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What & How to Recycle

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Preparing Your Recyclables


Clean recyclables must be separated by type and placed in the appropriate bin at the Recycling Center.  Cash is not paid for any recyclables other than CRV bottles and cans.

  • CRV bottles and cans for redemption (Look for CA CASH REFUND on the label.)
  • Non-CRV glass bottles and jars (Separate colored from clear. No light bulbs, lead crystal, ceramics, knick-knacks,  beverage glasses, vases, eye glasses, picture galss, window glass or glass items other than bottles and jars)
  • Non-CRV aluminum
  • Tin cans and small metal items
  • Non-CRV #1 plastic (PET/PETE) (Clean, numbered "Food Grade" plastic only, such as: food & beverage containers; shampoo, liquid soap, mouthwash & other personal care product containers; laundry product containers. Lids OK. Put black microwave trays in #3-7 bin even though labeled #1 PET/PETE. )
  • Non-CRV #2 plastic (HDPE) (Clean, numbered "Food Grade" plastic only, such as: food & beverage containers; shampoo, liquid soap & other personal care product containers; laundry product containers. Lids OK. No plastic bags, motor oil containers, tarps, other industrial plastic.)
  • #3 through #7 plastic (Clean, numbered "Food Grade" containers only, such as yogurt and margarine tubs, microwave trays, produce & meat trays or clamshells; laundy product containers, etc. Lids OK. No Styrofoam, food-contaminated items, tarps, toys, swimming pools, plastic bags, bubble wrap, folding chairs or other non-food plastic items.) 
  • Mixed paper, including white and colored office paper, newspaper, phone books, magazines, and shredded paper in paper bags, paper gift wrap (No paper towels, tissues, used paper plates, paper napkins, waxed paper, plastic gift wrap) 
  • Cardboard and chipboard, such as cereal boxes, shoe boxes, cardboard egg cartons, mailing tubes, toilet tissue tubes, gift boxes (No waxy refrigerator
    cartons such as milk & juice cartons or shelf-stable
    cartons such as soup, soy milk, juice & wine cartons)
  • Household batteries (Separate rechargeable from non-rechargeable.)
  • Scrap Metal (Place large items in scrap metal pile.) 
  • Clothing (Must be clean, dry, in good condition)
  • Shoes (Must be clean, dry, in good condition)
  • Blankets, comforters, sheets, towels (Must be clean, dry, in good condition) 


These items are also accepted for recycling from residential customers at no charge. (For information about business recycling, click here.)
Bring them to the scale house at the Landfill and you will
be directed where to drop them off. 
     (Please call ahead if you have large quantities.)

  • Oil – used motor oil and oil filters     
  • Uncontaminated soil
  • Cell phones, PDAs, pagers, iPods
  • VCRs, answering machines
  • Stereos, radios
  • Computers, home printers & copiers
  • CRTs, LCDs, laptops & other screens less than 36” on the diagonal
  • Empty propane tanks, valves removed
  • Concrete, asphalt, bricks less than 12” in diameter, no rebar 
  • Fluorescent tubes and bulbs
  • Vehicle batteries

 Materials for which a minimal fee is charged

  • Appliances, including microwaves 
  • Refrigerators
  • Tires
  • Business-size printers & copiers
  • CRTs, LCDs, laptops & other screens  36" or greater on the diagonal
  • Organics (manure, yard waste, etc.)
  • Concrete, asphalt, bricks more than 12” in any direction with or without rebar
  Non-digital electrical devices such as microwaves, small appliances, power tools, heaters, lamps, clocks, tape or film cameras, irons, vacuum cleaners and fans are not E-waste and must be disposed of as trash. (Exception--If they are made out of metal, they can be recycled as scrap metal. Ask the attendant if you are unsure.)


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