Whole Person Care (WPC)

What is the Whole Person Care Pilot Program?

Whole Person Care offers a community team approach and care coordination of a full range of services to improve the health and overall well being of participants.

The overarching goal of the Whole Person Care (WPC) Pilot Program is the coordination of health, behavioral health and well being through more efficient and effective use of resources. Mariposa county is part of the Small County whole Person Care Collaborative (SCWPCC) that includes Mariposa and San Benito Counties. 

The WPC Program serves individuals who are Mariposa County residents with Medi-Cal, who have a behavioral health condition (mental health and/or substance use disorder), and are high utilizers (multiple visits) of emergency department, hospital admissions or nursing home placement.

Participate in the Program

To become a participant of the Whole Person Care Pilot Program, you will need to be referred by one of the following:

  • Alliance or Mariposa Heritage House
  • Behavioral health clinician
  • Emergency Department
  • Your doctor or primary care provider
  • Your health insurance company