What can I recycle and where?
The following items are accepted at the Mariposa County Landfill and Recycling Center, located at 5593 Hwy. 49 N and at the County Transfer Stations. Materials must be separated for recycling at the Mariposa County Landfill and Recycling Center but may be mixed if taken to any Transfer Station in the County.

• CRV bottles and cans for redemption (look for CA CASH REFUND on the label)
• Non-CRV glass bottles and jars (separate colored from clear)
• Non-CRV aluminum
• Tin cans and small metal items
• Mixed paper, including white and colored office paper, newspaper, phone books, magazines, and shredded paper in paper bags
• Cardboard and chipboard (cereal boxes, etc.)
• Household batteries (separate rechargeable from non-rechargeable)
• Plastics #1-7

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