Tobacco Education Program

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A Tobacco-Free Community

Our work is based on research-based best practices, community involvement, and creating awareness of the impact Tobacco use has on our health, community and environment. 

Our primary focus areas are: 

  1. Reduce the number of Flavored Tobacco products marketed to youth and lower-income people. Research indicates youth are attracted are more likely to try and continue using a tobacco product that is flavored. Learn more at
  2. Eliminate exposure to second-hand and third-hand smoke smoke in Multi-unit Housing properties, where our most vulnerable populations live (e.g. children, lower-income, elderly).
  3. Eliminate worker and customer exposure to secondhand smoke exposure in outdoor dining areas and patios. Learn more: Smoke-free Outdoor Dining Fact Sheet.

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Program Contacts: 

Public Health Educator, Vanessa Cummings 209-966-6697 or 209-347-6040

Program Specialist, Brian Reyes Torres

Community Engagement Coordinator, Shannon Essig

Fast Fact: Tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in the United States. Throughout the United States, tobacco use prevention has made a difference since the 1964 Surgeon General’s Report on tobacco  use was released.

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Mariposa Health & Wellness Coalition

"All Mariposa County residents will have access to opportunities to be healthy and well."

This is the mission of the Mariposa Health and Wellness Coalition, with representation from many areas including non-profit agencies, healthcare providers, county services, child services, businesses, and individuals. The Coalition's priority focus areas are prevention, active living, healthy eating, and a clean environment. Collaborative work of the Coalition helps promote healthy lifestyles, including reducing the use and availability of Tobacco products.

If you or your organization have an interest in promoting healthy lifestyles in Mariposa County, consider joining us at the next Coalition meeting. Contact the Tobacco Education Program at (209) 966-3689 or (209) 966-6697


Facilitation of the Coalition is provided by the Mariposa County Public Health, Tobacco Education Program. The Coalition does not operate under the jurisdiction of Mariposa County.

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Need Help Quitting?

Kick It California (formerly known as the California Smokers’ Helpline)

Kick It California helps people quit cigarettes, vapes, or smokeless tobacco. This free service helps to create a quit plan that works for YOUR needs. Quit planning is available for the quit-curious, quit-ready, or relapsed. Start your quit journey today! 

Personal FREE Quit Services
CALL English 1-800-300-8086
Spanish 1-800-600-8191
M-F 7AM-9PM | Sat. 9AM- 5PM PT

TEXT “Quit Smoking” or “Quit Vaping” to 66819
Mobile Apps:  NoButts | NoVape



Understanding Secondhand & Thirdhand Smoke

Secondhand Smoke

The harmful effects of tobacco do not end with the user. There is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke. (Surgeon Generals Report 2010) Secondhand tobacco smoke causes heart disease, lung cancer, and stroke in adults, and can lead to more severe asthma attacks and respiratory and ear infections in children.

Thirdhand Smoke

Thirdhand smoke is considered to be the residual nicotine and other chemicals left on a variety of indoor surfaces by tobacco smoke. This residue reacts with common indoor pollutants to create a toxic mix.

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Protecting Residents & Visitors from OUTDOOR Secondhand Smoke

Mariposa County Smoking & Tobacco Use OrdinanceS

The Mariposa County Board of Supervisors adopted Ordinances No. 1112 and No. 1145 to regulate smoking and tobacco use. "Smoking" is defined to include regular cigarettes, marijuana, e-cigarettes (or "vapes"), and a variety of tobacco products, such as cigarillos & hookah. Please note the following:

  • Smoking is prohibited at Outdoor Dining Areas and within 25 feet of Mobile Food Vendors/Trucks
  • Smoking is prohibited at all Mariposa County Parks, community parks, sports fields, the Mariposa Farmers Market, the Mariposa Creek Parkway, and YARTS bus stops.
  • Smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of entryways to workplaces and within 25 feet of facilities where smoking is prohibited.

Take a look at the FAQ or review a copy of the ordinances.

The full definition of these smoke free zones can be found in County Ordinance 2019-1145 (Oct2019) and County Ordinance 2015-1112 (Oct2015). 

These ordinances help to reduce exposure to harmful effects of secondhand smoke in the community, and especially protect the health of our children and most vulnerable populations.

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In the News: 

COVID-19 and Tobacco: What you need to know 

If you smoke or vape and get the COVID-19 virus, you increase your risk of developing more severe COVID-19 symptoms. Smoking and vaping lower the lungs’ immune response to infection.

The 10 most common questions about tobacco use and COVID-19 are answered at TobaccoFreeCA COVID-19 and Tobacco: What You Need to Know Now

COVID-19 attacks the lungs, and people who smoke are at higher risk of developing lung infections along with older adults over the age of 65, individuals with compromised immune systems and individuals who have underlying medical conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes or lung disease are at high risk.