Strategic Plan

Mariposa County recently developed its first strategic plan. A strategic plan defines the best version of our community we aspire to achieve (vision), county government's role in reaching that vision (mission), how we will do business along the way (values) and the steps we will be taking to reach our goals (objectives).

You can find the full strategic plan here:

2019 - 2022 Strategic Plan



The strategic planning process began with data collection leading up to a public strategic planning meeting held in December 2017 with the Board of Supervisors and executive staff. A draft strategic framework (PDF) was presented to the Board in February 2018. Staff is continuing to take public comment and develop objectives in the plan. This process includes the county's first-ever citizen survey, which is being managed concurrently. A completed plan is expected to be presented to the Board of Supervisors in May or June 2018.

Draft vision, mission and values statements are listed below. If you have comments or questions on these statements or any objectives you would like to see in the plan, please contact county administration.

Vision Statement: The Best Version of Ourselves

Mariposa County is a thriving, scenic, historic and culturally vibrant rural community where residents, businesses and visitors enjoy opportunity, security, engagement, prosperity and wellness.

Mission Statement: Our Role in Reaching Our Vision

To improve the quality of life in Mariposa County through active community engagement and the efficient delivery of outstanding public services.

Guiding Values: How We Will Do Business

Collaboration - We partner in our community and lead in our state.
Integrity - We do what is moral, ethical, legal, honest, fair, equitable and humane.
Sustainability - We meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations.
Transparency - We are open, accountable and accessible to the public.
Excellence - We are effective, efficient, equitable and citizen-focused with a focus on constant improvement.

Focus Areas


Objectives with performance measures will be organized under these headings. White subheadings are examples of topics that may be addressed.