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I haven't received my child support check. Has a payment been sent out?
To find out if a payment has been received or sent out by the State Disbursement Unit, you may call the interactive voice response system at (866) 901-3212 to hear their latest disbursement information.

Child Support Services

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1. How do I open a case with the Department of Child Support Services?
2. I haven't received my child support check. Has a payment been sent out?
3. How do I get my child support order modified?
4. My children and I are receiving public assistance but I did not apply for your services. Why was a case opened?
5. What is the cost of your services?
6. Who is eligible for services?
7. What type of documentation is needed to proceed with a child support case?
8. I am applying for public assistance. Do I have to personally ask the other parent for child support?
9. What does it mean to “cooperate” with the Department of Child Support Services?
10. What does it mean to “assign” my support rights?
11. Why is it important to establish paternity?
12. What happens after paternity is established?
13. My children and I need financial assistance now. The noncustodial parent left us years ago. Will the Department of Child Support Services still try to find him/her?
14. If the Department of Child Support Services cannot find the noncustodial parent, does that mean I cannot get public assistance benefits?
15. The other parent is in jail. Can I still receive child support?
16. I want the Department of Child Support Services to enforce my court order. Is the information I provide available to the public?
17. If I am the custodial party, can I close my case?
18. What should I do when I get served with the Summons and Complaint if I am a noncustodial parent?
19. How do I request a genetic test?
20. What if I ignore the Summons and Complaint?
21. How is the amount of child support I have to pay determined?
22. How does my employer know how much money to deduct for child support?
23. Is there a way to avoid going to court?
24. What does the stipulation contain?
25. My child’s other parent is in the military, but I don’t know where s/he is stationed. Can your office find him/her?
26. My ex-spouse has remarried and has another family to support. How will this affect the support that my children are due?
27. Do I still have to pay child support if I lose my job?
28. Can I change the child support order if my child comes to live with me?
29. The noncustodial parent and I already have an agreement regarding child support. Why are you pursuing him/her?
30. Will you close your case if I am no longer receiving public assistance?
31. How long before I start receiving child support payments?
32. Is child support dischargeable by bankruptcy?
33. Can a friend, relative, or current spouse contact the Department of Child Support Services on my behalf?
34. When does child support stop?

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