Smoke-Free Outdoor Dining

While dining on a patio your meal should NOT come with a side of harmful secondhand smoke. Residents and visitors can now enjoy smoke free environments on restaurant patios!

SMokE-Free outdoor Dining 

Outdoor Dining Areas are now included in Mariposa County outdoor spaces where Smoking and Vaping are NOT allowed. Here are the benefits:

  • Customers and employees are now protected from toxic secondhand tobacco smoke and vape aerosol. 
  • Outdoor dining areas will be free of cigarette and other tobacco litter.

Free signage for Restaurants with OUTDOOr dining & Mobile food trucks

Contact the Tobacco Education Program at (209) 966-3689 or (209) 966-6697 for FREE signage! We have both Table Tents and 9" x 12"  Metal Signs as shown in the picture with the ordinance information referenced. 

Smoke-free areas create a clean air environment while enjoying our beautiful outdoor spaces.  

The full definition of the smoke free zones can be found in County Ordinance 2019-1145. This ordinance became effective October 24, 2019.

Smoke-Free Outdoor Dining News/Signs Flyer
Family Dining Outdoors

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Want to learn more? View our Smoke-free Outdoor Dining Fact Sheet.

For more information contact the Tobacco Education Program staff at 209-966-3689.