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Videotape Baton
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Have you ever watched gymnasts dance across the floor twirling beribboned batons around their bodies and over their heads? You can make your own swirly baton using worn out videotapes and other materials that might otherwise end up in the trash. Just follow these simple directions.


A worn out videotape
An old magazine
A small screwdriver
Cellophane tape
A scrap of yarn about 24” long


  1. Remove the videotape from the case by unscrewing the tiny screws holding it together.
  2. Remove the reels of videotape. (You can use the empty reels for another project.)
  3. Cut a length of videotape anywhere from 18 inches to 5 feet long. (Hint: It is better to make it longer because you can always cut it shorter later on.)
  4. Remove two pages from the magazine and place them one on top of the other on a flat surface.
  5. Tape the end of the videotape to one corner of the top page.
  6. Begin rolling the pages up tightly like a jellyroll, being careful not to catch in the videotape.
  7. When you have a tight roll, wrap tape around the roll to hold the ends in place.
  8. Tie the piece of yarn at the top of the roll, leaving a short end that is long enough to tie. Wrap the long end around the roll in a spiral being careful not to catch in the videotape. When you reach the bottom, go back up so the yarn crosses over itself. When you get to the top, tie the end with the shorter end that you left. Then tape the yarn in place.
  9. Twirl the wand in big and little circles, using your wrist to make it swirl.

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