What is the Agricultural Pest Detection Program (Why is There a Trap in My Yard)?
From May through October, the Department conducts its annual Agricultural Pest Detection Program (Also know as the insect trapping program). Employees of the department will deploy traps that target seven different pests: Mediterranean Fruit Fly, Khapra Beetle, Glassy Winged Sharpshooter, Japanese Beetle, Gypsy Moth, European Pine Shoot Moth, and Light Brown Apple Moth.

Pest detection traps are rotated throughout the county to ensure full coverage. When traps are placed on private property, the trapper asks permission of the owner and if the owner is not available, a notice is left at the door. The cooperation of the public is necessary and appreciated in this effort to ensure a successful detection program.

"As non-native pests can damage a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants in nurseries, on farms, and in home gardens, timely detection is vital," said Mariposa County Agricultural Commissioner Cathi Boze. "If no target pests are found, the county can be certified as pest-free which enables exportation of produce and plants which is vital to our economy."

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