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What & How Businesses Can Recycle

The following materials can be brought to the Mariposa County Landfill & Recycling Centre for recycling at no charge.

Please sort prior to coming to the facility.

All materials must be clean and dry.
Businesses who bring their recyclables to a County transfer station do not have to sort their recyclables. (click here for information about locations and hours)


             Office paper, newspaper, magazines, manila folders, paper bags, shredded paper, catalogs, calendars              
 NO: plastic or wax coated paper, tissues, paper towels

  •    GLASS BOTTLES & JARS ( Rinsed & dried)  

       NO: window or auto glass, drinking glasses, light bulbs, ceramics, eye glasses, picture glass, mirrors,                        knick-knacks, lead crystal or glass other than bottles & jars.
  •  #1 PLASTIC (PETE)

       Water bottles, any food, personal product or household cleaner containers labeled #1. Rinse. Caps OK.
       Put #1 black microwave trays in #3-7 bin.

  •  #2 PLASTIC (HDPE)

         Any food, personal product or household cleaner containers labeled #2.  Rinse. Lids OK.
         NO: Tarps, motor oil containers, plastic bags

  •  #3-7 PLASTIC

         Any food, personal product or household cleaner containers labeled with a #3 through #7. Also black plastic
         microwave dishes labeled #1. Rinse. Lids OK.
         NO: Styrofoam, food-contaminated items, tarps, toys, unnumbered plastic, plastic bags,chairs,
         swimming pools or other large items


       Corrugated cardboard, such as cartons, and chipboard  items such as mailing & toilet tissue tubes, cookie &  
       cracker boxes,
egg cartons
NO: Plastic lined or waxed materials, such as milk cartons & juice boxes, or food contaminated materials


        Cans (rinsed), coat hangers, empty propane tanks, bottle caps, empty aerosol cans, clean aluminum foil. Tell 
        attendant if you
have large items that should go in the scrap metal pile.






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