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Contact Information
Personal Health                                  Environmental Health

Ph: 209-966-3689                                                          Ph: 209-966-2220
Ph: 800-459-4466                                                          Ph: 888-777-0377
Fx: 209-966-4929                                                          Fx: 209-966-8248
5085 Bullion Street                                                        5100 Bullion Street
Post Office Box 5                                                           Post Office Box 5
Mariposa, CA 95338                                                      Mariposa, CA 95338

The Health Department can be reached at 209-966-3869 during normal business hours (8AM to 5PM, Monday - Friday).

To contact the Health Department outside of normal business hours, call the Sheriff Dispatch at 209-966-3615 and they will contact an on call Health Department employee.

Burn Day Information:  209-966-1200 or Toll Free: 888-440-BURN (2876)

Email Contact Information:

Health Officer
Dr. Eric Sergienko, MD, MPH, Director,


Personal Health Staff
Margarita King, Public Health Nursing Manager, 
Marty Fazio, Public Health Nurse,  
Melissa Fluharty, Registered Nurse 

Morris S. Jones, Ph.D., MPH, Public Health Emergency Preparedness Manager,

Ginnie Nash, Public Health Educator, 
Diane Robarge, Accountant, 
Kim Ballard, Executive Assistant
Teresa Ramirez-Bishop, Office Technician, 
Jeri Schellentrager, Office Assistant II,
Carol Thomas, Accounting Technician II,   
Kelly Harrison, Program Assistant II,
Kelley Marty, Program Assistant II,

Environmental Health Staff
Dave Conway, Environmental Health Director, 
Brian Hodge, Senior Supervising Registered Environmental Health Specialist, 
Dawn Kerbow, Registered Environmental Health Specialist, 
Carolyn Coder, Registered Environmental Health Specialist,
Karen Christenson, Development Services Technician, 
Rachelle Irby, Development Services Technician,
Leah Cribbs, Development Services Technician,

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