Paternity Opportunity Program

Declaring Paternity

Establishing paternity is the process of determining the legal father of a child. When parents are married, paternity is automatically established in most cases. If parents are unmarried, paternity establishment is not automatic and the process should be started by both parents as soon as possible for the benefit of the child. Unmarried parents can establish paternity (legal fatherhood) by signing the voluntary Declaration of Paternity. This can be done in the hospital after the child is born. A Declaration of Paternity may also be signed by parents after they leave the hospital.

Obtain a Decleration of Paternity Form

The local Mariposa County Child Support can also assist those wishing to establish paternity. We provide genetic tests, free of charge. Visit us in the office today or call 866-901-3212 to request a genetic test.

Find information on Establishing Paternity (PDF).