List of Services and Costs

All Fees Effective January 1, 2014

For additional services and costs offered by the Mariposa County Clerk, contact the office by phone at 209-966-2007 or email the Mariposa County Clerk.

Certifying, Copying, and Searching

Copy of original document on file in County Clerk’s office (GC26833)$1.75
Certification - of original document on file in County Clerk's Office (GC26833)$20
Certification - any Fictitious Business Name Statement, Abandonment, Withdrawal (B&P17926)$20
Certification - Official capacity of any public official (GC26852)$20
Certification - the fee for which is not otherwise fixed (GC26836)$20
Comparing - with original on file in County Clerk's Office, per page$0.50
Exemplification of record or other papers on file (GC26839)$20
Photocopying - of any document on file in County Clerk's Office(res.89-538)First page - $0.30
Additional pages - $0.20
Photocopies of report by month$10
Searching - records or files, per year (GC26854)$5

Corporate Filings

Corporate Sureties - making certificate showing authority (CCP995.640, GC26855.3)$3.50
Financial Statement - of admitted surety insurer (GC26855.2)$3.50
Power of Attorney - for admitted surety, one name$3.50
For more than one name designated, per each additional name (GC26855.1)$2.25

Election Fees

Certified Voter Registration$1.50
Voter Registration List Set-Up Fee$35
Voter Registration List (Paper) Set-Up Fee$35
$0.10 per page for candidate
$0.20 per page for all others
Voter Registration Labels Set-Up Fee$35
Per label - $0.0125
Index of Registration (On demand of committee or candidate, no more than two copies of index at $5 each. Additional indexes to be charged per County Resolution No. 90-77.)$5
Photocopies of reports and statement filed pursuant to Political Reform Act (GC81008)$0.10 per page

Fictitious Business Name Filings (Includes Filing and Indexing)

Statement of Fictitious Business Name (includes one certified copy) (B&P17929)$30
For each additional fictitious name on same statement at same location$5
For each additional registrant or partner name on same statement$5
Abandonment (B&P17929)$15
Notice of Withdrawal from Partnership (B&P17929(d))$15
Monthly Report of New FBN Listings$10
Certification FBN, Abandonment, Withdrawal from Partnership$20
Filing and Indexing all papers for which a charge is not elsewhere provided (GC26850)$2.25
Fish and Game - County Administrative Fee (F&G711.4(e))$50
Foreign Pensioner Verification$20
Humane Officer - Filing appointment (CC607(e))$5

Marriage Licenses

Public - Issuing License (GC26840, 26840.3, 26840.7)$60  
Confidential Marriage - Issuing authorization (GC26840,26840.3,26840.7,26840.8)$65 
Declaration of Marriage - Issuing licenses and certificates (CC4210,GC26840,26840.7,26840.8)$60 
Duplicate License (CC4203)$10 
After Hours Fee (GC26840.2) By Specific Approvaladditonal $75 
Civil Marriage Ceremony (GC26861)$30 
Provide Witness$10 
Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriage - (authorization for 1 day)$30  
Certified Copy of Confidential Marriage Certificate (CC5183,H&S10605,10605.3,114,114.5)$17 

Notary Public

Registration (GC8213,26849.1)$25
Filing with County Clerk$7
Additional Recording fee to County Recorder (see Assessor/Recorder for recording information)
Revocation of Notary Registration or Cancellation of Bond$15
Verification / Authorization of Notary's Signature$20


U.S. Passports - County Processing Fee$35
U.S. Department of State Fee (Separate Check) $130