit fees if the property owner/displaced resident can provide objective documentation to the Building Department regarding the existence of residential development on a property.

Who is Eligible for County fee coverage?

Mariposa County has opted to cover fees for displaced residents who do not have homeowners insurance or whose insurance does not cover permit fees. "Displaced resident" refers to Mariposa County resident(s) whose residential dwelling has been destroyed or damaged by a disaster, in this case the Oak Fire, such that the resident(s) cannot occupy the dwelling.

Displaced residents may be required to provide verification to the Building Department to substantiate their eligibility for permits and fee coverage.

How long do I have to take advantage of the County Fee Coverage?

The fee coverage is effective for two (2) years from August 1, 2022 (ends August 1, 2024). After August 1, 2024, a property owner/displaced resident would need to pay all fees for their permits.