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Greeting Card Box
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Ever wonder what to do with all those greeting cards people send you? Why not turn them into a gift box for someone special? It costs nothing to make and can be used over and over again.


6 used greeting cards
About one or two yards of yarn
A large button
Blunt needle, such as a tapestry needle
Paper punch
Cellophane tape


  1. Keeping a card folded in half, cut it in a square the size you want. You will have two squares. Repeat with the other five cards so that you have a total of 12 squares, six with pictures (these will be the outside of the box) and six with printed greetings (these will be the inside of the box).
  2. Beginning in one corner, place a dot with the pencil about every 3/8” all the way around one card.
  3. Punch holes at the pencil dots.
  4. Using the punched card as a stencil, mark the remaining cards with dots.
  5. Punch holes at the pencil marks.
  6. Wrap a short piece of tape around one end of the yarn to make it easier to lace the cards.
  7. Put one plain square and one square with pictures together, matching the holes. Repeat with the remaining squares so that you have six sets of squares.
  8. Holding two sets of squares together, tie one end of the yarn in the corner hole of both sets of squares and lace the two sets together. When you reach the bottom hole, place a third set of squares perpendicular to the first two to form the bottom of the box. and lace up one side. Keeping the plain square to the inside, add a fourth set of squares to make the third side and lace up. Continue until you have a box with a bottom. Lace around the top of the box. Cut the yarn and tie it in a knot in the corner hole.
  9. To make the hinged top, tie the yarn in a corner hole of the remaining set of squares. Lace three sides. Decide which side of the box you want to be the front. Then, holding the unlaced edge of the top against the back side of the box, lace the top to the box. When you reach the last hole, tie a knot through the holes and cut the yarn.
  10. Using the needle and a piece of yarn, sew the button to the front of the box. Run a piece of yarn through two of the center holes on the front of the top and tie in a knot to form a loop.

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