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1993 Resolutions Index

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1993-001 1/5/1993 Intention to Form the Italian Acres Maintenance Zone of Benefits
1993-002 1/5/1993 Challenge Grant Application/Assurances FY 92/93
1993-003 1/5/1993 PW 92-01 Bid for Road Division
1993-004 1/5/1993 Probation Transfer of funds
1993-005 1/5/1993 Rejecting Claim No. C92-21, $50,000.00
1993-006 1/5/1993 Commending Charles Fall as President of the Chamber of Commerce for 1992
1993-007 1/5/1993 Approve Application for Title VI Grant Funds
1993-008 1/5/1993 Data Processing to Donate Computer Equipment to Mariposa County High School
1993-009 1/5/1993 District Attorneys Office to use SB 1530 Funds for Temporary Positions
1993-010 1/5/1993 Family Support to Expend AB 1033 Funds for Hiring of Extra-help
1993-011 1/5/1993 Approve 1992-93 Alcohol & Drug Programs Service Plan
1993-012 1/5/1993 Approve Fax Machine for Human Services Dept.
1993-013 1/5/1993 Board Designates the Existing Extra-help Class Spec of the Victim Witness Coor./Advocate to a Permanent Part-time Class Spec.
1993-014 1/5/1993 Transferring (6) Month Public Health Nurse’s Salary to Clinic Extra-help
1993-015 1/5/1993 Summary Abandonment of a Portion of Elm Way in Fish Camp
1993-016 1/5/1993 Public Works to Sign Contract Change Order #5 with Total Waste Systems (Contractor)
1993-017 1/5/1993 Adopt Negative Declaration for Don Pedro Transfer Station
1993-018 1/5/1993 Negative Declaration for Fish Camp Transfer Station
1993-019 1/5/1993 Transfer $422.00 from Lind House Savings to McCay Hall
1993-020 1/5/1993 Transfer of Monies to Law Library Books
1993-021 1/5/1993 Re-execution of Mineral Exhibit Lease Agreement Between
1993-022 1/5/1993 Appropriation of $50,000 from Trial Court Funding for Court Appointed Counsel Services.
1993-023 1/12/1993 Transfer of Funds from Road Department $2,278.73 Rents/ Leases Equipment to Road Dept. Fixed Assets.
1993-024 1/12/1993 Public Works Bid for Pacesetter Chev-Olds-Toyota
1993-025 1/12/1993 Recognizing the Fresno Bulldogs Football Team
1993-026 1/12/1993 Application for Mckinley Homeless Path Funds
1993-027 1/12/1993 Grant Contract with California Arts Council Re: Behalf of Mariposa County Arts Council.
1993-028 1/12/1993 Grant Agreement with Infant/Child enrichment
1993-029 1/12/1993 Transferring Funds from Administration Salaries Savings to Professional Services/Contract
1993-030 1/12/1993 Human Services to Award Bid to EdTech Computer
1993-031 1/12/1993 Acquisition for Property for Fire Station
1993-032 1/12/1993 Reclassifying the Position of Assistant County Clerk
1993-033 1/12/1993 Lake Don Pedro Sewer Plant
1993-034 1/12/1993 Utilizing Prop 99 Funds
1993-035 1/12/1993 Designated Health Department as Lead Enforcement Agency (LEA)
1993-036 1/12/1993 Fax Machine and Budget Actions
1993-037 1/12/1993 Public Works to Hire General Certified Real Estate Appraiser
1993-038 1/12/1993 Award Contract to W4estern Stone Products, Inc;
1993-039 1/12/1993 Award Bid to L.P. Gas Heating Fuel
1993-040 1/12/1993 Road Division for Snow Removal Equipment, Etc.
1993-041 1/12/1993 Fax Machine and Budget Actions
1993-042 1/19/1993 Consolidate two Grant-Funded Extra-help Deputy Attorneys Into One Full Time Position.
1993-043 1/19/1993 Dissolving the Lake Don Pedro Townhouse Project
1993-044 1/19/1993 Annexing the Lake Don Pedro Townhouse Project
1993-045 1/19/1993 Waive Formal Bidding for Three 4x4 Blazers
1993-046 1/19/1993 Waive Forman Bidding For Two Police Sedans
1993-047 1/19/1993 PSA with Fred Youngren to Crush Oil Filters
1993-048 1/19/1993 Staff Responsibilities for Adult Detention Facility
1993-049 1/19/1993 “Plan of Services” Coulterville Service Area Re-organization Study
1993-050 1/19/1993 Consider road Request “Mari Way”
1993-051 1/19/1993 Approving Mariposa County Recreation Program
1993-052 1/19/1993 Approving Revised Recreational Facilities Use Policy for Parks and Community Buildings
1993-053 1/19/1993 Reclassifying Position of Social Worker II to Social
1993-054 1/19/1993 Sheriff to Participate in Boating Safety Grant
1993-055 1/19/1993 Amend Contract Between Board of Administration of Pers and the Board of Supervisors to change the 2% at 55 Plan for Miscellaneous Members
1993-056 1/19/1993 Agreement Mother Lode Job Training Provides Services Mandated and Funded by the GAIN Program
1993-057 1/19/1993 Ratifying the MOU with the Deputy Sheriff Association
1993-058 1/19/1993 County Recorder Software from San Joaquin County
1993-059 1/19/1993 Establishing Solid Waste Committee and Description of Its Function
1993-060 1/26/1993 Changing Name “Mariposa County Mental Health Advisory Board” to “Mariposa County Mental Health Board”
1993-061 1/26/1993 Personal Services Agreement with Dave Goerlitz
1993-062 1/26/1993 Transfer of Sick Leave Public Works Road Division
1993-063 1/26/1993 County Share of In Home Supportive Services
1993-064 1/26/1993 Time Extension for Completion of Draft Airport Master Plan, Land Use Plan by Aries Consultants
1993-065 1/26/1993 Public Works Organization Changes
1993-066 1/26/1993 Scenic Highway 49 South Abandonment
1993-067 1/26/1993 Urban Streams Restoration Grant
1993-068 1/26/1993 Appeal Hearing – Fairbank
1993-069 1/26/1993 Letter to Regional Forester to Voice Concern of California Spotted Owl
1993-070 2/2/1993 Re-solicits County-Owned Parcel Located in the Lake Don Pedro 1M Area
1993-071 2/2/1993 Approving Claim No. C92-22 in $404.17
1993-072 2/2/1993 Reject Claim No. C92-23 for $202.09
1993-073 2/2/1993 Agreement with State Department of Economic Opportunity for $150,766
1993-074 2/2/1993 Agreement with Mariposa Children’s Center
1993-075 2/2/1993 Merced County to Provide Euthanasia of Animals
1993-076 2/2/1993 Final Map for Monte Vista Estates, Units II & III
1993-077 2/2/1993 Fees for Dog Licenses at Public “At Cost” for Vaccination Clinic
1993-078 2/2/1993 Tax Collector to Recover Delinquent Unsecured Property Taxes, Penalties, and Cost
1993-079 2/2/1993 Sheriff to impose a “Criminal Justice Administrative Fee” to cover County Booking Costs
1993-080 2/2/1993 Adopt new class specifications and salary ranges for Deputy Probation Officer
1993-081 2/2/1993 Chamber of Commerce to submit a Rural Revitalization Program Action Plan to US Forestry
1993-082 2/2/1993 Adopting Personnel Administration procedures for Mariposa County Housing and Community Development Agency Head Start Program
1993-083 2/2/1993 Description of Proposed Expenditure of Rural Health Services Funds for Mariposa County
1993-084 2/2/1993 Extension of Extra-help Contract with Rebecca Gayle Fisher, Agricultural Field Assistant
1993-085 2/2/1993 Permitting Department Heads and Elected Officials to expend monies for Departmental Open House, etc. (Amended with Resolution 03-321, increasing amount to $500)
1993-086 2/9/1993 Resignation of Larry Pollard, Public Works Director
1993-087 2/9/1993 Amendment No. 3 to Agreement with the State Department of Economic Opportunity
1993-088 2/9/1993 Commending Yosemite Park & Curry for their Environmental Programs and their receipt of their third “Take Pride in California Award”
1993-089 2/9/1993 Agreement with Catheys Valley Preschool
1993-090 2/9/1993 Canceling General Reserves Per Gov. Code 29127-b for the immediate preservation of Order or of Public Health
1993-091 2/9/1993 Mariposa Parking Lot Lease with Garber
1993-092 2/9/1993 Grant Agreement with Almost Like Home
1993-093 2/16/1993 Recognizing Della Hern for her service on the Board of Directors for 35A District AG Assoc.
1993-094 2/16/1993 Recognizing Betty Gordo for her service on the Board of Directors for 35A Ag Assoc.
1993-095 2/16/1993 Land Conservation (Williamson) Act Contracts No. 92-1, 92-2, & 92-3
1993-096 2/16/1993 Electing to become subject to the provisions of the Trial Court Program
1993-097 2/16/1993 Approving Claim No. C93-1 for $227.00 for impound fees to James or Kelly Capehart
1993-098 2/16/1993 Personal agreement with Jane Siebeneicher
1993-099 2/16/1993 Italian Acres maintenance Zone of Benefits
1993-100 2/16/1993 Jordan View Lane maintenance Zone of Benefits for Don Ferrari et al
1993-101 2/16/1993 Assessment fees for Jordan View Land maintenance
1993-102 2/16/1993 Sale of Quonset hut building at Mariposa Landfill
1993-103 2/16/1993 Merco Credit Union as an official financial institution
1993-104 2/16/1993 Sheriff to purchase two replacement vehicles
1993-105 2/16/1993 Fire Chief to enter bid for 1973 International Van Pelt Pumper
1993-106 2/16/1993 Request for a partial wavier of application fees for General Plan/Zoning Amendment App. No. 93-1
1993-107 2/16/1993 Consider additional information regarding personal use airstrips
1993-108 2/16/1993 Planning to waive bid requirement for purchase IBM Laser Printer and Monitor
1993-109 2/16/1993 Letter for support for AB 267 (Statham)
1993-110 2/16/1993 Supporting AB 193 (Goldsmith)
1993-111 2/23/1993 Amendment to agreement with Delta Dental
1993-112 2/23/1993 PSA’s with Bill Bondshu and Larry Cowger
1993-113 2/23/1993 Letter to Caltrans requesting Caltrans to install uniform “Service and Recreational Symbols” signs along highway 140 in the Midpines area
1993-114 2/23/1993 Commending Mariposa County contractors association for their work on the Teen Center
1993-115 2/23/1993 Commending Tim DeWitt for Teen Center
1993-116 2/23/1993 Commending Jim Bardini for Teen Center
1993-117 2/23/1993 Commending Teen Task Force for Teen Center
1993-118 2/23/1993 Commending CYA for Teen Center
1993-119 2/23/1993 3-year Mental Health Service contract with Kingsview Corporation
1993-120 2/23/1993 Central San Joaquin Valley HIV Care Consortium to use $5000 of funds allocated for Mariposa County’s use for care of people with AIDS or HIV
1993-121 2/23/1993 Approving Claim No. C93-2 for $906.01 payable to Ernestyne Lucero
1993-122 2/23/1993 CSAC liability risk coverage
1993-123 2/23/1993 CSAC liability risk coverage
1993-124 2/23/1993 Accepting a computer system for the Wawona Branch Library and award a certificate of appreciation to the Freud Family Foundation
1993-125 2/23/1993 Plans for Mariposa roadside rest area, PW-91-07
1993-126 2/23/1993 Supporting SB 84 (Bergeson)
1993-127 2/23/1993 Two Lists of Board Committees and Commissions
1993-128 2/23/1993 Payment of legal costs – Supervisor Baggett
1993-129 3/9/1993 Approving road name “Wildrose Lane”
1993-130 3/9/1993 Extending Extra-help agreement with Stephen Hayes Housing Eligibility Specialist II, and Karen Briese, Assistant Contract Administrator
1993-131 3/9/1993 Chairman to sign RHS hospital contract
1993-132 3/9/1993 Extension of part-time 4-H Youth Assistant
1993-133 3/9/1993 Rental increase of $13.00 at Italian Acres
1993-134 3/9/1993 Land Conservation Act Contract No. 92-7 (Robert M. Manly & June H. Manly)
1993-135 3/9/1993 Public Works to purchase two 1993, 4x4 Jimmys from the State of California
1993-136 3/9/1993 Lease agreement for Mariposa Seniors Activities and the County and Mariposa Golden Agers, Inc.
1993-137 3/9/1993 Out of class payment to Catherine Adams, acting Librarian for the County Library and Branches
1993-138 3/9/1993 Public hearing approving public vehicle and equipment weight certification fee at landfill
1993-139 3/9/1993 County Counsel to settle claims against the County up to a maximum of $2,500
1993-140 3/9/1993 District Attorney’s Family Support Division to hire extra-help Office Assistant
1993-141 3/9/1993 Road improvement and circulation policy
1993-142 3/9/1993 Health Officer to sign contract for Maternal-Child Health Grant
1993-143 3/9/1993 Department head vacation and sick leave accural
1993-144 3/9/1993 EMS hospital contract reimbursement to be signed
1993-145 3/9/1993 Finalize negotiations with Delos Corporation
1993-146 3/9/1993 Award bids to Central Valley Truck Center
1993-147 3/9/1993 Professional services to identify hazardous materials
1993-148 3/9/1993 Operation and maintenance of Lake Don Pedro Sewer System
1993-149 3/9/1993 Nolte and Associates to maintain Lake Don Pedro Sewer Zone Facility Needs
1993-150 3/9/1993 Budget Actions for Lake Don Pedro Sewer System
1993-151 3/16/1993 Agreement with Fair Association for Exhibit space
1993-152 3/16/1993 Award bids to Liberty Chevrolet for $25,918.19
1993-153 3/16/1993 Chairman to sign “Declaration of Intent” form to contract with the Department of Health Services for County Medical Services Program
1993-154 3/16/1993 Approving class specification for Medical Transportation Driver
1993-155 3/16/1993 Contract with Kingsview for Alcohol, Drug and Perinatal Services
1993-156 3/16/1993 Award Bid to Liberty Chevrolet for 1 ton truck
1993-157 3/16/1993 Supporting John C. Fremont in their application for Medi-Cal provider incentive grant
1993-158 3/16/1993 Costs of study of the CMSP to develop options
1993-159 3/16/1993 Mental Health Services contracts for American Indian Community and Child Abuse Prevention Programs
1993-160 3/16/1993 Purchase as site for the new detention facility from William and Catherine Freeman
1993-161 3/16/1993 Waive bids for roadside herbicide spraying on county maintained paved roads
1993-162 3/16/1993 Fire Dept. appropriation of $1,565 for sand bags
1993-163 3/16/1993 CDF protection services contract with Amador
1993-164 3/16/1993 Amendment with CDF contract #4CA17104
1993-165 3/16/1993 Adopting midyear report and authorizing transfers
1993-166 3/16/1993 Justice Court to contract with Cardoni & Assoc. for automated receipt and accounting system
1993-167 3/16/1993 Continuation of road easements by the US Forest Service across Forest service land for Caldwell, Johnson and Lovelace on Dogtown Road
1993-168 3/23/1993 Proclaiming Public Health Week
1993-169 3/23/1993 Justice Court extending extra-help hours
1993-170 3/23/1993 MOU with DMV and HSD
1993-171 3/23/1993 Alcohol & Drug Advisory to9 rent fair booth
1993-172 3/23/1993 Performance contract between State Dept. of Mental Health and County of Mariposa
1993-173 3/23/1993 CSD contracting with Green Thumb, Inc.
1993-174 3/23/1993 Requesting President Clinton & Congress to honor their partnership & promise to the State of CA
1993-175 3/23/1993 Supporting legislation to require the Federal & State Governments to completely finance any local mandates
1993-176 3/23/1993 Same as 93-175
1993-177 3/23/1993 Contract for Mariposa roadside rest project
1993-178 3/23/1993 Approving final map of River Haven Estates
1993-179 3/23/1993 Approve funding to complete agreement with Merced Transportation Company/VIA Adventures, Inc. for HWY 140 Express Service for $44,500
1993-180 3/23/1993 County Clerk to purchase plain paper microfiche reader printer
1993-181 3/23/1993 Setting salary for Librarian at $32,000/annually
1993-182 3/23/1993 Amendment #2 DEO Regarding Department of Energy Weatherization Program
1993-183 3/23/1993 Requiring all members of the Coulterville Planning Advisory Committee to own property or reside in the Town Planning Area
1993-184 3/23/1993 Professional se4rvices with Rural Community Assistance Corp.
1993-185 4/6/1993 Approving road name “Leaning Pine Way”
1993-186 4/6/1993 Approving new class spec for Accounting Tech III
1993-187 4/6/1993 Setting annual salary for County Admin Officer
1993-188 4/6/1993 Lease agreement with Almost Like Home
1993-189 4/6/1993 Grant Agreement with Mariposa Preschool Co-op
1993-190 4/6/1993 Increase Extra-help hours for Kathleen Lazares
1993-191 4/6/1993 Probation to fund two full-time Sr. Office Assist.
1993-192 4/6/1993 L.P. gas heating bid to Suburban Propane
1993-193 4/6/1993 Bob Bondshu asks Board to support the advisory Council Yosemite Deer Herd Committee on their opposition of the Special archery season being proposed for November 1993
1993-194 4/6/1993 Approving new class specification for Social Services/Parent Involvement Coor. & Health/Nutrition Coordinator
1993-195 4/6/1993 Chamber of Commerce to represent its interest by entering both state and LA County Fairs
1993-196 4/6/1993 Grant agreement with State Department of Housing & Community Development regarding emergency shelter Program
1993-197 4/6/1993 Adopting midyear report (Cont. from 3/23/93)
1993-198 4/6/1993 Direction to staff re: the Provision of Emergency ambulance service in the County
1993-199 4/6/1993 Rescinds Res. No. 92-508 and determining that a personal use airport/airstrip is not an accessory to a residence and is not permitted
1993-200 4/6/1993 Resource Conservation application for erosion control activities
1993-201 4/6/1993 Initiates the public review and hearing process for Text Amendments to County Zoning Ordinance as recommended In the Planning Comm. Res. No. 93-2
1993-202 4/6/1993 HVAC – Building/Planning Department Project
1993-203 4/6/1993 Extension of existing agreement with Merced Transportation Company/VIA Adventures, Inc.
1993-204 4/6/1993 Purchase of brush chipper for Solid Waste Ent.
1993-205 4/6/1993 Authorizes expenditure and transfer of funds from Public Works Admin. Budget to pay outstanding invoice on Hunter’s Valley Fire Station Road Maint.
1993-206 4/6/1993 Approval of Summer 1993 road expenditures and transfer budgeted general fund contribution to road fund with a portion used to purchase assets and land that the Fleet Maintenance is on.
1993-207 4/13/1993 Designates May 12, 1993, as “CA Probaton, Parole and Correctional Assoc. (CPPCA) Day”
1993-208 4/13/1993 Verification of county-maintained road mileage
1993-209 4/13/1993 Supports a Sierra Economic Summit
1993-210 4/13/1993 County Clerk to waive bids for reader printer
1993-211 4/13/1993 Extra-help contracts with Rosalie Muller and Patricia Kilgore
1993-212 4/13/1993 Approve payment of bills due Mariposa County Road Dept out of County Engineer Surveyor
1993-213 4/13/1993 Acquisition of Right-Of-Way along Fairgrounds Dr.
1993-214 4/13/1993 Declare items to be surplus for auction
1993-215 4/13/1993 Approves County road claims for 1992-93 Transportation Development Act Funds
1993-216 4/13/1993 Mariposa County Pioneer Wagon Train Event
1993-217 4/13/1993 Appropriates funds from advertising contingency to advertising line for painting of Coulterville parking lot and signing ($600)
1993-218 4/13/1993 Authorizes Mariposa Carriage Transit System to continue utilizing the funding balance ($3,200)
1993-219 4/13/1993 Amends Res. No. 92-525 – Appeals Procedures
1993-220 4/13/1993 Board meeting to be held in Coulterville @ 2:00p.m.
1993-221 4/20/1993 Commending Yosemite Park & Curry for their environmental programs and their receipt of their third take pride in California Award
1993-222 4/20/1993 Re-issuance of payroll check to Wyrinda J. Harper
1993-223 4/20/1993 Appropriations to be computed by the change in California per capita personal income factor
1993-224 4/20/1993 Trial Court funding to cover unexpected shortage of funds in office expenses
1993-225 4/20/1993 Letter of intent to apply for Ryan White Aids Fund
1993-226 4/20/1993 Sheriff to purchase replacement rescue boat
1993-227 4/20/1993 Law Enforcement agreement with BLM
1993-228 4/20/1993 Law Enforcement agreement with MID
1993-229 4/20/1993 Water Agency recognition of the Exchequer Dam
1993-230 4/20/1993 Entities to remote dial in access to the new AS400 Computer system
1993-231 4/20/1993 Issuance of encroachment permit to Kay Hewitt and Robert Barber
1993-232 4/20/1993 Request to transfer sick leave from one employee to another
1993-233 4/20/1993 Participation in the issuance of Tax & Revenue anticipation notes
1993-234 4/20/1993 Letter to State to grant extension of time for Grant monies for Mining & Mineral Museum
1993-235 4/20/1993 Adopts class Spec. for Public Health Nurse I, Public Health Nurse II, & Registered Nurse
1993-236 4/20/1993 Contract the State Department of Health Services for identification of third party liability in AFDC and Medi-Cal programs
1993-237 4/20/1993 Rejects Claim No. C93-3
1993-238 4/27/1993 Recognizing Gary Pelcher for his outstanding service as a volunteer wrestling coach in Mariposa County
1993-239 4/27/1993 Extend Extra-help contract for Lonna Woods
1993-240 4/27/1993 Subcontract with Calaveras-Mariposa Community Action Agency
1993-241 4/27/1993 Denies appeal (Upperman) & upholds determination of the Planning/Building Director regarding the definition of a Duplex
1993-242 4/27/1993 Personal service agreement with Gary Hampy
1993-243 4/27/1993 Request for assistance to maximize availability of Trans- Sierra Highways
1993-244 4/27/1993 Introduce ordinance to protect funds earmarked for Local Government Expenditures
1993-245 4/27/1993 Appropriating funds to the Constable’s Office
1993-246 4/27/1993 Recognizes Vynomma Brown for her eight years of County service
1993-247 4/27/1993 Designating National Hospital Week May 5-15, 1993
1993-248 4/27/1993 Health to receive funds from rural health services fund
1993-249 5/4/1993 Sign rental agreement with the 35-A District Ag
1993-250 5/4/1993 Intention to annex property with LDA (O’Neil APP) into existing Apple Seed Lane, Zone of Benefit
1993-251 5/4/1993 Interim Director of Public Works to sign right of way certification and other project related documents on all projects assigned to the Mariposa County Public Works Dept.
1993-252 5/4/1993 Chairman to sign amendment to sign standard agreement with the State of California regarding Community Development Block Grant 91-STBG-550
1993-253 5/4/1993 Commends Larry Stockwell as 1993 “Businessman of the Year”
1993-254 5/4/1993 Commends Mary Menning as 1993 “Businesswoman of the Year”
1993-255 5/4/1993 Chairman to sign CMSP contract for FY 1992093
1993-256 5/4/1993 Fleet Maint. To purchase antifreeze containment recycle unit from Prine Mac Tools ($1,817.89)
1993-257 5/4/1993 Adopts plans and spec. for Mariposa Ball field lighting project, No. PW-92-11
1993-258 5/4/1993 Approves purchase of various gas disinfection & safety equipment for the Lake Don Pedro Sewer Zone 1
1993-259 5/11/1993 Recognizes volunteers of the Northern Mariposa Co. History Center on their outstanding services
1993-260 5/11/1993 May 16-22, 1993, “Week of the Young child”
1993-261 5/11/1993 Declares list of additional items from County Departments
1993-262 5/11/1993 Agreement with California Department of Alcohol & Drug Program
1993-263 5/11/1993 Standard agreement for local Public Health services program
1993-264 5/11/1993 Special recognition to Irene Johnson
1993-265 5/11/1993 Scott Pinkerton as “Senior Man of the Year 1993”
1993-266 5/11/1993 Junior Austin as “Senior Man of the Year 1993”
1993-267 5/11/1993 Audrey B. “Becky” Wilson as “Senior Lady of the Year 93”
1993-268 5/11/1993 Jacqueline Austin as “Senior Lady of the Year 93”
1993-269 5/11/1993 Agreement with USDA/APHIS/ADC (Animal Damage Control) FY 1993/94
1993-270 5/11/1993 Contract with Howard Leach Auctions
1993-271 5/11/1993 Waives formal bid procedures and authorizes Public Works two used water trucks and a used vibratory roller
1993-272 5/11/1993 Agreement with the State of California, for Funds ($14,326) for Light Fixtures at Mariposa Baseball Field Facility
1993-273 5/11/1993 Authorizes Expenditure of CIP Funds Installation of a New Water Well for Golden Stag Hall
1993-274 5/11/1993 Authorizes Expenditure of CIP Funds for a Barbecue/ Patio at the Midpines Community Hall
1993-275 5/11/1993 Affirms Head Start Policy Council is not a BOS Committee & Authorizes Payment of Travel & Child Care Expenses of Members of the council
1993-276 5/11/1993 Contract with Western Stone Products, Inc., to Complete Phase I of the Mariposa Creek Parkway Project
1993-277 5/11/1993 Increases Contract Hours for Leanne Priest
1993-278 5/18/1993 Recognizes Stephen McSharry for His Outstanding Contributions to Mariposa County and In Particular to the Community of Coulterville
1993-279 5/18/1993 Establishing Appropriation Limits for FY 1992/93
1993-280 5/18/1993 Increases Contract Hours for Sue Paris, PHN
1993-281 5/18/1993 Recognizes Eugene Lawrence for his Fifty Years as a Professional Performing Artist
1993-282 5/18/1993 Amendment to Mother Lode Job Training 1992/93 Agreement & Appropriation to the Social Services for Basic Education for GAIN Participants
1993-283 5/18/1993 Approving Agreement with Ross and Castillo
1993-284 5/18/1993 Awards Contract to Natural Environments ($13,416) for Construction of HVAC – Building/Planning Department Project No. PW 92-28
1993-285 5/18/1993 Tuolumne County Air Pollution Control District to perform comprehensive review and evaluation of the Air Pollution Program in Mariposa County
1993-286 5/25/1993 Proclaims May 23-29, 1993, “Emergency Medical Services Week” and recognizes citizens who have contributed to Emergency Medical Services System
1993-287 5/25/1993 Adopt plans and specification for the Landfill Water Well, Public Works Project No. PW 92-31, approve advertising nd set bid opening for June 25, 1993
1993-288 5/25/1993 Agreement with CYA for reimbursement of cost to the County for holding CYA Awards
1993-289 5/25/1993 Personnel Services between the Sheriff’s and Carolyn Jones for Entry of Data
1993-290 5/25/1993 Cooperative Law Enforcement Agreement with the United States Forest Service
1993-291 5/25/1993 Awards Bid for two computers and printers for the Mother Child Health/Comprehensive Perinatal Care Program to Edtech Computer Services ($5,826)
1993-292 5/25/1993 Transfers funds within Social Service Division Budget to purchase two McIntosh Computers
1993-293 5/25/1993 Increases contract hours for Janet Chase
1993-294 5/25/1993 Interdepartmental agreement for bus services for GAIN Participants
1993-295 5/25/1993 Approves Transferring $2,280 from Office Expense to fixed assets to purchase five, six shelf, letter size file cabinets
1993-296 5/25/1993 Increases contract hours for Jim Anders and Norm Card
1993-297 5/25/1993 Approving contract for pesticide application reporting & the Drug-Free Workplace Certification form with CA Department of Pesticide Regulation
1993-298 5/25/1993 Chairman to sign Regulatory Enforcement Contract and the Drug-Free Workplace Certification Form with the Department Of pesticide Regulation (CDPR)
1993-299 5/25/1993 1993/94 Weights and Measures Agreement P-569022
1993-300 5/25/1993 Ag Commissioner/Sealer to sign the MOU for Pesticide Use Reporting between (CDPR) and Mariposa County For 1993/94, No. 939421
1993-301 5/25/1993 Letter of Thanks to the Organization Funding the “Shakespeare in the Schools” Program
1993-302 5/25/1993 Requess Congressman Lehman to urge EPA to accept & approve California’s Solid Waste Application in compliance with Subtitle D
1993-303 5/25/1993 Approves proposed $10.00 per day rate for on-call Juvenile Hall Staff
1993-304 5/25/1993 MOU with Merced County to contract with one of their staff Civil Engineers
1993-305 5/25/1993 Approves payment of costs to convert electrical services on private & public property affected by Mariposa Underground Utility District No. 1 Project
1993-306 5/25/1993 Approves funding for preparation of landscape, lighting & site improvement plans for courthouse
1993-307 5/25/1993 Health Officer to apply for the 1993 Enforcement Assistance Grant in the amount of $15,300
1993-308 5/25/1993 Interim contract for ambulance service with Riggs for balance of FY; Health Officer to negotiate interim contract with Riggs for nest FY
1993-309 5/25/1993 Transfers within budget and appropriation from general contingency to finish the 1992/93 budget
1993-310 5/25/1993 Appropriates reimbursement to the State Based on reconciliation of the Alcohol and Drug Programs for Fiscal Year ending June 30, 1992
1993-311 5/25/1993 Extension of agreement with Butterfly Carriage & Stage Lines from May 28, 1993, thru June 8, 1993
1993-312 6/1/1993 Recognizes Charles R. Fall for his outstanding service on the Planning commission & for other contributions on behalf of Mariposa County
1993-313 6/1/1993 Recognizes Thomas Nicholas Subias as Salutatorian of the 1993 Graduating Class of Mariposa County High School
1993-314 6/1/1993 Recognizes Amy Catherine Tomsick as Valedictorian of the 1993 Graduating Class of Mariposa County High School
1993-315 6/1/1993 Awards bid for a 1993 Brush chipper to Cal-Line 06—1-93 Equipment Co., ($19,303.42)
1993-316 6/1/1993 Adds the Alter Stone, Walter Farnsworth Cottage and the Cannon Ball Wagon to the Mariposa County Historical Resources Inventory
1993-317 6/1/1993 Chairman to sign Emergency Broadcast System Plan for the San Joaquin Valley Operational Area
1993-318 6/1/1993 Allows for submission of OCJP Continuation Funding through the Jail Removal Program
1993-319 6/1/1993 Executes agreement with Caltrans for ISTEA Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP) Apportionment Exchange Program and State Matching Funds
1993-320 6/1/1993 Reorganization of Fleet Maintenance Division
1993-321 6/1/1993 Chairman to sign application and contract for Life Insurance & authorizes Chairman to sign letters terminating coverage with Washington Life, Combined Insurance Co. of America and Unum
1993-322 6/1/1993 Addendum to the William Klump lease agreement extending the lease of Human Services Buildings
1993-323 6/1/1993 Supports ACA 26 (Aguiar) relieving local governments of unfunded mandates
1993-324 6/1/1993 Approves letter to Federal Communication Comm. protesting the change in transmission power levels
1993-325 6/8/1993 Change Library hours to accommodate a Summer schedule for the period June 10 – September 7, 1993
1993-326 6/8/1993 Approves opening of an escrow for purchase of Real Property from William and Cathleen Freeman for the New Adult Detention Facility Site
1993-327 6/8/1993 Transfer of Funds for additional pre-employment clinics to facilitate more volunteer firefighter examinations ($720)
1993-328 6/8/1993 Human Services Director to submit the renewal application and planning estimate for State FY 1993-94 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Block Grant Funds
1993-329 6/8/1993 Transfers $5,000 from Mariposa Pines Contingency to Maintenance Equipment & Professional Services
1993-330 6/8/1993 Agreement between Central San Joaquin Valley HIV Car Consortium and Health Dept. for FY 1992/93
1993-331 6/8/1993 Assignment of the present hangar space agreement at the Mariposa/Yosemite airport (Hangar #44) to Forrest Fuller From Anita Heldt
1993-332 6/8/1993 HSD Agreement with Digital Equipment Corporation for hardware maintenance & authorize payment of service in advance for one full year
1993-333 6/8/1993 Increases the amount of current agreements with Almost Like Home, Catheys Valley Preschool, and Mariposa Children’s Center for eligible expenses excluding staff training and Authorizes Chairman to sign amended agreements
1993-334 6/8/1993 Supports a Grant Application being submitted by the 35-A District Agricultural Association to renovate Building – B
1993-335 6/8/1993 Transfers funds from AFDC-FG to AFDC-U category
1993-336 6/8/1993 Approves reclassification of Extra-Help position of CHDP Coordinator/Tobacco Cessation Administrative Assistant To the new Extra-Help position of Child Health and Disability Prevention Program Coordinator/CHDP Clinic Coordinator, And adopts the proposed class specification
1993-337 6/8/1993 Authorizes payment of $1,500 to Mike Coffield, Administrative Officer for moving expenses
1993-338 6/8/1993 Approves the road name “Oliver Creek Road”
1993-339 6/8/1993 Signed the 1993/94 Detection Trapping Contract and the Drug-Free Workplace Certification form
1993-340 6/8/1993 Signed the 1993/94 Egg Quality Control Contract and the Drug-Free Workplace form with CDFA
1993-341 6/8/1993 Authorizes to sign service agreement with Don Casner for weatherization and housing rehabilitation services
1993-342 6/8/1993 Transfers funds from Services & Supplies to Salaries Employee Benefits in the Housing Authority Fund ($1500) And Community Services Fund ($3000)
1993-343 6/15/1993 Authorizes to sign a lease agreement with Mariposa Preschool Cooperative regarding use of the Woodland Community Hall
1993-344 6/15/1993 Places unanticipated State Boating Funds into this years budget ($8,903)
1993-345 6/15/1993 Transfers $7,000 in Salary Savings to indirect costs to purchase replacement equipment
1993-346 6/15/1993 Public Hearing for consummation of real property described as Parcel 3 as the site for the new Adult Detention Center from William and Cathleen Freeman
1993-347 6/15/1993 Rejects all bids received for the Mariposa Ballfield Lighting Project, PW 92-11
1993-348 6/15/1993 Amendment to personal agreement with J Kaplan and Associates for professional transit advice
1993-349 6/15/1993 Transfers $50,000 from Road Division Cont. to Road, Rents- Leases of equipment in Public Works Dept.
1993-350 6/22/1993 Resolution recognizing Carol Davis for her outstanding service to Mariposa County
1993-351 6/22/1993 Approved of $1,000 for Protect Our Children Project
1993-352 6/22/1993 Signed annual renewal of $100 per month for Coulterville System Monitoring with Elmer Keller
1993-353 6/22/1993 Transfer of funds from Jail Medical to Jail Support and Care
1993-354 6/22/1993 Authorized contract with CYA for housing of CYA wards in county jail for fiscal year 93/93 at $50.00 per day
1993-355 6/22/1993 Transfers funds ($2,900) from Board and Vaccine Fees to Special Departmental Animal Control
1993-356 6/22/1993 Approves Road name “Echo Hill Drive”
1993-357 6/22/1993 Approves new class specifications for Head Start Center Teacher and Head Start Home Teacher
1993-358 6/22/1993 Authorizes Mariposa County Ag. Comm/Sealer to sign MOU for 1993/94 with Structural Pest Control Board
1993-359 6/22/1993 Transfers funds in Advertising Budget ($2,000) for payment of assistance to maximize availability of Trans-Sierra Highways
1993-360 6/22/1993 Authorizes Subsidy of Transit Services with Via at $15,000 per month for 7/1/93 to 9/30/93
1993-361 6/22/1993 Approves to open bidding for the construction of Indian Peak Bridge
1993-362 6/22/1993 Same as 93-362
1993-363 6/22/1993 Authorizing expenditures as recommended for reimbursement of base rock at the Lushmeadows Volunteer Fire Department’ Coulterville Parking Lot painting, old road invoices, hazardous Materials study for site Sheriff’s Department
1993-364 6/22/1993 Amend contract with Merced County for Engineering Services (PWD)
1993-365 6/22/1993 Transfer of Funds within advertising Fund and Agreement with Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce to provide “800” Telephone number for YNP Area visitor Info.
1993-366 6/22/1993 Fire Contract for Lake Don Pedro Service Area 1M
1993-367 6/22/1993 Waives formal bid process & appropriates funds from unanticipated revenue for purchase of satellite receiver and interactive video computer system for use in Sheriff’s Dept.
1993-368 6/22/1993 Agreement with Big Oak Flat-Groveland Unified School District regarding use of ball field in LDP
1993-369 6/22/1993 Authorizes expenditure of currently budgeted funds to improve in the North County
1993-370 6/22/1993 Approves contract renewal with Freese & Gianelli Claim Services to continue liability claims for FY 1993/94
1993-371 6/22/1993 Appropriates Funds ($450) from reserve for contingencies to Assessment Appeals budget
1993-372 6/22/1993 (ADMIN.) Adoption of the 1992/93 Final Budget
1993-373 7/6/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approval of Rental Agreement w/ 35-A Dist Ag Assoc for the San Joaquin Valley Road Commission and Council.Engineers Assoc. mtg.
1993-374 7/6/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approval of a two month extension re 240-hour vacation accrual limit for Account Clerk II - Fleet Maintenance
1993-375 7/6/1993 (SHERIFF) Request Chairman to sign agreement for Additional federal funds for Drug Enforcement on the forest lands in Mariposa
1993-376 7/6/1993 (SHERIFF) Request Chairman to sign contract with US Forest Service for $8,000.00 for Drug Enforcement
1993-377 7/6/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approve advertising for bid on Mariposa Ballfield Lighting Project
1993-378 7/6/1993 (ADMIN.) Resolution approving request for proposals for the County Audit for fiscal years 1992/93 through 1996/97
1993-379 7/6/1993 (ADMIN.) Adopt resolution extending dates & time periods relating to the 1993/94 County Budget
1993-380 7/6/1993 (FIRE PROTECTION) Approval of Rental Agree. w/ 35-A Dist. Ag Assoc. re vol. firefighting training
1993-381 7/6/1993 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Approval of revised class specification re the position of Auditor-Recorder
1993-382 7/6/1993 (HCD) Authorization to sign a Personnel Services re Audrey Noel - CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Program
1993-383 7/6/1993 (CNTY COUNSEL) Authorization to execute Agreement with the State Fire Marshal re fire prevention services for 1993/94 fiscal year, including and increase in hourly rate from $50.75 to $54.45
1993-384 7/6/1993 (CNTY COUNSEL) Authorization to execute a Lease Agreement with Greenly Hill Community Club re use of the Community Club Annex which houses the Senior Nutrition Program
1993-385 7/6/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approval waiving prior policy re purchasing fixed assets prior to 09-01-93; authorization to purchase a used tandem vibratory steel roller and tilt trailer, and 40,000-gallon used water-truck on the "open market"
1993-386 7/6/1993 (DA) Authorize application for SB 1530 Grant Funds
1993-387 7/6/1993 (PLANNING & BUILDING) Designation of the Mariposa County Board of Supervisors as the land use planning body for the Mariposa-Yosemite Airport and establishment of the Mariposa County Airport Advisory Committee
1993-388 7/6/1993 (SHERIFF) Authorization to execute continued OCJP Anti-Drug Grant, to continue outside funding for the Anti-Drug Program (Enforcement, Prosecutor, and Probation)
1993-389 7/13/1993 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Authorization to sign PSA with Clara Mossman for janitorial services
1993-390 7/13/1993 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Authorization to sign contract with Dr. Rosebrock re veterinarian professional services animal impoundment services for FY 1993/94
1993-391 7/13/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Approval of time extension to for completion of Airport Master Plan, EIR for the Yosemite/Mpsa Airport by Aries Consultants Ltd.
1993-392 7/13/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Resolution to have County's Waste Management Specialist become a voting member of the Solid Waste Assoc. of North America Legislative Task Force
1993-393 7/13/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Execution of contract for the Water Well, Project No. 92-31, to Yosemite Falls Well Drilling,($14,040.00)
1993-394 7/20/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Recommendation to award bids re rock and oil penetration, project nos. 92-12 (3/4" Class II AB) and 92-13 (MC-70)
1993-395 7/20/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adoption of plans re Hornitos Park Water Well, Public Works project no. 92-39, and approval of advertising and bid opening.
1993-396 7/20/1993 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Authorization to Health Officer to sign PSA w/ Noel A. Bonderson to perform technical review/ evaluation of the Air Pollution Control program.
1993-397 7/20/1993 (BOARD) Amendment re membership on the Coulterville TPA of the town planning area.
1993-398 7/20/1993 (BOARD) Authorization to Auditor re warrant to Kiwanis, not to exceed $500, re laser show for Fourth of July
1993-399 7/20/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adoption re Resolution of Necessity for the acquisition of land for the Hayward Road Reconstruction Project
1993-400 7/20/1993 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Authorization re agreement by Riggs Ambulance Service with modifications
1993-401 7/20/1993 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Authorization re "Declaration of Intent" to contract with Dept of Health for Public Health Services FY 1993-1994
1993-402 7/20/1993 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Authorization re agreement with Regional EMS Agency
1993-403 7/27/1993 (NOT LISTED) Recommendation re signing maintenance agreement with Pitney Bowes for postage meter scales (194.00 per year), and postage meter conveyor (186.00 per year)
1993-404 7/27/1993 (FIRE PROTECTION) Authorization to sign Mutual Aid Agreement with MPUD
1993-405 7/27/1993 (LIBRARY/LITERACY) Authorization for Librarian to sign application re Calif. Dept. of Education Grant
1993-406 7/27/1993 (SHERIFF) Authorization to draft letter expressing the county's concern relative to the proposed budget reduction effecting the county's anti-drug grant program received by OCJP
1993-407 7/27/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adoption re plans and specifications for the construction of the Adult Detention Facility
1993-408 7/27/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adoption re Ferrari subdivision, major subdivision no. 06/14/91
1993-409 7/27/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adoption re Italian Acres, major subdivision no. 9/16/86
1993-410 7/27/1993 (PLANNING) Approval re road name "Usona Ridge Road"
1993-411 7/27/1993 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Utilize Volunteer Services of Suzanne Anderson
1993-412 7/27/1993 (ADMINISTRATION) Regarding Local Public Safety und Allocations
1993-413 7/27/1993 (COMMUNITY SERVICES) Certificate of Compliance for the SA Dept. of Veterans Affairs Veterans Subvention program & agreement to participate in the MEDICAL Cost Avoidance program.
1993-414 8/3/1993 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Renewal of Service Contract with Valley Business Center for Royal Adler Copy Machine
1993-415 8/3/1993 (DISTRICT ATTORNEY) To apply for SA Victim Witness Program Grant through the OCJP for the continuation of the Victim Witness Program now in existence
1993-416 8/3/1993 (HOUSING & COMMUNITY) Lease Agreement with Stan Saint regarding rental of Weatherization Shop
1993-417 8/3/1993 (HUMAN SERVICES) Approving & Adopting Merit System Services Specifications for the Employment & Training Worker Series
1993-418 8/3/1993 (FIRE) Committee Set-Up funds and budget ($ 6,000)
1993-419 8/3/1993 (FIRE) Creating the Mariposa County Fire Department Ad Hoc Committee on Fire Protection
1993-420 8/3/1993 (PLANNING) Final EIR for the Jail project
1993-421 8/3/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Awarding Contract for Mariposa Ballfield Lighting Project, Project No. 92-11
1993-422 8/3/1993 (HOUSING & COMMUNITY) Accepting grant award $25,000 from the US Forest Service Rural Revitalization Program
1993-423 8/3/1993 (HOUSING & COMMUNITY) Agreement with Kaestner & Associates ($ 12,874) for installation of two Head Start Classrooms in Mariposa & Greeley Hill
1993-424 8/3/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Accepting terms of a letter from Thomas Gookin regarding Right-of-way acquistion on the Hayward Road reconstruction & Modification
1993-425 8/3/1993 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Extending Agreement for Small Claims Legal Advisors through 1993/94 fiscal year
1993-426 8/10/1993 (PLANNING) Sign Land Conservation (Williamson) Act Contracts No's 94-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 (Buckhorn Ranch Properties, Inc.,and John Langlois, applicants
1993-427 8/10/1993 (FIRE) PSA with Jane Williams to teach first responders class for volunteer firefighters
1993-428 8/10/1993 (PERSONNEL) Approving class spec for Personnel Analyst I/II & Place Nancy Kyle into the new Class
1993-429 8/10/1993 (SHERIFF) Approving Staffing Plan for the New Adult Detention Facility
1993-430 8/10/1993 (SHERIFF) Sign a Purchase Request for the "Live Scan" Fingerprint Equip from the Dept of Justice (CAL-ID)
1993-431 8/10/1993 (Public Works) Authorize Public Works to purchase two new 1993 models and three used low-mileage vehicles on the"open market".
1993-432 8/10/1993 (Planning and Building) Approve Planned Unit Development application. 92-1 (Mariposa Vista Estates Subdivision).
1993-433 8/10/1993 (County Counsel) Merced Fly Fishing Club's proposal to revise Section 50(b)(117)of the Sport Fishing Regulations by reopening the winter fishing season on the Merced River planning Commission's decision to approve Major Subdivision Application No.
1993-434 8/10/1993 (Planning) Resolution denying the appeal and upholding the Planning Commission's decision to approve Major Subdivision Application No 2-24-93 (Inter-County Title and Rich Cable/Applicants - Appellants) with findings and conditions.
1993-435 8/10/1993 (Housing Community Development Agency) Authorizing the chairman to sign the Standard Agreement with the State of California in the amount of $40,000 for the Department of Energy Weatherization Program.
1993-436 8/17/1993 (Human Services Department) A Personal Service Agreement with Janet K. Stutzman to implement activities of the County Alcohol and Drug Master Plan.
1993-437 8/17/1993 (Human Services Department) Designating Community Hospitals of Central California(Fresno Community Hospital and Clovis Community Hospital), Cedar Vista Hospital and Tuolumne General Hospital as mental health evaluation and intensive treatment facilities(5150).
1993-438 8/17/1993 (Human Services Department) Sign a renewal agreement for fiscal year 1993-94 between Mariposa County and Tuolumne General Hospital for inpatient acute psychiatric services.
1993-439 8/17/1993 (Administration) Awarding Contract for Audit for Fiscal Years 1992/93 through 1996/97 to Willis & Walsh, C.P.A's and Authorizing Chairman to Sign.
1993-440 8/17/1993 (Public Works) Purchase of two asphalt patch trucks awarded to Central Valley Truck Center 3/3/93
1993-441 8/17/1993 (Not Listed) Authorizing the Chairman to sign the encroachment permit for the annual Labor Day Parade.
1993-442 8/17/1993 (County Counsel) Approve the destruction of County Counsel files which date prior to 1982.
1993-443 8/17/1993 (Clerk of Board) Approve the purchase of real property as the site for the new Adult Detention Facility.
1993-444 8/17/1993 (Planning and Building) Approval of the requested fee waiver for the Tavis Corporation's application for General Plan Amendment/Rezoning and Commercial, Industrial Manufacturing Plan
1993-445 8/17/1993 (Public Health) Approving composition of a Technical Review Panel for Ambulance Estimate of Costs process.
1993-446 8/17/1993 (Public Works) Adopt the attached Resolution of Summary Abandonment of a portion of Stout Lane in Schedule Hill.
1993-447 8/17/1993 (Public Works) Pay several outstanding invoices from the Roads Division with the General Fund and Don Pedro 1-M fund.
1993-448 8/17/1993 (Public Works) Approve a Contract Change Order #2 for Public Works Project #92-31, Landfill Water Well.
1993-449 8/24/1993 (County Counsel) Approve the revision of class spec for the positions of Library Assistant I/II.
1993-450 8/24/1993 (Public Works) Award and authorize the Chairman to execute the contract for the Indian Peak Bridge Replacement to Gentz Construction of Fresno,
1993-451 8/24/1993 (Housing and Community Development Agency) Sign an agreement for office space for the Head Start Program.
1993-452 8/24/1993 (Community Services) Sign Service Provider Agreements for Senior Supportive and Senior Nutrition Services between the Co & Area 12 Agency on Aging.
1993-453 8/24/1993 (Human Services Department) Sign a contract with U.C. Davis for training for Human Services Dept Staff.
1993-454 8/24/1993 (Public Health) Issuance of a new warrant to Mr. Ed Guzman, EMS Coordinator, due to the previous warrant being destroyed.
1993-455 8/24/1993 (County) Authorizing Chairman execute ServicePlan Agreement
1993-456 8/24/1993 (Board) Proclaim Labor Day, September 6, 1993, as "Try American Day".
1993-457 8/24/1993 (SHERIFF'S) Approve the Master Siting Plan for the new Mariposa Adult Detention Facility.
1993-458 8/24/1993 (Public Works) Waive all currently due and future disposal fees at the Mariposa Landfill for (SPCA).
1993-459 8/24/1993 (Public Works) Authorize advertisement for bids for a Maint Contract to make needed repairs to County roads in the Mariposa Pines area prior to winter
1993-460 8/24/1993 (Public Works) Adopt Plans and Specifications for the construction of Hayward Road, Project #90-09
1993-461 8/24/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Request, to dissolve the Spring Hill Estates II Road Maintenance Zone of Benefit, associated with the Spring Hill Estates, Major Subdivision Application No. 2-2-89.
1993-462 8/24/1993 (PLANNING AND BUILDING) Adopt a resolution waiving the zone of benefit for Land Division No. 1426 .
1993-463 8/24/1993 (CLERK OF BOARD) Lot line adjustment application No. 417.
1993-464 8/24/1993 (HUMAN SERVICES DEPT.-SOCIAL SERVICES DEPT.) Approve a Personal Services Agreement with Jane Siebeneicher for the provision of Independent Living Skills Training to teenage children in Foster Care.
1993-465 9/7/1993 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Approve Claim No. C93-5 in amount of $3,170 for payment of damages to Claimant's house due to a sewer backup.
1993-466 9/7/1993 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Reject Claim No. C93-8 in the amount of $350,000
1993-467 9/7/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Authorizing acceptance of a sum of $3,000 as final settlement of the claim against Atwood Grove Construction Co., Inc.
1993-468 8/24/1993 (HOUSING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AGENCY) Authorizing to sign Amendment No. 1 to the Agreement with the State Department of Economic Opportunity regarding the Housing Energy Efficient Rehabilitation Program extending agreement until September 30, 1993.
1993-469 9/7/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Authorizing Public Works to advertise for formal Bids for an annual roadside herbicide spraying contract on 200 miles of County maintained paved roads.
1993-470 9/7/1993 Number not used.
1993-471 9/7/1993 (TAX COLLECTOR) Recommend Board to set priority and extent of claims for excess proceeds in accordance with Section 4675 of the Revenue & Taxation Code.
1993-472 9/7/1993 (HOUSING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AGENCY) Approving a change in the CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Program Guidelines regarding contractor selection.
1993-473 9/7/1993 (ASSESSOR) Approval for 9/80 Flex Schedule for all clerical staff in the Assessor Office.
1993-474 9/7/1993 (NOT LISTED) Recommend authorizing the District Attorney's Family Support Division to work the current full time Office Assistant, out of class, as a Family Support Officer.
1993-475 9/7/1993 (FIRE PROTECTION) Provide direction concerning the Midpines Zone of Benefit for fire protection.
1993-476 9/7/1993 (PLANNING/BUILDING) Approving Specific Plan Amendment No. 92-1 (Jail Site Re-Zoning) Mariposa County Applicant.
1993-477 9/7/1993 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Authorizing Mariposa Museum and History Center, Inc., to apply for and sign permits, with fees to be waived.
1993-478 9/14/1993 (FIRE PROTECTION) Authorizing Chairman to sign personal service agreements with Jess Smith and Mike Ridely.
1993-479 9/14/1993 (HUMAN SERVICES DEPARTMENT) Authorizing the Human Services Director to submit an application for McKinney Homeless-Path funds to provide services for the Homeless/Mentally Ill dual diagnosis residents of Mariposa County for fiscal year 1993-94.
1993-480 9/14/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Postpone the Public Hearing associated with the Spring Hill Estates II Zone of Benefit Dissolutionment, to October 12,1993.
1993-481 9/14/1993 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Authorizing Chairman to sign order of the Board to reject Claim No. C93-6.
1993-482 9/14/1993 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Authorizing Health Officer to sign contract for Maternal Child Health Grant for Fiscal Year 1993-94 in the amount of $121,839.
1993-483 9/14/1993 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Authorizing Chair to sign Standard Agreement with the State for receipt of state grant funds for HIV testing activities ($8,400).
1993-484 9/14/1993 (HUMAN SERVICES SOCIAL SERVICES DIV.) Authoring Chairman to sign Job Club Agreement 1993-94.
1993-485 9/14/1993 (NOT LISTED) Recommended that the Family Support Division of Mariposa District Attorney's office be granted permission to implement "alternative" working schedule of four 10 hour days per week for the staff personnel assigned.
1993-486 9/14/1993 (COMMUNITY SERVICES) Authorize the Department of Community Services, Senior Supportive Services Division, to procure a license for bingo at the Senior Activities Center on the first and third Thursdays of each month.
1993-487 9/14/1993 (BOARD) Adopt the resolution changing the location of the regularly scheduled Board meeting for October 19, 1993.
1993-488 9/14/1993 (CLERK OF BOARD) Request to award the contract for the maintenance of roads in Mariposa Pines.
1993-489 9/14/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Authorizing the Director of Public Works to sign and execute agreements for independent contract services, associated with maintenance work on zone of benefit projects.
1993-490 9/21/1993 (HOUSING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AGENCY) Appreciation to Hal Browder DDS, Thomas Wieg DDS and Dale Soria DDS for their participation in the "Help The Children" dental health program.
1993-491 9/20/1993 (COUNTY LIBRARY) Adopt a New Fee Schedule for the Mariposa County Library.
1993-492 9/20/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Proposed Fee Adjustments for Solid Waste Disposal Fees.
1993-494 9/21/1993 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Authorizing Chairman to sign contract with Riggs Ambulance Service for period July 1,1993 through December 31,1993.
1993-495 9/28/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Reject the bids received for the Adult Detention Facility and authorize a rebid of the project.
1993-496 9/28/1993 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Reject claim no. C93-9 in the amount of $275.74.
1993-497 9/28/1993 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Authorizing the renewal of the Delta Dental agreement for one year effective October 1,1993 at current benefits with no rate increase.
1993-498 9/28/1993 (Board) Resolution in support of Legislative Data Bill AB1624
1993-499 9/28/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Award the contract for the Hornitos Park Well, Public Works Project No. 92-39 to Yosemite Falls Well Drilling and authorize the chairman to execute the Contract.
1993-500 9/28/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Award and authorize the Chairmen to execute the contract for the Hayward Road Reconstruction, Public Works project No. 90-09, to the apparent lowest responsible bidder.
1993-501 9/28/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adopt the attached resolution adding the "rural/town SECTION-CLASS I S.R.A." road standard to the Mariposa County Improvement Standards.
1993-502 9/28/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Extend Current Agreement with VIA Adventures for Highway 140 Express Bus Service for up to three months and direct staff to negotiate a new contract including more refined details for the operation.
1993-503 9/28/1993 (CLERK OF BOARD) Adoption of final budget for F.Y. 1993-94.
1993-504 9/28/1993 (BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF MARIPOSA COUNTY) Tax rates be adopted in compliance with the provisions of Section 29100 of the Governmental Code.
1993-505 10/5/1993 (PLANNING) Adopting a Negative Declaration with mitigation applicant providing an adequate legal description within 60 days. DATE
1993-506 10/5/1993 Approve relative to policy regarding work weeks and 0 overtime of County Employees and rescinding Res. 92-279. (CO COUN)
1993-507 10/5/1993 Welcoming Delaware North Co./Yosemite Concession Services Corporation to Mariposa County. (BRD)
1993-508 10/5/1993 Award the contract for annual roadside herbicide spraying to Custom Weed Control enterprise and authorize the Director Of Public Works to sign the contract for services. (PWD)
1993-509 10/5/1993 Sign agreement with 35-A District for picnic area (FIRE)
1993-510 10/5/1993 Approve the flex class of Court Clerk I/II and single class specification for Administration Court Clerk/Jury Commissioner. (CO COUN)
1993-511 10/5/1993 Sign the Administrative Match Agreement between the county and Area 12 Agency on Aging for FY 1994, (COM SER)
1993-512 10/5/1993 Sign Interim Rental Agreement 93-97 with the 35-A District Agricultural Association to rent space on Oct. 23, 1993 for Red Ribbon Celebration. (HUM SER)
1993-513 10/5/1993 Sign rental agreements with 35-A District Agriculture Assoc. and the Mariposa County Unified School district for use of facilities to house Election Boards for Nov. 2, 1993 Special Elections (CO CLK)
1993-514 10/5/1993 Establishing a salary range of 131-147.5 for the existing class specification for the position of Health/Nutrition coordinator. (CO COUN)
1993-515 10/5/1993 Approving revised class specification for the position of Sheriff’s Detective. (CO COUN)
1993-516 10/5/1993 Sign application for Rural Health Services Funds for FY 93/94
1993-517 10/5/1993 Revise resolution to include the language recently requested by OCJP. (SHERIFF)
1993-518 10/5/1993 Waiving formal bid procedures and authorize PWD to purchase a used snow blower on the available open market, not to exceed $40,000, for the Yosemite West Maintenance District. (PWD)
1993-519 10/5/1993 Approving contract with Castrillo & Associates and Scope of Work for the preparation of the environmental impact report for Las Mariposas Project. (PLNG/BLDG)
1993-520 10/5/1993 Amending 93/94 final budget to include adoption of the Capitol Improvement Plan and appropriation of various budget balances (ADMIN)
1993-521 10/5/1993 Approving agreement with David M. Griffith to provide professional consulting services in the preparation of the County Cost Allocation Plan. (AUD/RECRD)
1993-522 10/12/1993 Chairman of the Board of Supervisors to sign agreement No. 12-34-73-0260-RA the Annual Work Plan and Reimbursable Budget Plan for FY 93/94 with USDA/APHIS/ADC. (AG COM)
1993-523 10/12/1993 Recognizing a special event to be held on Oct. 17, 1993, involving the Wawona Cemetery. (BRD)
1993-524 10/12/1993 Auditor to pay the Oct. 1993 invoice ($9,203.89) from the Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce for FY 93/94 Advertising Fund Services. (HC&D)
1993-525 10/12/1993 Sign an agreement with the Mariposa County Arts Council, Inc. for FY 93/94 Advertising Fund activities. (HC&D)
1993-526 10/12/1993 Sign an agreement with Northern Mariposa County History Center for FY 93/94 Advertising Fund activities (HC&D)
1993-527 10/12/1993 Sign an agreement with Yosemite renaissance for FY 93/94 Advertising Fund Activities. (HC&D)
1993-528 10/12/1993 Sign agreement between the Mariposa County Unified School District (MCUSD) and the Mariposa County Human Services Dept. (HSD) 1993/94. (HUM SER)
1993-529 10/12/1993 RCRC’S JPA-CMSP (CLK OF BRD)
1993-530 10/12/1993 Approve the new class specification for the position of Weatherization Worker at salary range 143-159.5 (CO COUN)
1993-531 10/19/1993 Recognize Yosemite Park and Curry Co. for outstanding service and dedication to Yosemite National Park and for contributions on behalf of Mariposa County. (BRD)
1993-532 10/19/1993 Recognizing Yosemite Park and Curry Co. for outstanding service and dedication to Yosemite National Park and for contributions on behalf of Mariposa County. (BRD)
1993-533 10/19/1993 Approving a transfer of funds from County Counsel’s Travel budget to Fixed Assets to purchase a 4-drawer file cabinet. (CO COUN)
1993-534 10/19/1993 Approve reallocation of $1,000 for installation of signs for the Protect Our Children Project sponsored by Soroptomist International of Mariposa. (PWD)
1993-535 10/19/1993 Approve the position of Community Services Assistant, Salary Range 169-185. (CO COUN)
1993-536 10/19/1993 Adopt plans and specifications for Electrical Service Conversion for Mariposa Under-ground District 1, PW 93-05. (PWD)
1993-537 10/19/1993 Sign agreement with Oxford Tire Recycling to provide a waste tire trailer. (PWD)
1993-538 10/19/1993 Execution and delivery of a Joint exersize of posers agreement. (CO COUN)
1993-539 10/19/1993 Sign Gran Agreements with Yosemite Child Care Center, El Portal Child Day Care Center, Almost Like Home Cathey’s Valley Preschool, Mariposa Preschool Cooperative and Mariposa Childrens Center for FY 1993/94 Advertising Fund services. ((HC&D)
1993-540 10/19/1993 Sign a Space use Agreement with the Mariposa County Unified School District regarding Head Start classrooms. (HC&D)
1993-541 10/19/1993 Agreement for subsidy of transit services, with VIA Adventures for Highway 140 Express Bus Service. (PWD)
1993-542 10/19/1993 Negotiate and execute a contract with Provost & Pritchard Inc., subject to County Counsel review for formal legal sufficiency, for engineering services. (PWD)
1993-543 10/19/1993 Negotiate and sign and extension, upon approval of County Counsel of the Memorandum of Understanding with Merced County. (PWD)
1993-544 10/26/1993 Provide proof if insurance to the Mariposa Fair for the use of Building A for the Mariposa Stars Program (toys for tots) for three days. (SHERIFF)
1993-545 10/26/1993 Authorize the Human Services Director to sign the proposed 1993/94 Alcohol and Drug Program Services Plan and direct the Human Services Director to submit the Plan to the State Dept. of Alcohol and Drug Programs. (HUM SER)
1993-546 10/26/1993 Authorize an increase in contract rates of $5.00 per hour and also authorize the Chairman to sign the contract for services with Thunder Ridge Co. to provide snow removal services for the Fish Camp area. (PWD)
1993-547 10/26/1993 Recognizing Jim Archer upon his retirement as Principal of Woodland Elementary School. (BRD)
1993-548 10/26/1993 Approving reclassification effective Oct. 1, 1993 of Veteran/Senior Services Assistant and deleting that class specification, Salary Range 145-162. (ADMIN)
1993-549 10/26/1993 Accept grant award in the amount of $34,527 from the United States Department of Education for the expansion of the Mariposa Literary Program to the northside community. (LIB)
1993-550 10/26/1993 Authorizing the Chair to sign an agreement with Cardoni and Associates to develop and provide a Welfare Data Base Program for the County IBM AS400 Computer. (HUM SER)
1993-551 10/26/1993 Enter into an agreement with Danson & Neuhar Investments in accordance with County Treasurer’s investment guidelines and allowable through Government Code.
1993-552 10/26/1993 Approve amendments to the General Plan Land Use Map and Mariposa TPA Specific Plan. (PLNG)
1993-553 10/26/1993 Intention to from the Midpines Fire Equipment Zone of Benefits. (PWD)
1993-554 10/26/1993 Approached by the Masonic Lodge to remove 700 cu yds of soil which is on property adjacent to the new lodge. (PWD)
1993-555 10/26/1993 Sign agreement with Merced County in order to provide a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) program FY 93/94. (PWD)
1993-556 10/26/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Design Loading Standards for bridges to the Mariposa County Improvement Standards
1993-557 10/26/1993 (BOARD) Amending the Mariposa County Improvement Standards to allow the County Engineer discretionary authority to increase the maximum grade allowed for roads below 3000 ft. from fifteen to sixteen %
1993-558 10/26/1993 (SUPERIOR COURT) Reserve for contingencies in the amount S/D/ Jury Costs/Postage.
1993-559 11/9/1993 (BOARD) Recognizing Max Meadows upon his retirement of Nov. 6, 1993, from Ca. Dept. of Forestry
1993-560 11/9/1993 (BOARD) Recognizing Tom Richardson for his many contributions to Mariposa County and upon his 90th birthday
1993-561 11/9/1993 (BOS) National Women Veterans Recognition Week
1993-562 11/9/1993 (ADMINISTRATION) Revised class specifications for Deputy Probation Officer I/II and Deputy Probation Officer III
1993-563 11/9/1993 (AG COMMISSIONER/SEALER) Sign the agreement between Merced County and Mariposa County for the use of Weights and Measures Testing Equipment and Personal for FY 1993/94 and 94/95
1993-564 11/9/1993 (PROBATION) Agreement with the County for the use of Electronic Surveillance Equipment of the County of Madera
1993-565 11/9/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Adopt plans and specifications for the Reflective Pavement Markers/Fog Belt Project, PW 92-26
1993-566 11/9/1993 (COMMUNITY SERVICES) Appropriate $107.20 in Area 12 Agency on Aging One-Time-Only Grant Funds to purchase a tape recorder for the Senior Supportive Services function
1993-567 11/9/1993 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Discontinue service of certification sewage systems and wells for prospective real estate sales
1993-568 11/9/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) PW Dir. to award and execute a purchase agreement for crack sealing materials for various County roads
1993-569 11/9/1993 (HC&D) Auditor to pay Nov. 1993 invoice ($9,203.89) from the Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce for FY 93/94 Advertising Fund services
1993-570 11/9/1993 (BOARD) Relative to cancelling the Board's regularly scheduled meeting for Dec. 28,1993
1993-571 11/16/1993 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Approve amending the Specialized Classes schedule for the single class extra-help position of Bailiff from an hourly rate salary of $11.12 to an hourly rate salary to be consistent with Step 1 of the range
1993-572 11/16/1993 HC&D) Issuance of a request for Proposal & Qualifications to Qualified firms to conduct a feasibility study re-grading the Native Plant Nursery economic dev.
1993-573 11/16/1993 (DATA PROCESSING) Transfer funds ($10,000) from the Data Processing Capital Improvement Project to the Personal Computers Capital Improvement Project.
1993-574 11/16/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Spring Hill Estates II Zone of Benefit dissolution
1993-575 11/16/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Authorizing for transportation Enhancement Activities (TEA) Funds for the Mariposa Creek Parkway Project, Staging Area Acquisition
1993-576 11/16/1993 PUBLIC HEALTH) Re: possibilities of contracting for ambulance service with Tuolumne County and regarding legal issues of "exclusive jurisdiction".
1993-577 11/16/1993 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Sign personal services agreement with Cris Ralph, Air Quality Engineer, for Air Pollution professional services
1993-578 11/16/1993 (PUBLIC HEALTH) Sign Declaration of Intent to Enter into a Contract with the Ca. Dept. of Health Services for participation in the Child Health, Disability and Treatment Program
1993-579 11/16/1993 (CAO) Determine the County interest in an offer of a donation of real property
1993-580 11/23/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Expand an additional $1,005.00 from the Vehicle Replacement Fund for the purchase of three used low-mileage vehicles
1993-581 11/23/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Award and authorize the Chairman to execute the contract for the Electrical Service Conversions for Mariposa Underground District 1
1993-582 11/23/1993 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Eliminating the existing class specification for the position of Deputy District Att. Salary Range 211-227,
1993-583 11/23/1993 (COUNTY CLERK) Appointing Dir. to Yosemite-Alpine Comm Services District
1993-584 11/23/1993 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Sign the Teen Center Lease Agreement with James Bardini
1993-585 11/23/1993 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Approving revised class specification for the position of Family Support Officer
1993-586 11/23/1993 (COUNTY COUNSEL) Sign the Lease Agreement with D.G. Johnston for the facility that houses the County's Victim/Witness program.
1993-587 11/23/1993 (BOS) Support of National Governor's Assoc. Res regarding Application of Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
1993-588 11/23/1993 (HC&D) Submit application in the amount of $310,240 to continue the Head Start Program from March 1, 1994 February 28,1994
1993-589 11/23/1993 (SHERIFF) Handling Parking Citations
1993-590 11/23/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Waive the formal bid process and authorize the purchase of three (3) new 1993 model police sedans (Bid No. PW 93-08) through a "tag on" to the Los Angeles County Police Dept.
1993-591 11/23/1993 (PLANNING AND BUILDING) Adoption of a negative declaration with mitigation measures for the Tavis Corp. General Plan/Zoning Amendment and CIM Plan
1993-592 11/23/1993 (PLANNING AND BUILDING) Approve a commercial- Industrial Manufacturing Plan in conjunction with zoning amendment
1993-593 11/23/1993 (PLANNING AND BUILDING) Sign response to the Scoping request from the National Park Service on the revised Yosemite Valley Housing Plan EYE
1993-594 11/23/1993 (ADMINISTRATION) Authorizing the Courthouse for the Loosen party wedding on Jan. 8, 1994.
1993-595 12/7/1993 (SHERIFF) Allowing the Sheriff to extend the number extend the number of contract hours for employees Hunt and Crammer to 990 hours.
1993-596 12/7/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Authorize an extension of the extra- help hours for H.P.. (ANDY) Thompson from 860to 990
1993-597 12/7/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Award Bid PW #93-04 93-04 for (1) 94 4x4, 3/4-ton pickup, for the Road Division, Tom Dubose Chevrolet in the amount of $21,410.28
1993-598 12/7/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Board award Bid Number PW 93-05 for three (3) 1994, 4x4, 1-ton pickups with snow plows for the Road Division, in the amount of ($73,041.69)
1993-599 12/7/1993 (COUNTY CLERK) Board shall declare elected those persons having the highest number of votes for offices under its jurisdictions
1993-600 12/7/1993 (PUBLIC WORKS) Recommends "underfilling" the position of Equipment Mechanic Supervisor with an Equipment Mechanic.
1993-601 12/7/1993 (CO COUN) Sign order of the Board to reject Claim No. C93-11 which was filed with this Board on Nov. 8, 1993.
1993-602 12/7/1993 (PWD) Transfer of $20,457 from Yosemite West fixed Assets
1993-603 12/7/1993 (HEALTH) Request for variance from statutory distance of 100ft between well and system leach field.
1993-604 12/7/1993 (CO COUN) Recommendations regarding ambulance service in Mariposa County and a determination by the Board of the best Solution to the ambulance issue
1993-605 12/7/1993 (NOT LISTED) Approving the Midpines fire equipment zone of benefits
1993-606 12/7/1993 (NOT LISTED) Establishing assessment fees for the Midpines fire equipment zone of benefits.
1993-607 12/7/1993 (PWD) The general Fund Reserve for Contingencies
1993-608 12/7/1993 (PWD) Award Bid Number PW 93-03 for one 1994, 4x4, ¾ ton pickup, to low bidder
1993-609 12/7/1993 (SHERRIF) Participation in the State funded boating safety program
1993-610 12/14/1993 (CO COUN) Sign lease agreement with Mariposa Lodge No. 24 F&AM Temple Assoc. for us of the Masonic Lodge
1993-611 12/14/1993 (CO COUN) Authorizing the Chairman to sign extension to the agreement with Kenneth and Lamerna Mari for lease of vault space for storage of County records.
1993-612 12/14/1993 (CO COUN) Authorizing the Personnel Director to approve extra-help agreement which increase the hours of extra-help employees from the stated number of hours in the original agreement not to exceed 999 hours.
1993-613 12/14/1993 (PWD) Sign said application through the California Integrated Waste Management Board to reimburse the County for funds expended for The household hazardous waste collection event held in June, 1993.
1993-614 12/14/1993 (CO COUN) Adopt the existing class specification for the position of Maintenance Worker I/II and approving the attached two separate Class specifications for this position
1993-615 12/14/1993 (HUM SER) Sign Fiscal Year 1993-94 contract with KingsView Corporation for the Alcohol, Drug and Prenatal Services for Mariposa County
1993-616 12/14/1993 (HUM SER) Sign Fiscal Year 1993-94 Mental Health Service Contract with KingsView Corp.
1993-617 12/14/1993 (HUM SER) Approving Fiscal Year 1993/94 Exhibit C of the 3-year Mental Health Service Contract with KingsView Corporation.
1993-618 12/14/1993 (LIB)Allocation of $34,527 in order to hire coordinators to improve and expand the Mariposa County Learn to Read Program on the “Northside”
1993-619 12/14/1993 (HUM SER) Sign this revised Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with California GEMS.
1993-620 12/14/1993 (PWD) Execute the Contract for the Raised Marker Project, PW Project no. 92-26
1993-621 12/14/1993 (ADMIN) Amend Audit Contract with Willis & Walsh
1993-622 12/14/1993 (CO COUN) Sign the Teen Center Lease Agreement with James Bardini
1993-623 12/14/1993 (PWD) Contract of the Mariposa County Adult Detention Facility to Mauldin-Dorfmeier Construction Inc.
1993-624 12/14/1993 (PWD) Purchase fo a new Cost Accounting Management System (CAMS) software to manage PW and Road funds
1993-625 12/21/1993 (BRD) Presentation with County tile plaque, to Evelyn N. Billings upon her retirement as Auditor Recoder
1993-626 12/21/1993 (HC&D) Authorizing the Chairman to sign and agreement with Infant Child Enrichment Services for FY 93/94 Advertising Fund Services
1993-627 12/21/1993 (PWD) Award the Patch, A.B. Class II and 3/4" Clean Crush Rock bids for the 1994 Road Div.
1993-628 12/21/1993 (CO COUN) Authorizing the Chairman to sign lease agreement with R. Scott and Karen E. Godfrey for County office space on the Northside for the period of July 1, 1993 through June 30, 1994.
1993-629 12/21/1993 (HC&D) Directing the Auditor to pay the Dec. 1993 invoice from the Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce.
1993-630 12/21/1993 (FIRE) Appropriation to the Fire Protection Building CIP fund for station repairs
1993-631 12/21/1993 (CONSTABLE) Assistant Animal Control Officer
1993-632 12/21/1993 (PLNG) Deny appeal and uphold Director’s determination that a neon sign is a prohibited use in the Mariposa Town Planning Area’s Historic Design Review Overlay District
1993-633 12/21/1993 (PLNG/BLDG) Approving Agricultural Preserve Applications No. 93-1, 93-2, 93-3, 93-4, 93-5, 93-6, 93-19
1993-634 12/21/1993 (PLNG/BLDG) Fee waiver request for Planning and Building permit fees related to relocation of the Lawrence Prouty house from the school District property to Jones St.
1993-635 12/21/1993 (BRD) Appropriating $2,500 from reserve for contingency to the advertising bidget for the Kiwanis’ Fourth of July fireworks show.
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