Mariposa County Creative Placemaking Master Plan

Creative Master Plan Pic


In partnership with the Mariposa County Arts Council, the Mariposa County Planning Department applied for and received a grant from the National Endowment’s Our Town program to support the development of a countywide Creative Placemaking Master Plan. This project will use interactive and collaborative stakeholder engagement to develop a planning document that leverages art and design to promote a rich and compelling rural economy.

A Creative Placemaking Master Plan that supports Mariposa’s unique cultural identity and facilitates regionally inclusive creative placemaking projects will:

  • Promote a portfolio of authentic, engaging experiences that encourage tourists to stay in--rather than simply pass through--Mariposa en route to Yosemite. In turn, this will have a profound impact on local businesses and artists;
  • Increase community attachment and civic engagement by promoting equitable placemaking investments and production of placemaking deliverables that are more representative of Mariposa’s diverse and rich identity; 
  • Establish cross-sector partnerships between the arts community, government agencies, conservation and agricultural interests, tribal populations, human services organizations, and businesses to increase our community's capacity to apply creative placemaking in support of our economy; and
  • Integrate creative placemaking efforts into existing and future infrastructure and other community assets.

Request For Proposals

View the request for proposals for the Master Plan project.


Mariposa County Creative Placemaking Strategy Advisory Committee


The Creative Placemaking Strategy Advisory Committee (CPSAC) is an official county advisory committee established to make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors related to the community’s creative placemaking agenda. In addition to functioning as the primary stakeholder group driving the Creative Placemaking Master Plan project, the CPSAC facilitates and directs staff in implementing individual creative placemaking projects throughout the county.

For more information about the committee, including past minutes and current membership, click here.