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County Policies

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No compensation to be paid for meals when traveling during regular work schedule within the County
(Amended 6/16/70)
1-16-68 & 1/23/1968

Service charge for official records of the County Recorder
(Amended on 6-16-70)

Percolation tests and approval of the Health Department required for sewage disposal facilities above the town of Mariposa 3/24/1970

No conditional approval of Tentative subdivision maps by the Planning Commission 5/26/1970

Final maps on subdivisions will be accepted after all required improvements are met 7/19/1970

No compensation to be paid for meals when traveling during regular work schedule within the County
(Amends 1/16/68 policy)

Approve policy from John Thompson, Sanitarian regarding Ord. 319, Sec. 3; re: privies and chemical toilets 7/7/1970

Policy regarding public or semi-public Dumps 8-25-70 & 9-1-70

Board of Supervisors to act as a Hearing Board at request of Department Head 4/20/1971

Approve annual step raises when requested by department head 8/24/1971

Paid vacation permitted after completion of 1 year of employment 9/14/1971

Policy on County Owned vehicles 11/16/1971

Policy to follow when U.S. acquires property 8/1/1972

Affirmation action toward equal opportunity
(Replaced by 90-301)

Mariposa County employee must drive the Parks and Recreation bus whenever in use 7/9/1974

All contracts, resolutions, or applications requiring board Chairman’s signature to be submitted one week before 8/7/1974

All bills be submitted within 5 working days prior to date of payment 1/14/1975

Self-addressed stamped envelopes will be required from those individuals wanting to receive minutes or agendas 5/6/1975

Accumulation of vacation time over 30 days not allowed without Board approval 8/21/1975

Policy re: large dead animals obscuring the road 11/23/1976

$10,000 Road Repair bond for logging operations conducted in or through a Maintenance District requirement 9/6/1977
79-104 Policy re: budget transfers & appropriations

Tapes used during Administrative practice will be held for 60 days and then will be disposed 4/22/1980

Departments to designate “Chain of Command” 8/23/1983

Contingency Plan for detention of minors 2/28/1984
85-166 BOS Vice-Chair authorized to execute documents on behalf of Chair 6/11/1985
85-218 Energy Conservation policy 7/16/1985
85-232 Scheduling after-hour meetings in the Courthouse 7/16/1985
Ord. 643 County-owned vehicles 9/10/1985
86-61 Outside jobs during working hours of Appointed County employees 2/25/1986
86-62 Accidents involving County employees 2/25/1986
87-68 Purchasing policy for Board members 2/24/1987
87-69 Policy and Procedure requiring annual inspections of and reports on County buildings 2/24/1987
87-111 Clerk of the Board may refrain from calendaring items on the Board agenda when accompanying materials are not received 3/24/1987
87-222 Policy for use of contractors and subcontractors for County projects 6/9/1987
87-234 Prohibit smoking in County Facilities 6/18/1987

Workers Compensation reporting 7/24/1987

Press Releases to be disseminated through the Administrative function 9/22/1987
88-46 Policy for the County purchase of items valued between $100 and $3,000 2/9/1988

Open bidding procedures 6/21/1988
89-53 & 89-500 Revising the Travel and Reimbursement Policy for Elected County Officials and Department Heads; Res. 89-500 allows for reimbursement of tip for meals (9-19-89) 2/14/1989
86-79 Nepotism policy 3/4/1986
89-106 Refund of fees paid to County departments when work not conducted 3/14/1989
89-135 County Auditor approved to make budget transfers and revisions under $50 within each budget unit 4/4/1989
89-159 Purchase of vehicles 4/11/1989
89-449 Taped Board meetings to be permanently retained 9/5/1989
89-443 Fees for data processing, Probation, Planning, and PWD/Solid Waste Disposal 9/5/1989
89-538 Charges for copies made for the public
(Rescinds 79-160)

Minimize the amount of signing documents; and authorize use of a signature stamp 1/2/1990
90-111 Policy Statement Concerning Political Activity 3/6/1990
90-112 Conviction of Crimes by County Employees or Prospective County Employees 3/6/1990

Authorizing Auditor to approve transfers under $250 3/20/1990
90-140 Procedures for Formation of Zone of Benefit, Countywide Service Area No. 1 3/20/1990
90-171 Establishing policy granting department heads authority to hire and retain employees at advanced steps 4/3/1990
90-185 Administrative Officer authorized to make certain budget Transfers 4/10/1990
90-229 Approve County Employer-Employee Relations Policy
(Rescinds 70-62; amended by 15-365)
90-231 Board of Supervisors Meeting Procedures
(Amended by 03-16)
90-301 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
(Section VI superseded by 91-156; amended by 92-431, and 92-432)
90-448 9-18-90 Policy for using and buying recycled paper
ORD 798 Schedule of Officer’s Compensation Rates – Sec. 1 1991; Ord. 736 Sec. 1 1989 (Before ordinance adoption the issue was controlled by Res 88-600.) 2/19/1991
91-114 Increasing Travel Mileage rate commensurate with Internal Revenue’s Standard Rate Allowance 3/12/1991
91-156 Initiating a County-wide centralized personnel function
(Supplements 90-301 and supersedes Section VI of that EEO Policy; amended by 92-431, 92-432)
91-225 Extra-help employees under contract will be grandfathered 5/21/1991
91-259 PC software and the Federal Copyright Act 6/11/1991
91-305 Inspection by the Health Department of facilities throughout the county is required by State Law 6/25/1991
91-326 Volunteer Fire Fighter pay on OES Incidents
(New policy at 08-401)

Reimbursement for meals provided by a Department Head and Elected Official 9/17/1991

Payment of Medical training for EMT training of volunteers in El Portal 11/5/1991
92-045 Clarifying Policy Establishing Criteria for Items to be Placed on Board's Consent Agenda 1/21/1992

Submission of monthly cash statement to Auditor by 5th of each month 4/21/1992
APCD 92-1 Adopt Air Pollution control rules
(Amended by APCD 16-3)
92-431 Amends Section VII of the Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action policy
(Originally approved on 1-23-73; amends 91-156; and amended by 96-431)
92-432 Amends Section VIII of the Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action policy
(Originally approved on 1-23-73; amends 90-301; and amended by 96-431)
92-525 Implementation of County Appeals Procedure
(Amended by 97-3)
92-541 Naming of Non-County Road Policy and Procedures 10/13/1992
92-555 Creation of Permanent Part Time Employment
(Amended by Res. 96-383)
93-52 Recreational Facilities Use Policy
(Amended by 98-52)
93-85 Department Open House or Reception ($150)
(Amount increased to $500 with Res. 03-321)
93-143 Auditor’s Treatment of Employee accrued Sick Leave and Vacation time upon assumption of Department Head position.
(Sick leave portion rescinded by Res. 08-369)
93-232 Sick Leave transfers for Planning/Building 4/20/1993
93-489 Reinstates authority to Public Works Director to sign contracts not exceeding $10,000 for zone of benefit maintenance work 9/14/1993
93-506 Overtime of county Employees 9/28/1993
94-106 Waive California Driver’s License and high school graduation requirements from class specifications 4/5/1994
94-538 Naming Parks and Recreational Facilities 12/13/1994
95-106 Weddings at the Courthouse
95-198 HIV Testing requirement for inmates 5/9/1995
96-280 Implementation of drug and alcohol testing for certain employees performing safety-sensitive functions 6/18/1996
96-318 Family Medical Leave Act
(Amended by 15-67)
96-383 Amendment to Policy for Permanent Part-Time Employees
(Amends Res. 92-555)
96-427 Amendment on Complaint procedures against appointed Dept. Heads
(Amends Resolution 85-315)
96-431 Amendment to Section VI Mariposa County Selection Procedures to the Policy and Program of Mariposa County Employment
(Originally approved on 1-23-73; amends 91-156; amended by 98-48)
97-03 Amend appeals procedures
(Amends 92-525; Information Sheet amended by 98-364)
ORD 914 Allow Auditor to reissue stale-dated checks for amounts less than $1,500 and less than 2 years old 2/4/1997
97-124 Coulterville Fire Brigade barbecue fund-raiser declared annual County-sponsored event 4/15/1997
97-229 Amending the Mariposa County road Circulation and Improvement Policy 5/13/1997
97-359 Written policy relative to disseminating information concerning current or former employees 9/2/1997
97-366 Amendment to Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy
(Amends 96-280; amended by 06-169)
97-401 Use of Bassett Memorial Library in Wawona for Events 10/14/1997
98-52 Parks and Recreation Facilities Use Policy
(Amends 93-52, and Amended by 07-203)
98-48 Amend Section VI: Mariposa County Selection Procedures to the Policy and Program of Mariposa County Employment
(Amends 96-431)
98-231 County Public service policy 6/16/1998
98-130 Authority for Public Works Director to Award & Execute Agreements; Issue Contract Changes Orders and Issue Notice of Completion 4/14/1998
98-364 Amend Appeals Procedure Information Sheet
(Amends 97-03)
99-188 Policy Book on Mariposa/Yosemite Airport 5/25/1999
99-338 Policy/Agreement for Displaying Art in the Bassett Memorial Library – Wawona 11/16/1999
99-355 Consent from the Board of Supervisors approving the policy regarding access by minors to motion picture videotapes for Mariposa County Libraries 12/7/1999
00-27 Establishing County procurement policies to encourage waste reduction and promote the purchase of products made with recycled material and products which are recyclable. 1/18/2000
00-78 Public Works Director authorized to approve or deny final maps on behalf of the Board of Supervisors
00-110 Mariposa County Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace Amendment
(Original approval in June, 1990; amended by 10-206)
01-055 Electronic Mail and Internet Access Policy
(Email Retention Policy approved at 07-428)
01-303 Use of the Mariposa County Library Community Room to support library programs and the community in an equitable manner 10/23/2001
02-145 Mariposa County Library Internet Policy 5/14/2002
02-156 Authority for Board of Supervisors Chair to Act as County Administrative Officer During any Vacancy of the County Administrative Officer Position 5/14/2002
02-359 Mariposa County Library Policy for Exhibits, Display Cases, and Bulletin Boards 9/24/2002
03-016 Amendment to Article V-C of “Rules of Procedure for Meetings of the Board of Supervisors of Mariposa County”
(Amends 90-231)
03-062 Conduct of Mariposa County Library patrons 2/25/2003
03-072 Authority to pay Employees who Serve in the Military Reserve and who are Called to Active Duty the Difference between Base Military Pay and the Amount the Employee Earned at the County Prior to Entering Active Duty in the Military 3/11/2003
03-188 Approval of Homebound Delivery Program for library materials 5/27/2003
03-270 Amendment to the Mariposa County Road Policy to allow Substitution of a road that is not in the County Maintained Road System for a road that is currently in the County Maintained Road System when the proposed road to be included serves a higher public purpose than the road to be removed
(Amends 92-541)
03-321 Changes allowance for departmental open houses or receptions to $500.00
(Amends 93-85)
04-213 Access and use of Facilities for Branch Libraries 5/18/2004
Ord. 1010 No smoking in county vehicles 9/21/2004
05-044 Adoption of County-Wide Injury and Illness Prevention (IIPP) Program and Direction to Department Heads or appointed Department Safety Representative to Monitor the Health and Safety Policy for their respective department with assistance from the County Safety Officer
(IIPP amended by 15-329)
05-176 Drug and Alcohol Test Policy for positions in the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Bargaining Unit 5/3/2005

Preparation of Board Certificates of Recognition 7/12/2005
05-377 Maximum timeframes for Planning Department permit application inactivity. 8/2/2005
05-400 County Administrative Officer to report to the Board of Supervisors on CAO executed agreements (contracts in amounts up to $10,000) 8/16/2005
05-548 Mariposa County Library Card Policy 11/15/2015
05-598 Adoption of Board of Supervisors and County Elected Officials Expense and Ethics Policy 12/13/2005
06-169 Drug and Alcohol Testing for Safety-Sensitive Employees as required by the Department of transportation (DOT), Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Federal Transit Authority (FTA) regulations
(Amends 96-280; amended by 16-275)
06-350 Policy regarding overtime for those members of the Sheriff’s Office who engage in law enforcement activities 7/25/2006
07-031 Wireless Network Access (WiFi) Policy for Mariposa County Public Library 2/6/2007
07-203 Public Works Recreation Facility Use Policy
(Amends 98-52, and 93-52)
07-225 Credit Card usage policy – issuance to departments authorized to use them 5/22/2007
07-428 Mariposa County E-Mail Retention Policy
(01-55 adopted Electronic Mail and Internet Access Policy)
08-063 Mariposa County Data Backup/Recovery and Electronically Stored Information Policy 2/19/2008
08-369 Auditor to no longer pay sick leave accrual to employees who are appointed to Department Head Status
(Amends 93-143)
08-401 Clarification regarding process to compensate Volunteer firefighters
(Expands on 08-483)
08-483 Compensation for Volunteer firefighters - to receive entire reimbursement rate
(Old policy at 91-326)
09-177 Approve change to object level control in budgets
With the exception of Training & Seminars (04-90) and Travel line items (04-91 through 04-96).
09-168 Mariposa County Probation Department’s Voluntary and Involuntary Monitoring Policies Pursuant to California Penal Code Section 1203.016 and 1203.017 (Electronic monitoring) 3/14/2009
09-185 Reaffirm the County policy approved by County Counsel May 19, 1995 for PREP Trainees driving County vehicles to include Trainees, Volunteers and Work Experience (formerly referred to as PREP Trainees) individuals 4/21/2009
10-92 Amend Section IV of County Procedures for appeals from Title 17 (land) decisions
(Amends 98-364)
10-206 Revision to the County’s Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace
(Amends 00-110; amended by 15-266)
10-481 Severes the link of benefits between the Board of Supervisors and MCMCO and establishes a limit for the County contribution for medical benefits for members of the Board of Supervisors 10/12/2010
10-515 Authority to publish summary ordinances where applicable and designate preparation of the summary ordinance for publication to County Counsel 11/9/2010
10-575 Fire Station Use Policy
(Rescinds and replaces 92-290)
11-250 Student stipends for selected trainings/programs for Human Services employees - effective July 1, 2011 6/7/2011
11-284 Adoption of Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement 54 and authority to Auditor to reclassify appropriate fund balance classifications 6/14/2011
11-579 Ongoing Authority for periodic destruction of records in County Counsel’s office 12/6/2011
12-477 Client Services Policy for Human Services Mental Health clients
(Amended by 15-266)
13-341 Authority for Public Works to charge a base rate minimum in community service districts when water has been turned off 8/13/2013
13-345 Mariposa County Information Security Policy 8/13/2013
13-431 Department Head Severance Policy 10/1/2013
14-111 Adopt Assessment Ballot Procedures for Proposition 218 Elections 3/18/2014
15-125 Retirement Tile Plaque and Resolution Policy 3/24/2015
15-150 Amend Board Rules of Procedure for Meetings
(Amends 03-016)
15-266 Revision to the County’s Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace Policy
(Amends 10-206)
15-271 Authority for the County Administrative Officer to settle or reject Workers' Compensation and Tort Liability Claims up to $20,000
(Rescinds 03-369 and 07-311)
15-273 Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Policy Amendment
(Amends 12-477)
15-293 Extra-Help Paid Sick Leave Policy 6/23/2015
15-329 County Injury, Illness and Prevention Program Policy (IIPP)
(Amends 05-044)
15-365 Employer-Employee Relations Policy
(Amends 90-299)
15-506 Catastrophic Leave Bank Policy 10/27/2015
16-9 Clerk of the Board Records Retention Schedule 1/5/2016
16-57 Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and California Family Rights Act (CFRA) Policy
(Amends 96-318)
16-92 Records Retention Schedule for Human Resources/Risk Management 3/1/2016
16-100 County Reference Check Policy
(Rescinds 97-359)
APCD 16-3 Amend Air Pollution Control District Regulation III by Removing Specific Words from Rule 300 (K) and Adding Subsection H to Rule 308
(Amends APCD 92-1)
16-225 Establishes County-Wide Discipline Policy 5/10/2016
16-275 DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy
(Amends 06-169)
16-276 Mariposa County Selection Procedures Policy
(Rescinds Section VI of 98-48; and approves new section)
16-297 Implements Social Media and Website Video Use Policy 6/14/2016
16-473 Revisions to the Policy and Procedures for Work Schedules for the Public Works Department 9/13/2016 
16-592  County Nepotism Policy
(Rescinds 86-79)
16-625 Catastrophic Leave Bank Policy 12/6/2016 
17-176 Relocation and Temporary Housing Reimbursement Policy; Provides Up to $5,000 for Selected New Hire Employees for Reimbursement of Relocation and Temporary Housing Costs 4/4/2017 
17-177 Inclement Weather and Hazardous Conditions Policy 4/4/2017 
17-537 County-Wide Telecommuting Policy and Process 8/8/2017 
17-557 County-Wide Mandated Reporting Policy 8/15/2017 

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