Living With Wildlife

About Our Wildlife

Wildlife contributes to our enjoyment of nature and living in our rural area. Wildlife can also damage resources and property, and may threaten human health and safety if natural balances are disrupted or animals become too accustomed to people. Here are some tips to help you enjoy living in harmony with the wildlife in our area.

Never Feed Wildlife

Never feed wildlife! It reduces their ability to fend for themselves, causes them to lose their natural fear of humans and leads to human/wildlife conflicts.

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Feeding big game mammals such as deer and bears is illegal (Barclays California Code of Regulations, Title 14, 251.3); and attracting deer and other wildlife may attract predators, including bears, coyotes and mountain lions.

  • Close off access to spaces under decks and in garages, attics and sheds.
  • Confine livestock at night in secure areas such as barns and sheds.
  • Do not put meat, fish or other pungent scraps in compost piles and keep barbecues clean and grease-free.
  • Don't allow pets to run free, and provide secure nighttime housing for them. They may not only chase and injure or kill wildlife, but may also become tempting food for wild predators.
  • Don't hike alone.
  • Don't leave small children unattended outside! Keep them close and in your sight. Bring them inside from dusk to dawn.
  • Feed pets and livestock indoors wherever possible.
  • Landscape with plants that deer don't like to eat.
  • Place electric or animal-resistant fencing around fruit and vegetable gardens. Fencing, sensor lights, and dogs may also deter wildlife from coming too close to your home.
  • Seal off or screen:
    • Doors
    • Eaves
    • Foundation openings
    • Vents
    • Windows
  • Secure garbage containers and eliminate odors.
  • Store feed where it is inaccessible to wildlife.

What To Do If You Encounter a Mountain Lion, Bear or Coyote

  • Don't approach the animal. Give it a way to escape.
  • Don't bend over or turn away, even when picking up children. Bending over, turning away or crouching makes you look like prey.
  • Don't run. Stand and face it, make eye contact and pick up small children so that they don't run.
  • Fight back if you are attacked!
  • Look big! Raise your arms, open your jacket and throw stones or whatever you can reach without crouching.
  • Wave your arms slowly and speak firmly in a loud voice. Bang pots or pans to make noise.

Wild Birds

  • During bird-nesting season avoid disturbing nesting sites.
  • If you find a baby bird, leave it alone. The parent birds are likely nearby and will continue to care for it.
  • Wait until fall to brush or prune trees.