In-Home Supportive Services

In-Home Supportive Services Responsibilities

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) authorizes services to Medi-Cal eligible individuals who are over 65, blind, or disabled, in order to keep these individuals safely in their own homes as long as possible, preventing or postponing placement in skilled nursing or board and care facilities. Services may include personal care needs and essential domestic help.

IHSS / Residual / IHSS Plus Waiver includes personal care services for children of low income families who have a parent as the caregiver, and for disabled spouses who have an able and available spouse as a caregiver. Essential domestic services are not paid for these clients.

The IHSS program is not a "housekeeping service." The program is intended for those individuals who will be disabled for more than one year and would not be safe at home if care were not provided.

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Mariposa County IHSS Consumer Handbook.