Application Forms

NOTICE: Development Services fees are increasing 2/1/2024, therefore all Planning Department applications have been unlinked to allow for this update. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to have our applications updated as soon as possible. Please call (209-966-5151) or email ( for a copy of the application you need.

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  • Hotel/Motels (new) and Amended Certificates when on-site inspections ARE NOT required (PDF)
  • LAFCo
  • Land Division (PDF)
  • Lot Line Adjustment (PDF)
  • Mining Inspection (PDF)
  • Mining Permit, Reclamation and Amend Rec Plan (PDF)
  • Parcel Merger (PDF)
  • Request for Investigation (PDF)
  • Revised Map (PDF)
  • Road Name Application (PDF)
  • Scenic Highway Design Review (PDF)
  • Timber Exclusive (PDF)
  • Time Extension (PDF)
  • Variance (PDF)
  • Williamson Act Contract (LCA) (PDF)
  • Williamson Act Cancellation (LCA) (PDF)
  • Williamson Act Modification/Amendment (LCA) (PDF)
  • Williamson Act Non-Renewal (LCA) (PDF)
  • Development Agreement (PDF)

Site Plan Information & Form

Many applications require that a site plan must be completed and submitted with the application.

A site plan that does not meet the criteria on the checklist included with the application will delay the processing of your application.

We have provided here the site plan requirements checklist (PDF).

To help create a site plan to scale, for your convenience we have a site plan grid form for a scaled site plan (PDF).

Sign Review & Historic Design Guidelines

For Design Review and Historic Design Review applications: