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First Five - Literacy Lending Kit
Mom and Son Reading
First 5 School Readiness Program has launched the new Lit Lending Kit Program. First 5 in partnership with Mariposa County Unified School District and Merced County Office of Education distributes kits to reach the homes of each family with children ages 0-5.

Because language development is critical to later academic success, the kit has a set of videos called Language is the Key that equips parents and people who work with families and young children to build their child’s understanding of the meaning and use of words.

Kit Contents
  • 30 minute tape “Talking and Books”
  • 30 minute tape “Talking and Play”
  • Handouts that describe the basic content of the training approach
  • Picture book for practicing the method
  • Evaluation form to fill out and return for free gift

CAR Method

The kit will be loaned to the family for as long as they need to view the tapes and practice the CAR method with three different picture books. The kit is to be returned to the nearest elementary school (attention: School Readiness Coordinator). Kits will be available for daycare providers, Mariposa Behavioral Health parent groups, foster families with children ages 0-5, preschools, home school families, and the Mariposa Public Library.

The CAR method is described as follows:
Comment and wait
Ask questions and wait
Respond by adding a little more

By using these techniques, the adult is guiding and supporting the child’s learning by building on what the child is already able to do. Wood, Bruner, and Ross (1976), refer to this as “scaffolding”. The videos are helpful because they use parents, just like us, in home and preschool settings to model the approach that is easy to relate to. Please request a set for yourself or someone you know. Language and literacy development begin very early in a child’s life. Join in our effort to share this Lit Lending Kit with every family with preschool children in Mariposa County . For your copy, please call (209) 966-4335

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