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1994 Resolutions Index

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1994-001 1/4/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Park Service
1994-002 1/4/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adopt plans and specifications for re-roofing the Coulterville Fire Station
1994-003 1/4/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adopt plans and specifications for structural repairs to the Greenly Hill Fire Protection
1994-004 1/4/1994 (D.A) Approve a transfer of funds within the Family Support Collection SB 1530 grant fund budget
1994-005 1/4/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Health officer to sign agreement between Central San Joaquin Valley HIV Care Consortium and Mariposa County Health Dept. for Fiscal Year 1993-94
1994-006 1/4/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Modifying the membership of the Mariposa County Emergency Medical Care
1994-007 1/11/1994 (AG COMMISSIONER/SEALER) Sign Amendment I to the 1993/94 Egg Quality Control Contract #93-0022
1994-008 1/11/1994 (HC&D) Sign Agreement (176,001) with the State of Ca. Dept. of Economic Opportunity
1994-009 1/11/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Award L.P. Gas Heating Fuel bid, PW 93-01, to Pro-Flame Gas Company
1994-010 1/18/1994 (FIRE PROTECTION) Sign personal service agreement with Mike Ridely and Jess Smith
1994-011 1/18/1994 (HC&D) Acceptance of the low bid regarding the construction and installation of two Head Start Classrooms
1994-012 1/18/1994 (HS, SSD, PW) Authorizing the Human Services Dir. and the PW Dir. to sign Interdepartmental Agreement for bus and the PW Dir. to sign Interdepartmental Agreement for bus services for Human Services clients
1994-013 1/18/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Sign Description of Proposed Expenditure of Rural Health Services Funds for Mariposa County
1994-014 1/18/1994 (BOARD) Recognizing Donald Haag for his service as 1993 President of Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce
1994-015 1/18/1994 (BOARD) Recognizing Wayne Schulz for his service as Executive Dir. of the Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce
1994-016 1/8/1994 (BOARD) Taking action on "three strikes and you're out" sentence enhancement for repeat offenders initiative
1994-017 1/18/1994 (HC&D) Authorizing execution of a grant contract with the California Arts Council regarding the State Local Partnership Program on behalf of the Mariposa County Arts Council
1994-018 1/18/1994 (HC&D) Authorizing the Mariposa County Arts Council to use the Courthouse grounds for the Gold Rush Festival of the Arts (May 13&14 1994) and the Homesteading Arts Festival Oct. 7-9 1994
1994-019 1/18/1994 (HC&D) Auditor to pay 1994 Chamber of Commerce invoice ($9,203.89) and Lodging Council Matching Grant Program invoices ($18,367.13)
1994-020 1/25/1994 (BOARD) Present County tile plague recognizing Tony Lashbrook for his service as Mariposa County Planning and Building Director
1994-021 1/25/1994 (NOT LISTED) Establishing a petty cash fund for the Library in the amount of $30.00
1994-022 1/25/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Update the screening card names for the Office of Surplus Property, Ca State Dept. of General Services
1994-023 1/25/1994 (COUNTY CLERK) Adopt resolution revising Exhibit "A" the appendix to the Conflict of Interest Code.
1994-024 1/25/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Deleting the existing position of Staff Services Analyst II, Salary Range 174-190 and reclassifying this position to Staff Services Manager I, Salary Range 179,195
1994-025 1/25/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adopt resolution authorizing acceptance of a grant from the Ca. Energy Commission for HVAC improvements at the Library/ History Center
1994-026 1/25/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adopt plans and specifications for Clinic Room Modifications at the Heath Dept. PW No. 93-10
1994-027 1/25/1994 (PLANNING AND BUILDING) Uniform procedures for the submission and consideration of complaints/request Public Works Dep.
1994-028 1/25/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) 1993 Reclassification Requests
1994-029 1/25/1994 (LIBRARY) Grant authority to the Library to retain volunteers on an as-needed basis
1994-030 2/1/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES DEP. SOCIAL SERVICES DIV.) Approve to transfer funds from salary savings to fixed assets for the purchase of two way communication radios for two vehicles assigned to the Human Services Dept.
1994-031 2/1/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Board award the bid for corrugated galvanized steel pipe and galvanized band couplers
1994-032 2/1/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Authorizing PW to solicit informal bids and purchase from the appropriate low bidder
1994-033 2/1/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Sign a Personal Service Agreement with Fred Youngren
1994-034 2/1/1994 (BOS) Support Senate Bills Nos. 1204 and 1243 and forward copy of this action to State Legislatures
1994-035 2/1/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Recommend that Mariposa County participate in the Solid Waste Services Joint Powers Authority
1994-036 2/1/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Authorizing Salary Adjustments for Appointed Dep. Heads
1994-037 2/8/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Sign incorporating Program Supplement No. 010 into the Local Agency-State Agreement for Federal Aid
1994-038 2/8/1994 (PLANNING AND BUILDING) Allocation of $8,400.00 from the General Fund Reserve to the Building Enterprise Budget
1994-039 2/8/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Sign Standard Agreement to receive Rural Health Services Funds in the amount of $11,272
1994-040 2/8/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Sign an order of the Board to reject Claim No. C94-1 in the amount of $1,500,000.00
1994-041 2/8/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Adopt the Electing to become Subject to the Provisions of the trail Court Program for the fiscal year July 1, 1994 through June 30, 1995
1994-042 2/8/1994 (HC&D) Directing the Administrative officer to increase the Mariposa County Arts Council, Inc Advertising Fund grant from $36,000 TO $40,000
1994-043 2/18/1994 (BOS) Report on the Mountain Counties Air Basin and Discussion of Board's Future Air Pollution Control Activities
1994-044 2/15/1994 (FIRE PROTECTION) Authorizing Chairman to sign amendment to the California Department of Forestry and fire Protection agreement
1994-045 2/15/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Sign the Standard Agreement for Local Public Health Services Program Fiscal Year 1993-94
1994-046 2/15/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Designating County Health Officer and Welfare Dir. the California Rural Health Alliance Governing Structure
1994-047 2/15/1994 (PLANNING DIVISION) Chairman to sign Land Conservation (Williamson) Act Contracts No. 93-1 thru 93-7
1994-048 2/15/1994 (CLERK OF BOARD) Darrah School Site
1994-049 2/15/1994 (FIRE PROTECTION) Waiving formal bid procedures and authorize the purchase of a 1977 Chevy fire engine from California Department of Forestry.
1994-050 2/15/1994 (LIBRARY) San Joaquin Valley Library System to provide interlibrary loan to Mariposa Library and authorize County Librarian to sign participation agreement to allow Mariposa County Library to become part of the San Joaquin Library System.
1994-051 2/15/1994 (HC&D) Amending the US Forest Service Action Plan and Action Team and authorizing the submission of a proposal on behalf of the American Indian Council of Mariposa County
1994-052 2/15/1994 (HC&D) Sign a Consultant Agreement with TEMECO in the amount of $24,00 to conduct a Native Plant Nursery Feasibility Study.
1994-053 2/22/1994 (MARIPOSA GAZETTE AND MINER) Recognizing the 140th anniversary of the Mariposa Gazette and Miner
1994-054 2/22/1994 (PLANNING & PUBLIC WORKS) Waiving the road maintenance zone of benefit condition for Land Division Appl. No 1433
1994-055 2/22/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Deleting the existing classification of Probation Aide, Salary Range 146-162.5, reclassifying it to the new classification, (Senior Juvenile Supervisor)
1994-056 2/22/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Authorizing Health officer to apply for Maternal-Child Health Grant for Fiscal Year 1994-95 in the amount of $59,402
1994-057 3/1/1994 (SHERIFF'S) Sign a sixty day extension for the contract with the State Boating and Waterways for the purchase of a rubber rescue raft and enclosed trailer.
1994-058 2/22/1994 (BOARD) Relocating the Board's regularly scheduled meeting of March 22,1994 to the Coulterville Comm. Club, Coulterville
1994-059 3/1/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Award of Bid for Legal Advertising
1994-060 3/1/1994 (HC&D) Conduct public hearing and provide direction regarding possible Community Dev. Block Grant appl.
1994-061 3/1/1994 (HC&D) Adopting revisions to the Community Dev. Block Grant Housing Rehabilation Program Guidelines
1994-062 3/1/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Approving the new class specifications for the positions of facility Maintenance Manager, Salary Range 206-222.5 and Fleet-Fiscal Manager, Salary Range 194-210
1994-063 3/1/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Recommends the adoption of the reorganization within the Public Works Dept. Fleet/ Fiscal Div.
1994-064 3/8/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Authorizing PW to solicit informal bids and purchase, a walk behind road stripper
1994-065 3/8/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Perform the next step phase of the States required Environmental Monitoring Program and the newly mandated water quality Protection Standard report ($15,000)
1994-066 3/8/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Integrated Recycling, Inc. to provide a preliminary feasibility study and cost comparison analysis for alternatives for management of solid waste Mariposa County ($9,750)
1994-067 3/15/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Sign agreement with Dept. of Health Services for Contract Back Programs for fiscal year 1993-94.
1994-068 3/15/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES) Sign Fair time Rental Agreement 94-15E with the 35-A District Agricultural Ass.
1994-069 3/15/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Status of the investigation of known or suspected contaminated County underground storage tank sites
1994-070 3/15/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Waiving the formal bid procedures and authorizing the Public Works Dir. to purchase a used vibratory roller for gravel compaction
1994-071 3/15/1994 (NOT LISTED) Upholding an appeal of the planning Commission's condition establishing Rural Class III (C) road improvement requirements for Land Division Application No. 1444
1994-072 3/15/1994 (BOS) Execute an Agreement with the Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce for fiscal Year 1993/1994
1994-073 3/15/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Accepting Audit Report for the Period Ending June 1993 with Responses from Departments
1994-074 3/22/1994 (BOS) Recognizing Donald Ross Miller for his contributions and lifetime accomplishments
1994-075 3/22/1994 (PLANNING) Approving the road name "Las Mariposas Lane"
1994-076 3/22/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES DEPT. SOCIAL SERVICES DIV.) Sign a "Declaration of Intent" form to contract with Dept. of Health Services for the County Medical Services
1994-077 3/22/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES DEPT. SOCIAL SERVICES DIV.) Sign the CMSP Contract for fiscal year 1993-94
1994-078 3/22/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Sign RHS Hospital Contract for reimbursement to the Hospital of $1,188 for indigent care
1994-079 3/22/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) "Declaration of Intent to Enter into a contract with the Ca. Dept. of Health Services for Participation in the local Public Health Services Program"
1994-080 3/22/1994 (AG COMMISSIONER/SEALER) Sign Amendment I of the 1993/94 Pesticide Application Reporting Contract No. 93-0249 with the Ca. Dept. of Pesticide Regulation
1994-081 3/22/1994 (DEPUTY CLERK OF THE BOARD) Use permit Determination
1994-082 3/22/1994 (HC&D) Apply for additional funding ($66,542) for the Head Start Program.
1994-083 3/22/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS AND SHERIFF'S OFFICE) Agreement with Vanir Construction Management, Inc. for services during the construction phase of the Adult Detention Facility
1994-084 3/22/1994 (SHERIFF) Authorizing the Chairman to execute the Grant Contract with the Board of Corrections for the State Funding for the new Adult Detention facility
1994-085 3/22/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approve funding for new carpet in the Law Library
1994-086 3/22/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adopt plans and specifications for Pump Replacement and Rehabilitation, Coulterville Waste-water Pump Station No. 1.
1994-087 3/22/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Distribution of Special District Augmentation Funds ($44,160.71)
1994-088 4/5/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Approve the Mariposa County Pioneer Wagon Trail event as a County activity which will be held June 9 through June 11, 1994
1994-089 4/5/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Sign an order of the Board to reject Claim No. C94-5 in the amount of $78.50
1994-090 4/5/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Sign order of the Board to reject Claim No. C94-6 for an undetermined amount.
1994-091 4/5/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Sign an order of the Board to reject Claim No. C94-9 in the amount of $1,904.84
1994-092 4/5/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Approving revised extra-help class specification for the position of Kitchen Aide
1994-093 4/5/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Approving revised extra-help class specification for the position of Lifeguard
1994-094 4/5/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES SOCIAL SERVICES DIV. COMMUNITY SERVICES) Sign Subcontract Agreement with the Calaveras-Mariposa Community Action Agency (CMCAA)
1994-095 4/5/1994 (FIRE PROTECTION) Authorizing appropriation from Reserve for Contingency to Fire Protection
1994-096 4/5/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Sign EMS Hospital Contract for reimbursement to the Hospital of 25% of the EMS fund for emergency medical care services
1994-097 4/5/1994 (COUNTY CLERK) Sign "Standard Agreement" to provide funding for implementing of an Automated Marriage Registration System"
1994-098 4/5/1994 (HC&D) Dir. the (HC&D) to negotiate a lease agreement with the Mariposa County Unified School District for Head Start office space.
1994-099 4/5/1994 (PLANNING) Adopting a Negative Declaration and approving the proposed expansion to Planned Residential Dev. No. 92-1
1994-100 4/5/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Approve revised class specification for Equipment Mechanic Supervisor at Salary Range.
1994-101 4/5/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Specification for the position of Waste Management Specialist to the class title of Solid Waste Coordinator and making minor revision to that specification to reflect the current organ- isolation structure within the Public Works Dept.
1994-102 4/5/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Approve the position of Sheriff's Commander renaming it to the class title of Sheriff's Captain.
1994-103 4/5/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Approve revised class specification for the position of Sheriff's Dispatcher
1994-104 4/5/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approve the pre-application to the Federal Aviation Administration for 1995 funds for improvement at the Mariposa/Yosemite Airport & authorize the Public Works Dir. to execute the Pre-Application and Assurance
1994-105 4/5/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Complete the painting of the interior of the Courthouse and authorize the Public Works Dir. to execute a contract with Colors Unlimited for Labor only in the amount of $6,499.
1994-106 4/5/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Adopt the policy granting department heads, together with concurrence of the Personnel Officer
1994-107 4/5/1994 (BOARD OF SUPERVISORS) Supporting AB 2478 (Goldsmith)
1994-108 4/5/1994 (BOARD) Amending the membership of the El Portal Town Planning Advisory Committee to include twelve members and one alternate member.
1994-109 4/12/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Sign the Standard Agreement and Financial Status Report and/or Payment Request forms
1994-110 4/12/1994 (DISTRICT ATTORNEY) Sign the challenge Grant Appl/ Assurances for Fiscal Year 1993/94 Challenge Funds
1994-111 4/12/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Sign an order of the Board to reject Claim No. C94-7 in the amount of $2,255.85
1994-112 4/12/1994 (BOARD) Change the location of the Board's regularly scheduled meeting for May 10, 1994, to the Marriott's Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite
1994-113 4/12/1994 (HOUSING) Consider approving two Community Development Block Grant Housing Rehabilitation applications
Same as Resolution 94-113
1994-115 4/12/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Accept the proposal from Nolte and Associates for the predesign services for the Lake Don Pedro Sewer Zone wastewater treatment system
1994-116 4/12/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Appropriating the necessary funds and authorizing the Public Works Dir. to execute an Agreement with WHF, Inc., upon review and approval by County Counsel
1994-117 4/12/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Sign Personal Services Agreement with Jeannine Fitzhenry dba Fitzhenry's Day Care.
1994-118 4/12/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Payment of bill received from Merced County Fire Dept. for cleanup of hazardous material spill on Old Toll Road.
1994-119 4/19/1994 (AG COMMISSIONER/SEALER) Sign the MOU for Pesticide Use Reporting between the California Dept. of Pesticide Regulation and Mariposa County for 1994/95 #949521
1994-120 4/19/1994 (FIRE) PSA with Bill Bondshu
1994-121 4/19/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Authorize the transfer of $650 from Professional Services to a Fixed Asset, Back flow Prevention Assembly Test Kit.
1994-122 4/19/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Fleet Maintenance Division, to transfer funds and purchase a new computer printer in the amount of $373.20.
1994-123 4/19/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Execute an agreement with Caltrans for ISTEA Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP)
1994-124 4/19/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Sign documents assigning Mariposa County's share of "Ryan White" AIDS funds and "HOPWA" funds to the San Joaquin Valley Health Consortium.
1994-125 4/19/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Setting the annual salary for the Planning and Building Director at $50,000, appointing Edward J. Johnson to fill his position
1994-126 4/19/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Adopt revised extra-help class specification for Teen-Recreation Leader-Adult
1994-127 4/19/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approve three (3) AGREEMENTS for APPRAISAL SERVICES
1994-128 4/19/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Authorizing Search and Rescue to take possession of a used ambulance owned by Mariposa County.
1994-129 4/19/1994 (AG COMMISSIONER/SEALER) Sign Agreement No. 94-73-06-0260-RA the Annual Work Plan and Reimbursable Budget Plan for FY 1994/95 with USDA/APHIS/ADC (Animal Damage Control)
1994-130 4/19/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Approve Budget Action forms, and approve Budget Action forms transferring between accounts in the Sheriff Boating Safety Program
1994-131 4/19/1994 (PLANNING) Denying the appeal and upholding the Acting Director's determination regarding the number and types residential uses permitted in the Central Commercial and Light Commercial districts of the Coulterville TPA.
1994-132 4/26/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approving Mariposa County's with Merced County Environmental Health Department in Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)
1994-133 4/26/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Recommends that the BOS authorize PW Dir. to sign Change Order 1 for the Raised Marker Project.
1994-134 4/26/1994 (SHERIFF'S) Request the Board award the Bid for the State funded River Rescue vessel and associated equipment
1994-135 4/26/1994 (HOUSING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AGENCY) Sign a Lease Agreement with Almost Like Home, Inc regarding use of Woodland Community Building.
1994-136 4/26/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES SOCIAL SERVICES DIV.) Approve the 1993/94 GAIN Plan Update
1994-137 4/26/1994 (SHERIFF) Appropriating $420.00 from the reserve for Contingencies to the County Vehicle use fund
1994-138 4/26/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) PW recommends that the Board adopt the Plans and Specifications for the overlay project on various county roads.
1994-139 4/26/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) 1994-95 Budget Outlook Report
1994-140 5/3/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Promissory note with Tammy Martin for release of dog
1994-141 5/3/1994 (PLANNING & BUILDING) Approving the road name "Falling Acorn Drive".
1994-142 5/3/1994 (AG COMMISSIONER/SEALER) Sign the 1993/94 Detection Trapping Contract No. 93-0164 Amendment I.
1994-143 5/3/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Sign agreements with local physicians to utilize Prop 99 funds for reimbursing care provided to indigent persons.
1994-144 5/3/1994 (TREAS.-TAX COLL) Request for budget transfer from employee benefits to salaries.
1994-145 5/3/1994 (JUSTICE COURT) Request that a warrant be re: issued to Martin Schofthaler of Germany.
1994-146 5/3/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Negotiate with PG & E to allow an easement for underground power across the Mariposa Park parking lot
1994-147 5/3/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approve agreement with Inspection Consultants, Inc. for special inspection and testing services for the Adult Detention Facility project in the amount of $20,776
1994-148 5/3/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Negotiate and execute an agreement with WHF Environmental Consultants, Inc.
1994-149 5/3/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Appropriating $2,500 from the reserve for Contingency into the Health Dept. budget for animal control expenses for the remainder of the fiscal year.
1994-150 5/3/1994 (PLANNING) General Plan/zoning amendment No. 93-1 Jerry Red
1994-151 5/3/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Execute a contract not to exceed $4,000 on a sole source basis with Data Builders, Inc.
1994-152 5/3/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Reappraise the reclassification of an Account Clerk II position in the District Attorney Family Support Division to Account Technician I.
1994-153 5/3/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Delegate to the Director of Public Works, subject to the ratification of the County Administrative officer, the authority to approve requests and proceed with projects requested by individual Board members
1994-154 5/10/1994 (AG COMMISSIONER/SEALER) Sign the 1994/95 Pesticide Application Reporting Contract No. 94-PR94 with the California Dept. of Pesticide Regulation
1994-155 5/10/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adopting the verification of County-maintained road mileage.
1994-156 5/10/1994 (FIRE PROTECTION) Sign application and Permit for use of school facilities.
1994-157 5/10/1994 (HOUSING) Sign a Personal Service Agreement with Joy McClure, CLOWN for Head Start Program Mental Health Service.
1994-158 5/10/1994 (HOUSING) Sign Personal Service Agreement with Michelle, Pecchenino RD for Head Start Program nutrition services.
1994-159 5/10/1994 (FIRE PROTECTION) Request for Board direction concerning purchase and finance of fire equipment for Midpines Fire Company.
1994-160 5/10/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Award Bid No. PW93-10 for one (1) 1994, 1-1/4-ton, heavy-duty cab and chassis with an 11 ft utility box ($28,884.83), also the Public Works asks to award Bid No. PW93-11 for one (1) 1994 1-ton , 4x4, cab and chassis ($22,321.96)
1994-161 5/10/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Appropriating unanticipated interest revenue in the Capital Outlay Fund ($7,539) to projects in health facilities.
1994-162 5/10/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Appropriating unanticipated interest revenue in the Capital Outlay Fund ($7,539) to projects in health facilities.
1994-163 5/10/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Discussion of the proposed Chamber of Commerce Agreement for the 1994/95 to 1996/97 fiscal years.
1994-164 5/10/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Transfer funds for purchase of two, two-way radios for two new 4x4, one-ton pickup trucks with snowplows for the road division
1994-165 5/17/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Authorizing, Fleet Maintenance Division, to transfer funds and purchase two 10-ton high profile jack stands at a cost of $626.76, including tax
1994-166 5/17/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Authorizing a used oil recycling block rant application
1994-167 5/17/1994 (COUNTY CLERK) Sign rental agreement with the 35-A District Agriculture Assoc. for use of facilities to house Election Boards .
1994-168 5/17/1994 (HOUSING) Submit an application ($20,000) to continue the Emergency Housing Assistant Program and if successful, sign grant agreement
1994-169 5/17/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES DEPARTMENT) Sign the 1993/94 Fiscal Year Performance Contract between the State of Ca. Dept. of Mental Health and the County of Mariposa
1994-170 5/17/1994 (HOUSING) Financial Sponsorship of Grad Night T-Shirts
1994-171 5/17/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Ratify execution of amendments to Memoranda of Understanding with Deputy Sheriff's Association and Sheriff's Management Association
1994-172 5/17/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES) Approval of Personal Services Agreement 94-173 with JaneSiebeneicher for the provision of Independent Living Skills Training to teenage children in Foster Care preparing them for independent adult life.
1994-173 5/17/1994 (HOUSING) Rejecting suite appurtenant work related to the installation of Head Start classrooms and authorizing negotiations with two original bidders for a reduction in cost
1994-174 5/17/1994 (PLANNING) Designate the Hornitos Masonic Lodge Building as a point of historical interest with the California State Historical Resources Commission
1994-175 5/17/1994 (PLANNING) Initiating the public review and hearing process for Zoning Amendment No. 94-1, an amendment
1994-176 5/17/1994 (PLANNING) Sign Land Conservation (Williamson) Act Contract No. 94-9.
1994-177 5/17/1994 (SHERIFF'S) Authorizing Sheriff to participate in the OCJP Anti Drug Enforcement Grant for the fifth year.
1994-178 5/17/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approving form of resolution of Intention and Boundary Map, and Granting consent of the County of Mariposa for the Construction and Acquisition of improvements
1994-179 5/17/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Direction from the Board on a request to provide Water Agency funds for correction of problems identified with Coulterville water and sewer ssystems
1994-180 5/17/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Board award contract for Pump Replacement and Rehabilitation, Coulterville Wastewater Pump Station No. 1, Project Number PW93-06 to the low bidder
1994-181 5/17/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Presentation by the departments and elected officials directed by the Board of Supervisors to study the vandalism problem.
1994-182 5/17/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approve funding in the amount of ($6,570.50) to pay Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) for the relocation of electrical facilities at the Mariposa Landfill.
1994-183 5/24/1994 (BOARD OF SUPERVISORS) Recognizing Anita Marie Starchman as Valedictorian of the 1994 Graduating Class of Mariposa County High School.
1994-184 5/24/1994 (BOARD OF SUPERVISORS) Recognizing Dean Browne as Salutatorian of the 1994 Graduating Class of Mariposa County High School.
1994-185 5/24/1994 (SHERIFF'S) Sign the Cooperative Law Enforcement Agreement with the Stanislaus National Forest(1994)
1994-186 5/24/1994 (SHERIFF) Execute Contract with the California Dept of Boating and Waterways for purchase (USING 100%) Grant Funds $40,000) of a replacement patrol vessel.
1994-187 5/24/1994 (BOARD OF SUPERVISORS) Recognizing Dorthy "Dottie" Blunt as Senior Lady of the Year 1994.
1994-188 5/24/1994 (BOARD OF SUPERVISORS) Recognizing Bob McKnight as Senior Man of the Year 1994
1994-189 5/24/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Sign agreement with R. Scott and Karen E. Godfrey to renew lease for County Office space on the Northside.
1994-190 5/24/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Sign an order of the Board to reject Claim No. C94-10 in the amount of $120.00.
1994-191 5/24/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Approving an addendum to the Agreement with Ross and Castillo, the County's existing Workers' Compensation claims administrator
1994-192 5/24/1994 (TRANSIT) Execute certifications and Assurances of the applicant for $30,000 of FTA Section 18, 1992/93 1993/94 Operating funds, also Grant Contract 92-93 93-94 FY FTA Section 18 funds and any other related documents.
1994-193 5/24/1994 (HOUSING) Sign Agreement ($41,000) with the State Dept. of Economic Opportunity regarding the Dept. of Energy Weatherization Program.
1994-194 5/24/1994 (LIBRARY) Presentation regarding status of the future of the Mariposa County Literacy Program and request for direction
1994-195 5/24/1994 (LIBRARY) Approve a summer schedule of hours for Mariposa Library and the El Portal Branch Library.
1994-196 5/24/1994 (HOUSING) Designating James E. Evans (H & CD) as initial applicant and ongoing representative for all matters regarding Ca. Dept. of Social Services Community Care Licensing and the Head Start Centers in Mariposa and Greeley Hill.
1994-197 5/24/1994 (HOUSING) Adopting Revision #3 to the Community Devel. Block Grant Housing Rehabilitation Program Guidelines.
1994-198 5/24/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES) Approve the proposed change to the issuance of AFDC warrants by the Human Services Dept.
1994-199 5/24/1994 (PLANNING) Appeal and Uphold the Planning Dir. determination that the Planning Dept. cannot take zoning enforcement action on an intended use of the property.
1994-200 5/24/1994 (PLANNING) Appeal and Uphold the Planning Dir. action to authorize the issuance of the building permit for a mini-storage facility to APN 12-04-23.
1994-201 5/24/1994 (BOARD) Moving Board location to Cathey's Valley McCay Hall
1994-202 5/24/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Appropriate the remainder of the funding for the Airport hazardous material spill remedial investigation from General Fund Reserve for Contingencies in the amount of $8,000
1994-203 5/24/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approve funding of aerial topographic survey for the Mariposa-Yosemite Airport from Airport Taxiway Funds in the amount of $7,300
1994-204 5/24/1994 (DISTRICT ATTORNEY) Emergency Transfer of Funds
1994-205 6/14/1994 (BOARD) Recognizing Marie Escola, Retiring President of the Wawona Area Property
1994-206 6/14/1994 SHERIFF'S) Execute the attached Cooperative Law Enforcement Agreement with the Sierra National Forest.
1994-207 6/14/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Authorizing the Chairman to sign the Standard Agreement with California Department of Health Services (CDHS), Local Public Health Services Section (LLPHSS), for Local Assistance Block Grant (AIDS)
1994-208 6/14/1994 (AUDITOR) Approve Agreement with David M. Griffith to provide professional consulting services in the preparation of the County Cost Allocation Plan for the 1994-95 fiscal year.
1994-209 6/14/1994 (FIRE PROTECTION) Agreement with Toulumne County Fire Department for fire protection in the Don Pedro area
1994-210 6/14/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES) Approval of the purchase of a replacement computer for the family Services Unit of the Human Services Department.
1994-211 6/14/1994 (AG COMMISSIONER/SEALER) Authorizing the Mariposa County Sealer of Weights and Measures to sign the 1994/95 Weights and Measures Agreement.
1994-212 6/14/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Authorizing the Chairman to sign an annual renewal of the Agreement for Coulterville Sewer System Monitoring with Elmer Keller in the amount of $100.00 per month.
1994-213 6/14/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Recommends a resolution transferring $ 3,500.00 from Facilities Maintenance budget line item, Maintenance Structure, to Capital Improvement Projects 93-94, Woodland Park
1994-214 6/14/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Recommends a resolution rejecting all bids received on PWB 93-12 for three(3) 1994 4X4, full-size, 5 passenger, general purpose vehicles.
1994-215 6/14/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Authorizing the chairman to sign an order of the Board to reject Claim No. c94-12 for undetermined amount.
1994-216 6/14/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Approving the revised class specification for the position of Office Technician.
1994-217 6/14/1994 (SUPERIOR COURT) Transfer of funds for purchase of typewriter.
1994-218 6/14/1994 (HOUSING) Sign contract with Keith Ensminger Construction(48,978) regarding site work for the Head Start Program
1994-219 6/14/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Execute the contract for the overlay Project, Public Works Project No. PW 93-26
1994-220 6/14/1994 (SUPERIOR COURT) Transfer of funds for purchase of Security System
1994-221 6/14/1994 (COMMUNITY SERVICES) Sign agreements with Area 12 Agency on Aging (A12AA) to provide Older American Act Title III-B, Title III-C1 and Title III-c2
1994-222 6/14/1994 (Not Listed) Appropriate $1,133 in Area 12 Agency on Aging Grant Funds ($312 in one-time-only funds and $812 in additional Grant Funds) into the Senior Nutrition Service Budget.
1994-223 6/14/1994 (COMMUNITY SERVICES) Sign amendment to the contract with Area 12 Agency on Aging for both Older American Act Title III-B and Title III-C1 & 2.
1994-224 6/14/1994 (COMMUNITY SERVICES) Appropriate $2,437.73 in Area 12 Agency on Aging Grant Funds ($1,652.73 in one-time only funds and $785 in additional Grant Funds) into the Senior Supportive Services Budget
1994-225 6/14/1994 (AUDITOR) Approve contract for Audit Pro to analyze/audit the County's PG&E bills
1994-226 6/14/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES.) Sign Service Agreement with Digital Equipment Corporation for hardware maintenance and further authorize payment of service in advance one full year
1994-227 6/14/1994 (BOARD) Consider amending the schedule for the Board's meeting on June 28, 1994.
1994-228 6/14/1994 (BOARD) Adoption of position in support of legislation (AB3835 and SB2013) to amend the California Wildlife Protection Act relative to mountain lion protection.
1994-229 6/14/1994 (PLANNING) Denying the appeal, upholding the Planning Director's determination the residential storage building is in violation of the County Zoning Ordinance and Coulterville TPA Specific Plan,
1994-230 6/14/1994 (PLANNING) Recommend that the Board of Supervisors adopt a resolution (1) finding that the outdoor concerts scheduled for July 3rd, Sept. 4th and Oct. 8th are activities of a temporary and non-regular basis and therefore are not subject to the regulations of the County Zoning Ordinance and Fish Camp TPA Specific Plan
1994-231 6/14/1994 (PLANNING HOUSING/COMM. DEV.) Establishing policy and procedures for considering the formal initiation of general plan/zoing amendment applications.
1994-232 6/14/1994 (PLANNING) Policy and procedures for consideration the formal initiation of general plan/zoning amend- ment applications for establishing commercial uses.
1994-233 6/14/1994 (BOARD) Discussion concerning Board meeting schedule for July 1994
1994-234 6/21/1994 (NOT LISTED) Recognizing the Honorable Carlos C. La Roche
1994-235 6/21/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Approving the new class specification- for the extra-help position of Head Start Cook
1994-236 6/21/1994 (AG COMMISSIONER/SEALER) Sign the Standard Agreement form, #94-0038, for seed inspection for the period July 1, 1994 June 30, 1999
1994-237 6/21/1994 (AG COMMISSIONER/SEALER) Sign the Regulatory Enforcement Contract No.94="PR31" with the Dept. of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) for 1994/95
1994-238 6/21/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adopt plans and specifications for painting the Coulterville Water Storage Tank, PW 93-25
1994-239 6/21/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Award PW bid, PW93-13 for one (1) Automatic Cabinet Parts Washer to Steam Cleaners Inc
1994-240 6/21/1994 (PROBATION) Authorizing the Chairman to sign the 1994/95 OCJP Jail Removal Grant Appl.
1994-241 6/21/1994 (HOUSING) Direction regarding the Courthouse Tours.
1994-242 6/21/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Resolution transferring $1,552 from Services and Supplies to Fixed Asset.
(PUBLIC WORKS) Initiate an informal bid process to purchase the equipment necessary for the County to perform the quarterly monitoring
1994-244 6/21/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Purchase three "Airspace Saver" (or equal) flame resistant woven polyethylene tarps
1994-245 6/21/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approve a change order to the Aries Planning Services Agreement of July 1990
1994-246 6/21/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approve a transfer of donated employee sick leave and/or vacation time for the benefit of an employee of the Road Division.
1994-247 6/21/1994 (PLANNING) Certifying the Final Environmental impact Report for the Las Mariposas Planned Community Specific Plan
1994-248 6/21/1994 (PLANNING AND BUILDING) Approving the road name McMahon Road"
1994-249 6/21/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Appropriation of funds from Liability Set-Aside line item for the purchase of a computer
1994-250 6/21/1994 (BOARD) Request from Mariposa County Unified School District to support SB 1607 which would provide for formation of a local community college district
1994-251 6/28/1994 (NOT LISTED) Recognizing Walter E. Palmer for his lifetime contributions and accomplishments
1994-252 6/28/1994 (DATA PROCESSING) Recommended that an independent rooftop cooling system be installed over the computer room.
1994-253 6/28/1994 (PWD) Painting of the Yosemite West Water Storage Tank
1994-254 6/28/1994 (AUDITOR) Rescind Board authorization to contract with Audit Pro, Inc., to audit PG&E bills
1994-255 6/28/1994 (AUDITOR) Agreement for reorganization of school Districts & property tax for Fish Camp & Wawona students
1994-256 6/28/1994 (HEALTH) PSA W/Clara Mossman for Janitorial
1994-257 6/28/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES DEPARTMENT) Letter of Intent for the County to develop a Medi-cal Managed Mental Health Services program
1994-258 6/28/1994 (CSD) Medical Cost avoidance program to receive Ca. Dept. of Veterans affairs Subvention & Medical Cost avoidance funds
1994-259 6/28/1994 (COMMUNITY SERVICES) Transfer $3,500 from salaries and Benefits to Services and Supplies.
1994-260 6/28/1994 (ADMIN./PERSONNEL) Transfer $1,200.00 from Extra-Help to Publications/Legal Notices within the budget for the Personnel Office
1994-261 6/28/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Waiving normal bid procedures and authorize PW to purchase a used, 2,000 gallon storage tank, not to exceed $1,000, for the road division
1994-262 6/28/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Change name from "Veterans/Senior Transit Dept." to "Community Services Dept." and revising and renaming class specification for the position of "Veterans/Senior Services/ Transit Officer to "Community Services Director"
1994-263 6/28/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Increase in fees to Freese & Gianelli claim services
1994-264 6/28/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Reject claim # C94-13 ($660)
1994-265 6/28/1994 (COUNTY CLERK) Board of Supervisors shall declare those persons having the highest votes for officer and the board shall declare the results of each election
1994-266 6/28/1994 (PLANNING) Approve agreement to amend Development Agreement No. 89-1 and denying the requested reduction in application fees
1994-267 6/28/1994 (PLANNING) Initiating the public review and hearing process for a "right to agricultural activity"
1994-268 6/28/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Transfer of $10,900 form Don Pedro Utility Capital for the purchase of previously approved fixed assets of lift pumps
1994-269 6/28/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Transfer of $3,320 from Coulterville Contingency Fund to Coulterville Water Lab and Coulterville Water Professional Services to cover costs of operations.
1994-270 6/28/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Change order #2 to the contract for Coulterville Waste Water Pump Station
1994-271 6/28/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) State-Local Transportation Partnership Program funds for Cycle 6
1994-272 6/28/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Transferring funds from BOS Salaries to fixed assets - Computer ($3,000)
1994-273 6/28/1994 (BOS) Establishing the Cathey's Valley town planning area advisory committee
1994-274 7/5/1994 (CONSTABLE) Animal control position Re: Constables request to fill position
1994-275 7/5/1994 (LIB/LITERACY) Lease with Wachos be continued for three months and authorize the payment of $1,050 for this purpose
1994-276 7/5/1994 (COUNTY CLERK) Sign letter of Intent to implement a 3% prepayment discounts plan with Sequoia Pacific Systems for the printing of materials for General election
1994-277 7/5/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Summary Abandonment of a portion of Hayward Road Superseded by relocation
1994-278 7/5/1994 (AG COMMISSIONER/SEALER) Sign 1994/95 Egg Quality Control Agreement No. 94-0101 with the California Dept. of Food and Agriculture
1994-279 7/5/1994 (AG COMMISSIONER/SEALER) Sign 1994/95 Detection Trapping Contract No. 94-0160 and the Drug-Free Workplace Certification form
1994-280 7/5/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES DEPT.) Submit the renewal application and Planning Estimate for State Fiscal Year 1994-95
1994-281 7/5/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES DEPT.) Submit application for McKinney Homeless-Path funds to provide services for the homeless Mentally Ill dual diagnosis residents
1994-282 7/5/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Have selected Sheriff's vehicles painted at the Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla
1994-283 7/11/1994 (COUNTY CLERK) Consolidating John C. Freemont Hospital Election and Mariposa County Unified School District Election with the Nov.8 1994
1994-284 7/11/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Sign agreement with the County of Stanislaus for Donald O. Cripe, Stanislaus County Agricultural Commissioner Services and Sealer of Weights and Balances
1994-285 7/11/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adopt plans for specifications for the Chip Seal Project on Various County roads
1994-286 7/11/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adopt plans for specifications for installation of Energy Efficient HVAC Improvements
1994-287 7/11/1994 (AUDITOR) Approval of 9/80 Flex Schedule for three Accounting Technician positions one Account Clerk and the Assistant Auditor position
1994-288 7/11/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Maintenance removal of sludge from the Coulterville Wastewater treatment plant storage reservoir and authorize the Dire. the Public Works
1994-289 7/11/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adopt plans and specifications for installation of the storage pond liner, Coulterville Wastewater Treatment Plant.
1994-290 7/11/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Execute documents for the Allocation Request for Clean Air Act (Proposition 116) Bicycle Funds for Bus and Bus stop Bike racks
1994-291 7/11/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adopt the resolution of intention to reorganize the El Toro Rd. Maintenance Zone of Benefit
1994-292 7/11/1994 (PLANNING AND BUILDING) Class specification and creating a new planning Manager position with class specifications and salary range.
1994-293 7/11/1994 (BOARD) Southern Yosemite Visitors Bureau to provide visitor services in the Fish Camp/Wawona/Yosemite West area
1994-294 7/19/1994 (FIRE PROTECTION) Sign agreement between Mariposa County and the State of California Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection for a grant in the amount of
$1,025 1994-295 7/19/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Health Officer to apply for the 1994/95 Enforcement Assistant Grant in the amount of 17,827.
1994-296 7/19/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) The Granite Dome Rd. Maintenance Zone Benefit for Land Division Application No. 1383
1994-297 7/19/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Execute a Lease Agreement with Greenly Hill Community Club for the 1994/95 fiscal year for use of the community club for the 1994/95 fiscal year
1994-298 7/19/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) New class specification for the extra help position of Head Start Center Teacher's Aide at a salary of $8.00 per hour.
1994-299 7/19/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Execute agreement with the State Fire Marshal for fire prevention services for the 1994/95 fiscal year.
1994-300 7/19/1994 (HC&D) Request to use the County Courthouse grounds from approximately 1-2 PM on Sat. Sept. 3, 1994 for presentation of the County Fair Parade awards
1994-301 7/19/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Sign declaration of intent for the contract back programs with Rural Health Services for fiscal year 1994/95.
1994-302 7/19/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Sign amendment to the agreement with Mercy Medical Transportation, Inc.
1994-303 7/21/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Property sale to Tim Byrd
1994-304 7/19/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Revise and/or adopt 1994/95 Proposed Budget
1994-305 7/19/1994 (BOS) Position in support of the Mariposa County Farm Bureau in its request that the California Dept. of Food & Agriculture continue to keep the present Cal. Code of Regulations
1994-306 7/19/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adopt the resolution of intention to form a Zone of Benefit
1994-307 7/19/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adopt the final map of Terrace View Subdivision
1994-308 7/26/1994 (COMMUNITY SERVICES) Allow Community Services Dept. to fill on call Relief Cook and extra-help Kitchen Aide positions.
1994-309 7/26/1994 (SHERIFF) Execute the contract with the California Youth Authority for the Housing of Prisoners for the fiscal year 1994-95
1994-310 7/26/1994 (PLANNING) Approving the Road name "Brodiea Lane".
1994-311 7/26/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES DEPARTMENT) Authorize the Mental Health Dire. to execute a participation agreement for inclusion in the memorandum of Understanding between the California Dept. of Social Services
1994-312 7/26/1994 (FIRE PROTECTION) Authorize a purchase of a 1981 Emergency One fire engine for Midpines Fire Company through Midpines Zone of Benefit
1994-313 7/26/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approving the replacement hire of an Equipment Mechanic
1994-314 7/26/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Sign contract with Richard Rosebrock DVM, for veterinarian service sfor the fiscal year 1994/95
1994-315 7/26/1994 (LIBRARY/LITERACY) Have chairman sign application for Barbara Bush Foundation Family Literacy Grant.
1994-316 7/26/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Approving temporary funding for the extra-help position of Assistant Animal Control Officer
1994-317 8/2/1994 (AUDITOR) Contingency/Appropriation/Increase Estimated Revenue for Dept/ who overspent budgets
1994-318 8/2/1994 (SHERIFF) Authorizing the Sheriff to fill existing vacancies and enter a contract for extra-help for the office technician and dispatcher positions
1994-319 8/2/1994 (HC&D) Authorizing HC&D to fill vacant Extra help Positions in the Summer Aquatics and other approved summer recreation programs
1994-320 8/2/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Revised class specifications for the position of Administrative Court Clerk revising the salary range from 164-180 to 177-193
1994-321 8/2/1994 (DA) Approve filling of the vacant positions in the in the District Attorney's Office prior to the adoption of the 1994/95 fiscal budget as outlined in the attached memo
1994-322 8/2/1994 (BOS) Recognizing the Fish Camp Engine 33's Fire Company Annual Fund-Raiser to be held on Sept. 4,1994
1994-323 8/2/1994 (BOARD) Supporting 4742 (HERGER) which will declare a State of Emergency on Federal Lands within the Sate of California for the immediate reduction in forest fuels for the prevention of catastrophic wildfire
1994-324 8/2/1994 (HC&D) Execute personal services agreement contract with Castrillo + Associates for General Plan Housing Element update
1994-325 8/2/1994 (PLANNING) Adopt a resolution initiating an amendment to the home enterprise/rural home industry standards to require the property owner to operate the home enterprise
1994-326 8/9/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Renewal of the Service Contract with Valley Business Center, for the period of May 17, 1994 to May 17,1995 in the amount of $1,995.00
1994-327 8/9/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Sign application for Rural Health Services Funds for Fiscal Year 94-95.
1994-328 8/9/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Sign Personal Services agreement with Chris Ralph, Air Quality Engineer, for Air Pollution professional services for FY 1994-95
1994-329 8/9/1994 (COMMUNITY SERVICES) Sign Letter of Intent to award funds for services rendered to the area 12 agency on aging
1994-330 8/9/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Approve an easement to Al Varain for access through the Bootjack Volunteer Fire Dept. property as described in Exhibit "A"
1994-331 8/9/1994 (HC&D) Authorizing the HC&D and CDD to submit to the US DEPT. of Health and Human Services an application for Suppl. Head Start Training and Technical Ass.
1994-332 8/9/1994 (HC&D) Authorizing HC&D Agency Head Start Program to participate in the California Dept. of Education Child Care Food Program and authorizing the director to execute all required documents
1994-333 8/9/1994 (PROBATION) Request to fill a vacant Senior Office Assistant positions
1994-334 8/16/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Sale of County-Owned Property Located at Merced Falls Rd.
1994-335 8/16/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES DEPT/SOCIAL SERVICES DIV.) Filling the vacancy of Office Assistant II.
1994-336 8/10/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Adopt Resolution extending the agreement for Small Claims Legal Advisors through 94/95 fiscal year.
1994-337 8/16/1994 (LIBRARY) Adopt a schedule of hours for the El Portal Branch Library.
1994-338 8/16/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES DEPT.) Sign Personnel Agreement with Janet K. Stutzman to continue activities of the County Alcohol and Drug Master Plan.
1994-339 8/16/1994 (HC&D) Encroachment permit for annual Labor Day Parade
1994-340 8/16/1994 (H&CD) Sign Personnel Service Agreement with Don Casner dba: Mariposa Termite Control to provide Weatherization and Housing Rehabilitation Program Services.
1994-341 8/16/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Award of the contract for the Chip Seal Project on various County Roads
1994-342 8/16/1994 (BOARD) In memory of the late Ferdinand Castillo
1994-343 8/16/1994 (BOARD) Encroachment Permit for banner for Fish Camp Engine 33's Fire Company Annual Fund raiser.
1994-344 8/16/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approving the reorganization of the El Toro Road Maintenance Zone of Benefit associated with the map of B.I.C. Farms Subdivision.
1994-345 8/16/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Resolution Reorganizing the El Toro Rd.
1994-346 8/16/1994 (H&CD) Request from the Kiwanis Club of Mariposa to use the County Courthouse Grounds on Sept. 1,1994
1994-347 8/16/1994 (H&CD) Resolution Authorizing the H&CD to fill vacant Extra Help Cook (2) and Teachers Aide (2) positions in Head Start
1994-348 8/23/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Children's Medical Services (CMS) Plan and Budget Justification for fiscal years 94-95
1994-349 8/23/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Accepting the bid in the amount of $16,000 from Larry and Tim Bryd .
1994-350 8/23/1994 (H&CD) Space use agreement with the Mariposa County Unified School District regarding a Head Start office.
1994-351 8/23/1994 (COMMUNITY SERVICES) Pay Major Sysco, Inc. $311.03 for the purchase of a cart for the Senior Nutrition Services Program.
1994-352 8/23/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Award of contract for the installation of the Storage Pond Liner at Coulterville Wastewater Treatment Plant.
1994-353 8/23/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Execute contract with the State Controllers Office to assist in the preparation of the Annual Road Audit for FY 93/94
1994-354 8/23/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES DEPT/SOCIAL SERVICES DIV.) Sign a three year Standard Agreement with State Dept. of Social Services to fund the Child Abuse Prevention/Intervention
1994-355 8/23/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES/SOCIAL SERVICES) Sign a contract with U.C. Davis for training for Human Services Dept/
1994-356 8/23/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES/SOCIAL SERVICES) Sign agreement between the Mariposa County Unified School District
1994-357 8/23/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Endorsements in perpetuity by the Board of Supervisors of Caltrans Encroachment Permit
1994-358 8/23/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Resolution approving the Granite Dome Rd. Maint.
1994-359 8/23/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) See Resolution # 94-358
1994-360 8/23/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Resolution approving the Terrace View Lane Maint. Zone of Benefit
1994-361 8/23/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Sign software support agreement for maintenance and support services for the new integrated cost accounting system
1994-362 8/23/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Authorize agreement for services between Mariposa and Madera County for stripping county maintained roads.
1994-363 8/23/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) See Resolution # 94-362
1994-364 8/23/1994 (PLANNING AND BUILDING) Adoption of a reorganization concept plan consolidating planning and development related functions into the Planning and Building Dept.
1994-365 8/23/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Health Officer to apply for Health Education funds and prenatal matching funds
1994-366 8/23/1994 (DATA PROCESSING) Purchase latest IBM AS400 tape drive with capacity of 10 Gigabytes.
1994-367 8/23/1994 (ADMINISTRATION/AUDITOR) Consideration for Year-End Reconciliation.
1994-368 8/23/1994 (D.A. FAMILY SUPPORT) Authorize the D.A. Family Support Division to hire one full-funded extra help
1994-369 8/23/1994 (ASSESSOR/RECORDER) Yosemite Services Corp. request to shift Tax Assessments from unsecured roll
1994-370 8/23/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Acceptance of the Old Ghiradelli Store site in Hornitos.
1994-371 8/23/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Approving Work Student as Extra Help in the ADMINISTRATIVE Office
1994-372 9/6/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Assign the administrative Match Agreement with Area 12 Agency on Aging by providing in kind services to the agency for the 1994/95 fiscal year
1994-373 9/6/1994 (AG COMMISSIONER/SEALER) Sign the 1994/95 Nursery Services Contract and the drug-free Workplace Certificate form
1994-374 9/6/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Temporary increase in office space rent for Env. Health at Italian Acres due to the increase in water bill
1994-375 9/6/1994 (H&CD) Accept a US Forest Service Economic Recovery Program Grant Award
1994-376 9/6/1994 (H&CD) Sign Personnel agreement with TEMECO regarding regarding the California Traditional Crafts Manufacturing Project.
1994-377 9/6/1994 (H&CD) Accepting an Equestrian and Pedestrian Easement on lot 166, unit 1-m
1994-378 9/6/1994 (H&CD) Approving a Flex Schedule for the Main Office of the housing and community development Agency
1994-379 9/6/1994 (PLANNING) Request by Helen and Blair Fowler finding that the approval of Variance Application No. 87-3 is still valid
1994-380 9/6/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Extension of Agreement with Crane Transportation Group for County Wide Traffic Model
1994-381 9/6/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adoption of the attached Public Works policies with regard to land divisions and direct Public Works and Planning to return with revisions to the County Improvement Standards
1994-382 9/6/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adopt resolutions clarifying the sign standards for zone of benefit roads to the Mariposa County Road Improvement
1994-383 9/6/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Sign standards for zone of benefit roads to the Mariposa County Road Improvement and Circulation Policy
1994-384 9/6/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Waive the normal bid process and approve the purchase of three 1995, para-transit buses by tagging on the city of Chowchilla bid
1994-385 9/6/1994 (BOARD) Possible Action on Lion's Club request to acquire surplus ambulance No. 30
1994-386 9/6/1994 (D.A.) Approve the filling of the vacant Account Clerk II position in the family Support Div. prior to the adoption
1994-387 9/6/1994 (BOARD) Consider taking action to support the amendment of Health and Safety Code Ch. 6.11
1994-388 9/6/1994 (BOARD) Possible action to support discharge petition number 25 to further consideration of HR 140, the "no money, no mandate" bill.
1994-389 9/13/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Reject Claim No. C94-15 for an undetermined amount.
1994-390 9/13/1994 (BOS) Recognizing the Yosemite Mountain Ranch for its continued excellence in forest management.
1994-391 9/13/1994 (PLANNING AND BUILDING) Denying the appeal and upholding the Planning Commission’s action.
1994-392 9/13/1994 (CLERK OF BOARD) Consideration of fees proposed with Implementation of Mariposa County Final Budget
1994-393 9/20/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Sign a Lease Agreement with Yosemite Mountain Ranch for the Fish Camp Firehouse for 15 years starting Sept. 1, 1994.
1994-394 9/20/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Authorize PW to execute change Order 3 for Pump Replacement and Rehabilitation
1994-395 9/20/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Sign Standard Agreement for Maternal Child Health (MCH) Grant for Fiscal Year 94-95 in the amount of $59,402.
1994-396 9/20/1994 (BOARD) Scheduling regular meeting for October 18, 1994, in Yosemite, to commence at 10:00 a.m. at the Ahwahnee Hotel.
1994-397 9/20/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Authorizing maintenance with Standard Office Systems for the period of June 22,1994 to June 22, 1995, in the amount of $601.20
1994-398 9/20/1994 (AUDITOR) Approve contract with Great West Deferred Comp. effective Oct. 1, 1994.
1994-399 9/20/1994 (DATA PROCESSING) Agreement with Cardoni & Associates to pay an additional $4,800 to rebuild software lost during system crash.
1994-400 9/20/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Consideration of proposed contract change orders for the Coulterville Storage Pond Liner
1994-401 9/20/1994 (BOARD) Consider exemptions requested by Lassen County allowed under the U.S. EPA Subtitle D Landfill regulations
1994-402 9/20/1994 (PLANNING) Adopt resolution to implement the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) at all marked and unmarked crosswalks in the Community of Mariposa.
1994-403 9/27/1994 (PLANNING & BUILDING DEPT.) Recognizing Duane Hall, Chief Planning Manager, for his service to the Mariposa County and the Planning Dept.
1994-404 9/27/1994 (FIRE PROTECTION) Sign rental agreement with 35-A District Agricultural Association for the use of picnic area at the fairgrounds
1994-405 9/27/1994 (SHERIFF) "Reaffirming" the County's intent to staff and open the new jail facility in a timely manner.
1994-406 9/27/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Sign Standard Agreement for the Comprehensive Plan for Fiscal Years 1994-95
1994-407 9/27/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Waiving the 1994 Temporary Food Facility Permit Fee for Mariposa Youth Football and Authorizing Auditor to Issue Refund (90$)
1994-408 9/27/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Recommends the approval of contract order for the Chip Seal Project on various County Roads PW 93-28, to Curtis D. Post.
1994-409 9/27/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES DEPT.) Authorizing the chairman to sign a renewal termination agreement commencing July 1, and terminating June 30, 1995.
1994-410 9/27/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES DEPT.) Designating Community Hospitals of Central California (Fresno and Clovis Community Hospital, Cedar Vista, Tuolumne General Hospital as mental health evaluation and intensive treatment facilities.
1994-411 9/27/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Sign an order of the Board to reject Claim No. c94-18 in the amount of $5,000,000 general damages and $2,000,000 in special damages.
1994-412 9/27/1994 (CLERK OF THE BOARD) Public Hearing to adopt Final Budget for fiscal Year 1994/95
1994-413 9/27/1994 (HUMAN AND SOCIAL SERVICES DEPT.) Execute a participating agreement for inclusion of Mariposa County Social Services in the Memorandum of Understanding between Ca. Dept. of Social Services and the County Welfare Directors.
1994-414 9/27/1994 (LIBRARY/LITERACY) Authorize the Mariposa Learn to Read Program/Northside to apply for 501 (c) 3 status for a nonprofit organization and to expend $375 for the application fee.
1994-415 9/27/1994 (SHERIFF) Fill vacant Jail Officer Position
1994-416 9/27/1994 (DATA PROCESSING) Waive normal contract for copier and fax service or tag onto Mendocino County Copier contract with Spriggs Stationery.
1994-417 9/27/1994 (FARM ADVISOR) Removal of the hiring freeze to replace the Farm Advisor's secretary due to resignation.
1994-418 9/27/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Presentation by PW and the California Energy Commission representative on the State Energy Partnerships Program
1994-419 9/27/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Recommendations of the AD-HOC Under- Committee to undertake Rule 20A undergrounding projects in the town of Hornitos and along 8th street.
1994-420 10/4/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Sign agreement with Regional EMS
1994-421 10/4/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Request that the State of Ca. and the California Integrated Waste Management Board apply for exemptions to the US. Environmental Protection Agency
1994-422 10/4/1994 (COUNTY CLERK) Sign rental agreement with 35-A District Agricultural Association for use of facilities to house election boards
1994-423 10/4/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Authorizing the Chairman to sign the Lease agreement with Mariposa Preschool CO-OP for the use of Woodland Community Hall.
1994-424 10/4/1994 (COUNTY CLERK/ELEC) County Clerk/Register of Voters to hire extra-help in light of imminent medical leave and that fact that the position of Senior Office Assistant will be deleted Jan. 1, 1995.
1994-425 10/4/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Information regarding Health Dept. activates
1994-426 10/4/1994 (HC&D) Possible action regarding requests for funding from the Mariposa Storytelling Committee ($2,500) and the film Commissions ($700)
1994-427 10/4/1994 (HC&D) Possible Action regarding Tourism Promoting including the FY 94/95 Lodging Council Matching Property Grant Program.
1994-428 10/4/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Sign the revised Declaration of Intent for contract back programs with rural health Services for fiscal year 1994-95.
1994-429 10/4/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Authorize the Lease agreement with D.G Johnson for facility that houses the County's Victim/Witness Program.
1994-430 10/4/1994 (D.A.) Authorize D.A. to apply for Ca. Victim Witness Program Grant through the office of Justice Planning
1994-431 10/4/1994 (SHERIFF) Requesting additional Jail funding that has become available from the state board of corrections.
1994-432 10/11/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES DEPT.) Sign a multi-year agreement with the State of California Alcohol and drug programs.
1994-433 10/11/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Appointing Gerald McCollum, MD the Regional EMS Agency Advisory Committee
1994-434 10/11/1994 (H&CD) Sign Agreement Amendment in the amount of $32,400 with the Mariposa County Arts Council, Inc for FY 94/95
1994-435 10/11/1994 (JOHN C. FREMONT) Recognizing John C. Fremont Hospital District for its Efforts and Accomplishments and Declaring Oct. 16-22 1994 as "John C. Fremont Hospital Week"
1994-436 10/11/1994 (H&CD) Regarding the FY 1994/95 Lodging Council Matching Grant Program
1994-437 10/11/1994 (H&CD) Authorizing the H&CD Development Agency to fill vacant Extra-Help Senior Office Assistant and Extra-Help Social Services Aide positions in the Head Start Program
1994-438 10/11/1994 (HSD & SSD) Authorizing filling vacant Eligibility Worker I position in the Human Services Dept.
1994-439 10/11/1994 (HSD & SSD) Authorizing returning a Dept. of Human Services Aide position to the Social Worker Series and authorizing filling the vacant position
1994-440 10/11/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Sign contract for services with James A. Wyse, Inc for special solid waste engineering services on an as-needed basis
1994-441 10/11/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Sign an agreement to remove approximately 5,000 cu. yds. of soil which is on the Adult Detention Facility construction site
1994-442 10/11/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Revising Scopes of Work in Mariposa County wide County Service Area No. 1, Zones of Benefit
1994-443 10/11/1994 (BOARD) Merced County Office of Education for free waiver for issuance of a building permit for the Camp Green Meadows facility
1994-444 10/11/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Authorizing the Personal Director to approve extra-help appointments as may be required from time to time within budgeted departmental funds.
1994-445 10/11/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Minor revisions to the class specifications for the positions of Sheriff's Dispatcher (renaming that position to Jail Officer) Jail Sergeant Jail Dispatching (renaming that position to Jail Sergeant) and Assistant Animal Control Officer (renaming that position to Animal Control Officer).
1994-446 10/18/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approval of the Personal Services 10-18-94 agreement and the authorization of the Public Works Director to sign the agreement with Robert P. Kurtz, P.E.,
1994-447 10/18/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Attach request for proposals for 10-18-94 preliminary architectural design services for an Administrative and Development Services Building, PW Project Number 91-15
1994-448 10/18/1994 (SHERIFF) Expend funds from the Sheriff's asset 10-18-94 forfeiture account for the purchase of a computer and other electronic equipment
1994-449 10/18/1994 (SHERIFF) Approving SO Dept. "SCOPE" Program (Volunteer Citizens) and the attached rules and regulations that govern the project
1994-450 11/18/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Authorizing Chairman to sign Personal Service Agreement, Personal to hire individuals for County Staff, start up-costs t provide am\n official weather reporting station, Auditor to draw warrants from funding set aside in the final budget
1994-451 11/18/1994 (MARGIE WILLIAMS) Discussion Concerning Scheduling of Board Meeting for 11-1-94
1994-452 11/18/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approve fee adjustments for Yosemite West Maintenance District
1994-453 10/25/1994 (BOS) Recognizing James "Jim" Eskra for his service and commitment to the community of Mariposa
1994-454 10/25/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Proclaiming the week of Oct. 24th-29th as "Emergency Medical Services Week" and recognizing those citizens who contribute to EMS in Mariposa County.
1994-455 10/25/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Authorize the transfer of $2,485 from custodial to Extra-Help to cover a part time custodian for a few more weeks.
1994-456 10/25/1994 (H&CD) Sign a notice of Completion and Verification for the construction of the Head Start Classrooms and associated Site worker.
1994-457 10/25/1994 (H&CD) Authorizing the Housing and Development Agency Director to make an award to EdTech Computer Services for the PC equipment
1994-458 10/25/1994 (PLANNING) Resolution approving the road name "Moss Creek Lane".
1994-459 10/25/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Authorizing the vacant Office Assistant II position for Prenatal Program at Health Department
1994-460 10/25/1994 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Authorizing the Mariposa County Lions Club to donate surplus emergency medical equipment to a sister Lions Club in Mexico
1994-461 10/25/1994 (TAX COLLECTOR) Approve Tax Sale at Public Auction and to direct Don. Z. Phillips.
1994-462 10/25/1994 (TAX COLLECTOR) Tax Sale by sealed Bid, and to direct Don Z. Phillips, to sell property
1994-463 10/25/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Authorize the Director of PW to execute Change Order #1 for WHF Environmental for phase II
1994-464 10/25/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approve "9/80" flex schedule for Public Works
1994-465 10/25/1994 (BOS) Resolution of Intention to form the Saint Andrews Rd. Maintenance Zone of Benefit
1994-466 10/25/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approve and allocate additional funding ($140,000) for short-term costs of Waste Discharge Requirements and Cease and Desist.
1994-467 10/25/1994 (PLANNING) Amendment which proposes text changes to Home Enterprise/Rural Home Industry Provisions
1994-468 10/25/1994 (PLANNING) Amendment to allow for specific informational signs including neon open signs
1994-469 10/25/1994 (CAO) Settlement agreement with Mariposa County Employees SEIU
1994-470 11/1/1994 (BOS) Recognizing Gerald Fischer as the "1994 Businessman of the Year" and Kay Mickel as the "1994 Businesswoman of the year."
1994-471 11/1/1994 (BOS) Same as Resolution 94-470
1994-472 11/1/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Authorizing an increase in the hourly 11-01-94 rate for Fish Camp snow blowing services from 90$ to 120$ an hour
1994-473 11/1/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Reject Claim No. C94-21 in the amount of $250,000.
1994-474 11/1/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adopt plans and specifications for re-roofing the Probation Department.
1994-475 11/1/1994 (DA) Authorize the DA to apply for California Victim Witness Program Grant through the office of Criminal Justice Planning for the continuation of Victim Witness Program.
1994-476 11/1/1994 (BOARD) Rescheduling the Board meeting for December 6, 1994, to commence at 1:00 p.m.
1994-477 11/1/1994 (H&CD) Request from the Mariposa Youth Sports Assoc. for authority to expend previously budgeted capital Improvement Program Funds for non-profit organizations.
1994-478 11/1/1994 (PLANNING/BUILDING) Amending Planning Department Fee to clarify that recording fees are set according to State Government Code
1994-479 11/1/1994 (PLANNING/BUILDING) Revise class specifications within the Planning Department.
1994-480 11/15/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Sell County owned personal property and lease County-owned real property known as Darrah Schoolhouse property and establish a hearing date of December 6, 1994 for said sell and lease.
1994-481 11/15/1994 (SHERIFF) Provide proof of insurance to the Mariposa Fairgrounds for the use of building A for the Mariposa Stars program (TOYS FOR TOTS) for three days.
1994-482 11/15/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Approving revised class specific- ion for the extra-help position of Head Start Center Teacher's Aide I/II at $7.50 an hour for the level I and $8.00 per hour for level II.
1994-483 11/15/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Award bid number PW-B 94-01 for three 1995, 4x4, full-size, 5-passenger, general purpose vehicles to Geweke Ford in the amount of $70,238.82
1994-484 11/15/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) To approve an amendment to the contract with PERS which will provide two years additional service for certain employees.
1994-485 11/15/1994 (SHERIFF) Sheriff to hire replacement for Jaime Bertram
1994-486 11/15/1994 (SHERIFF) Expend monies from the asset forfeiture fund to purchase a replacement four wheel drive undercover vehicle for narcotics enforcement
1994-487 11/15/1994 (SHERIFF'S) Sheriff to apply for federal funding for additional law enforcement persons under provision contained in the new violent crime control and law enforcement act.
1994-488 11/15/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) County counsel, as acting personnel director to allow a temporary employee to work past the expiration of his emergency hire contract.
1994-489 11/15/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Chairman to sign the attached contract with Einarson Geoscience, Inc. (EGI) to provide special geologic and hydrogeologic services on an as-needed basis
1994-490 11/15/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Presentation the draft pre-design report for the Don Pedro sewer system rehabilitation by Nolte and Associates.
1994-491 11/15/1994 (BD. OF SUPERVISORS) Opposition to regulations regarding rights-of way across Department of the interior lands and request for an additional extension of the comment period.
1994-492 11/22/1994 (BD. OF SUPERVISORS) Recognizing Don Pitts for his outstanding service as a United States magistrate in Yosemite National Park
1994-493 -
1994-494 11/22/1994 (BOS) Recognizing Don Pitts for his outstanding service as United States Magistrate in Yosemite National Park
1994-495 11/22/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Authorize the construction of a waste oil recycling facility at the Don Pedro solid waste transfer station
1994-496 11/22/1994 (LIBRARY) Authorization for the Mariposa Library to Federal Library grant and contract with METR to provide Literacy services.
1994-497 11/22/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES DEPARTMENT) Authorizing "All Tribes" Counseling Center volunteers to paint over the graffiti underneath the 6th street bridge
1994-498 11/22/1994 (HC&D) Resolution authorizing the Housing and Community Development Agency to submit an Application in the amount of $354,892 to continue the Head Start Program from March 1, 1995 through February 29, 1996.
1994-499 11/22/1994 (HC&D) Authorizing the Kiwanis Club of Mariposa to use the County Courthouse Grounds on November 26,1994 and December 17,1994 as part of the Christmas Heritage Program.
1994-500 11/22/1994 (HC&D) Reimbursing the Mariposa County Unified School District for site work at the Head Start Classroom in Mariposa and Greenly Hill.
1994-501 11/22/1994 (HC&D) Discussion and Possible Action regarding a US Forest Service Special Use Permit Application in Cooperation with the American Indian Council of Mariposa County and including the Approved Project in the US Forest Service Action Plan for the Bower Cave/Jordan Creek Special Interest Area.
1994-502 11/22/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Resolution authorizing cancellation of the Agreement for Providing Maintenance and Repair Services for the Lake Don Pedro Sewer Zone 1; and authorization for the Public Works Director to negotiate and execute a new limited first responder emergency response agreement with the Lake Don Pedro Community Services District (CSD), subject to County Counsel review.
1994-503 11/22/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approve the proposed reorganization of the Facilities Maintenance Division and the transfer of the necessary funding between budgets.
1994-504 11/22/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Authorize agreement for subsidy of Transit Services with VIA Adventures (140 Express Bus Service), at a total cost of $170,000 for 1994-95, $160,000 for 1995-96 and $150,000 for 1996-97, for the period of July 1, 1994 to July 1, 1997.
1994-505 11/22/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Authorizing Salary Adjustment for Planning Director
1994-506 11/22/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Authorizing Supervisors elect to attend CSAC Training and CSAC Annual meeting
1994-507 12/6/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Authorize the purchase of three new 1995 Chevrolet Caprice Police Sedans through "tag- on" to the Los Angeles County Police Department
1994-508 12/6/1994 (PLANNING) Adopt a resolution approving the road name “Cathey’s Valley Drive” for the subject easement.
1994-509 12/6/1994 (PLANNING) Adopt a resolution approving the road name “Hornitos Road.”
1994-510 12/6/1994 (PLANNING) Adopt a resolution approving the road name “Valley Lane.”
1994-511 12/6/1994 (BOARD) Resolution recognizing Robert C. Stewart upon his retirement from the California Highway Patrol
1994-512 12/6/1994 (HS) CMSP Contract for fiscal year 1994-95.
1994-513 12/6/1994 (HS) Authorization for County Counsel to begin negotiations for a lease agreement for space for the “GAIN” Classroom.
1994-514 12/6/1994 (COUNTY CLERK) Pursuant to Elections Code Sections 17111, 6611 and 6612 the Board of Supervisors shall declare elected those persons having the highest number of votes for offices
1994-515 12/6/1994 (COUNTY CLERK) When the number of candidates, who have filed a declaration of Candidacy, does not exceed the number of offices to be filled, the Supervisors Authority shall appoint such persons.
1994-516 12/6/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adopt conditionally approving the Saint Andrew Road Maintenance Zone of Benefit.
1994-517 12/6/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) " "
1994-518 12/13/1994 (SHERIFF) Approve resolution authorizing the sheriff to participate in the state boating safety grant program for fiscal year 1995-96
1994-519 12/13/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Resolution ratifying an amendment to the Mariposa County Sheriff's Management Association M.O.U. in accordance with Article 20, Duration, implementing the meet and confer settlement agreement
1994-520 12/13/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Authorize the Public Works Director to execute the Fund Transfer Agreements for the Clean Air Act (Proposition 116) Bicycle Funds for Bus and Bus Stop Bike Racks
1994-521 12/13/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Public Works recommends that the Board adopt the specifications for transporting cover material from the adult detention facility.
1994-522 12/13/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) " "
1994-523 12/13/1994 (BOARD OF SUPERVISORS) Request special use permit from BLM for the Helispot location adjacant to Highway J-20
1994-524 12/13/1994 (FIRE DEPARTMENT) Recommend transfer of title of the old Coulterville engine (E117612) to the Coulterville Volunteer Brigade
1994-525 12/13/1994 (AUDITOR) Due to the one percent cut in overall budgets, the Auditor's Office cut $3,000 out of its Services and Supplies category, leaving us with a budget printing costs for payroll and vendor payments
1994-526 12/13/1994 (PROBATION) Resolution appropriating $8,500, from the reserve for contingencies to pay IV-A consortium fee to Los Angeles County.
1994-527 12/13/1994 (LIBRARY) Authorization to Proceed with Filling Part Time Library Assistant position at the Mariposa Library
1994-528 12/13/1994 (LIBRARY) Authorization to close the Mariposa Library and Red Cloud Branch Library on Saturday Dec. 24.
1994-529 12/13/1994 (SHERIFF) Request a resolution authorizing the Sheriff to apply for Federal Funding for additional Law Enforcement person under provisions
1994-530 12/13/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Adopt this resolution approving new class specifications for Assessment Recording Clerk I/II and Assessment-Recording Clerk III
1994-531 12/13/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adopt plans and specifications for the transporting cover material from the Adult Detention facility to the County Landfill
1994-532 12/13/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) The Board award the contract in the contract in the amount of $11,000, to James A. Wyse to perform the State/Federal-mandated Preliminary Closure and Post Closure Maintenance Plans
1994-533 12/13/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Recommends that the Board extend the contract with Custom Weed and Control Enterprises for annual roadside herbicide spraying for 94-95 fiscal year.
1994-534 12/13/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Award the contract for re-roofing the Probation Department, PW 94-10, to C.M Shaw construction Inc. of Fresno.
1994-535 12/13/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES) Negotiate Sole Source Contract for GAIN Employment Management System (GEMS) upgrade with Synergy Consulting Inc.
1994-536 12/13/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES DEPT.) Approve changes in the Kingsview PC 1000 Alcohol and Drug Diversion Program to bring it in conformity with requirements
1994-537 12/13/1994 (HUMAN SERVICES) Approve resolution authorizing County Participation in Medi-Cal acute psychiatric inpatient hospital consideration
1994-538 12/13/1994 (HC&D) Discussion and Possible action regarding the Parks and Recreation Commission recommendation on a policy for naming Parks and Recreational Facilities.
1994-539 12/20/1994 (PLANING) Adoption of a notice of Exemption with with finding set forth in Planning Commission Resolution No. 94-15
1994-540 12/20/1994 (BOARD) Resolution honoring Stanley N. "Nick" Nixon on his retirement from the United States Forest Service
1994-541 12/13/1994 (BOARD) Resolution recognizing Patti Reilly for her Outstanding Service on the Mariposa County Planning Commission
1994-542 12/20/1994 (BOARD) Resolution and County Title plaque recognizing Jackie L. "Jack" Leard upon his retirement from the Mariposa County Public Works Department.
1994-543 12/20/1994 (BOARD) Resolution and County Tile Plaque recognizing James "Lowell" Munn upon his retirement from the Mariposa County Public Works Dept.
1994-544 12/20/1994 (BOARD) Resolution and County Tile plaque recognizing Eric J. Erickson for his outstanding service to Mariposa County as District III Supervisor
1994-545 12/20/1994 (BOARD) Resolution and County tile plaque recognizing Arthur G. Baggett, Jr., for his outstanding service to Mariposa County as District I Supervisors.
1994-546 12/20/1994 (BOARD) Recognizing Rick Nichol for his outstanding service on the Mariposa County Planning Commission.
1994-547 12/20/1994 (PLANNING) Resolution denying the Las Mariposas Planned Community specific plan and development agreement development agreement application No.94-1
1994-548 12/20/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Board approve authorizing a grant application and the Public Works to sign said application
1994-549 12/20/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Board award the Patch, A.B. Class II and 3/4" Clean Crush Rock bids for the 1995 Rd. Division
1994-550 12/20/1994 (HCD) Sign a Standard Agreement with the State Dept. of Economic Opportunity for 1995 Energy Crisis Intervention Program
1994-551 12/20/1994 (LIBRARY/LITERACY) Pass and adopt this resolution authorizing the Chairman to execute contract with Metr to provide Literacy Services.
1994-552 12/20/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Ratifying an amendment to the amendment to the Mariposa County Managerial Confidential Organization M.O.U.
1994-553 12/20/1994 (PLANNING) Adopt resolution authorizing the Chairman to sign Land Conservation (Williamson) Act Contract No. 94-10 based on the recommended findings
1994-554 12/20/1994 (PLANNING/BUILDING) Personal Services agreement between the County Building Dept. and the County Res. Conservation District for an initial term extending
1994-555 12/20/1994 (HCD) Possible action on a request from, Mariposa Apartments II for a fee waiver and Other Cash Incentives for the development of affordable housing
1994-556 12/20/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Request from VIA Charter Lines to Use "Yosemite Connection" for advertising "Highway 140 Express" Service
1994-557 12/20/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Report and recommendation- 1994 Reclassification Requests.
1994-558 12/20/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Discussion and direction regarding the implementation of Proposition 191 in Mariposa County
1994-559 12/20/1994 (PUBLIC WORKS) Recommends adoption of specifications for installing and above ground keylock fuel system in Coulterville Rd. yard
1994-560 12/20/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Extend Administrative Assistant (D.A.) and Building/Ground Maintenance Supervisor (PW) from Dec 31, 1994 to March 8, 1995.
1994-561 12/20/1994 (ERIC ERICKSON) Resolution appointing Leota Striplin to the Parks and Recreation Commission as the representing from Supervisorial District III.
1994-562 12/20/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Approving revised class specification for the position of Victim/Witness Coordinator-Advocate
1994-563 12/20/1994 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Discussion and recommendation to accept the offer of real property from Mary Lou Bailey for the sum of $1,100.
1994-564 12/20/1994 (ADMINISTRATION) Request Board's authority to transfer $3,200 from services and Supplies to Fixed Assets to allow the purchase of an upgraded computer for the Administrative officer.
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