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Mariposa County Health Department

January 29, 2015

A measles case in a man in his 40’s was confirmed on January 27, 2015 in nearby Fresno County.

Measles, a highly infectious disease, can cause severe and fatal illness in people that have never had the disease, have not been vaccinated, or cannot be vaccinated.

If you have never had measles, have not been vaccinated against measles, or cannot be vaccinated against measles AND you are a Mariposa County Resident that visited one of the following locations on Sunday, January 25:

• Fashion Fair Mall in Fresno between 11:30AM and 3PM
• Win Co Foods on Kings Canyon and Peach in Fresno between 6:30PM and 9:30PM

please call the Mariposa County Health Department at 209-966-3689 or 800-459-4466 as soon as possible.

Public Health Notes

  Over the past 26 years, the Health Department and the community have solved a lot of Public Health problems together.

  In 1988, when I was first hired by the County, if you called for an ambulance, you might get a vehicle with re-tread tires, driven by a janitor with a nurse who might very well specialize in Nursing Home Care. No First Responders. No helicopter ambulance. No paramedics. The doctor in the Emergency Room was a local Family Physician on call.

  Now, dispatch professionals give medical advice while dispatching the ambulance and first responders. The physicians at John C. Fremont are Specialists in Emergency Medicine. We have a system of air ambulances and trauma centers.

  Twenty six years ago, poorly constructed septic systems and wells and spills of hazardous chemicals caused contamination of our underground water supply in some areas. The Health Department now oversees these activities, protecting the water for all of us.

  Our citizens with lung disease and heart disease are susceptible to getting sicker when smoke is in the air. The Dump used to burn trash and people would burn lots of materials at will. We saw such things as couches and tires being burned.

  Now we regulate burning by citizens, agencies, and forest managers to reduce impact to our citizens’ lungs and hearts.

  These are just three examples of the Public Health activities we’ve undertaken with the community to make Mariposa County healthier. There are literally dozens of others.

  So what Public Health problems will we be facing in the future?

  The answer is “several”. But there’s not room here for all to be discussed. Let’s focus on just one.

  What’s the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the U.S.?

  It’s the cost of Medical care. Those who can’t afford their medical bills often end up unemployed. Some of them become homeless.

  Once homeless, studies show, these Public Health impact often follows:

          • Increase Communicable Disease in crowded, makeshift living conditions

          • Increase injury from violence against the homeless

          • Malnutrition

          • Tooth loss

          • Worsening Diabetes, Hypertension, asthma

          • Shorter life expectancy

Thus, homelessness can be both caused by health problems and result in future health problems. Our Mariposa County citizens who are homeless are at risk for deteriorated health and expensive medical care when conditions go untreated and get worse. Taking an ambulance ride to the Emergency Room is a very expensive way to do health care.

Some County authorities have estimated there may be as many as 200 citizens homeless in our County. There is a Public Health aspect to this crisis that warrants our united efforts.

A happy and charitable 2015 to you and your family. 

- C. B. Mosher 

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