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Oak Fire Victim - District Attorney/Victim's Witness Form

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  2. Message from the District Attorney's Office

    The Oak Fire impacted the many across Mariposa County and caused mass destruction and harm to numerous victims, not just those 127 structures that were completely destroyed in the fire.   

     Through the Victims’ Bill of Rights Act in the California Constitution, those impacted may be entitled to receiving restitution. Restitution is monetary compensation owed to the victim by the defendant and is ordered by a judge, upon conviction, when the victim has crime-related expenses.   

     If you would like to make a claim for restitution, please complete Restitution Request Form describing your losses. Upon receipt of your claim, we will work individually with each victim/claimant and pursue your claim against the defendant as part of the criminal prosecution.  

     Within the scope of our follow-up communication, you will be asked to provide any documentation available to you. This can include receipts, estimate cost or repair, invoices, cost of replacement, comparison price information, or other supporting documents. 

     The Mariposa County District Attorney is committed to including as many restitution amounts as possible in the prosecution of the Oak Fire case and ensuring that victims voices are heard in the criminal case process. 

     If you wish to make a claim for restitution as a victim of the Oak Fire and it's impacts, please completely fill out the form below. 

     If you have additional questions or would like more information on this process, please email and the District Attorney's Office will respond as soon as possible. 

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