Williamson Act

Biennial Review Reporting

  • Mariposa County Williamson Act lands are required to report the agricultural operations on a biennial basis
  • The Biennial Review Reporting requirement started in the years 2011-2012
  • The Biennial Review Report forms are mailed out at the end of November on even numbered years to Williamson Act land owners
  • Current Biennial Review Reporting forms will be posted here when they are available
  • The most recent Biennial Review reporting form: 2021-2022 Biennial Reporting Form (PDF)

If you have any questions about the Biennial Review Reporting requirements please contact us at 209-966-5151.

County Information

State Information

The California Land Conservation Act of 1965-commonly referred to as the Williamson Act-enables local governments to enter into contracts with private landowners for the purpose of restricting specific parcels of land to agricultural or related open space use.