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Sign Ordinance Provisions
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17.148.010 Definitions
 apply and are the same throughout the county, with or without a Specific Plan. Sign Definitions include the following:

A structure or device designed or intended to convey information to the public in written or pictorial form which is visible from the exterior of a building and/or from a public road or public right-of-way and/or from an adjacent parcel.   (Ord. 1092 Sec.VII, 2012; Ord. 800 Sec.V, 1991).
Sign, amortization period:
(Repealed). (Ord. 1092 Sec.VII, 2012; Ord. 800 Sec.V, 1991).  
Sign, conforming:
A legally established sign which conforms with the provisions of this title.   (Ord. 800 Sec.V, 1991).
Sign, free standing:
A sign supported by one (1) or more upright poles, columns, or braces in or on the ground and not attached to any building or structure.   (Ord. 800 Sec.V, 1991).
Sign, illegal:
A sign that complies with one (1) or more of the following criteria:
A. Any sign erected without compliance with applicable building code and/or zoning code standards including signs expanded, remodeled or enlarged after May 15, 1991 without a permit or design review approval (if required).   
B. Any sign advertising a use that has ceased to exist for a period of not less than ninety (90) days.
C. Any sign determined by the Mariposa county building official to be a danger to the public health and safety from the standpoint of structural integrity.   
D. Any sign determined by the Mariposa County public works director to be a traffic hazard not created by the relocation of streets or highways or other acts of the County.   (Ord. 1092 Sec.VII, 2012; Ord. 800 Sec.V, 1991).
Sign, nonconforming:
A legally established sign which does not conform with the provisions of this title.   (Ord. 800 Sec.V, 1991).
Sign, off-site:
A sign that identifies or communicates a commercial or noncommercial message related to an activity conducted, a service rendered, or a commodity sold at a location other than where the sign is located.   (Ord. 800 Sec.V, 1991).
Sign, on-site:
Any sign used for the following purposes:
A. To designate, identify, or indicate the name or business of the owner or occupant of the parcel where the sign is located.
B. To advertise the business conducted, services available or rendered, or the goods produced, sold, or available for sale, upon the parcel where the sign is located.   (Ord. 800 Sec.V, 1991).
Sign, political:
A sign which is intended to encourage a particular vote in a scheduled election. Also known as a “temporary political sign” pursuant to section 5405.3 of the state outdoor advertising act (Business & Professions Code).    (Ord. 1070 Sec. III, 2010).
Sign size or sign area:
The area of the smallest rectangle that wholly contains the sign.  The calculation for a double-faced sign shall be the area of one (1) face only, when both faces of the sign are a duplicate of each other.  Double-faced signs shall be constructed so that the perimeter of both faces coincide and are parallel and not more than twenty-four (24) inches apart.  The planning director may approve non-parallel, double-faced signs where necessary to provide adequate visibility on curved roadways.  Such signs must have a common edge closest to the roadway.  In no case shall the angle of such non-parallel, double-faced signs exceed thirty (30) degrees.   (Ord. 800 Sec.V, 1991).
Sign, temporary:
A display, information sign, banner or other advertising device which is displayed for a total of twenty-one (21) days or less.  Advertising flag signs are considered temporary signs. The allowance for temporary signs is not intended to provide  
additional permanent advertising signs displayed on-site.   (Ord. 1092 Sec.VII, 2012; Ord. 800 Sec.V, 1991).
Sign, wayfinding:
Wayfinding signs are aids to help first time visitors to an area or community locate businesses and attractions. Wayfinding signs provide information at optimal decision points. Wayfinding signs are planned, connected, aesthetically pleasing, and are intended to create a positive first impression. Wayfinding signs shall be in accordance with a county-sponsored program, and shall not contain any business names or logos.  (Ord. 1092 Sec.VII, 2012)

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