COVID-19 Active CaseS

The below list is the active COVID-19 cases for Mariposa County. 

Note: We cannot remove a case from hospitalized status until we get confirmation from the case or hospital that they have been released.  

Please note: Information is updated Mondays - Fridays, with the exception of federal holidays. 

Information verified as of: 7/5/2022 at 3:54 PM: 

Ongoing count of new cases reported for the week of 7/4/2022: 22
Case Number Reported Date Age Transmission Type Status
3715 7/5/2022 1 Person to Person Isolated
3714 7/5/2022 19 Person to Person Isolated
3713 7/5/2022 11 Travel Related Isolated
3712 7/4/2022 37 Person to Person Isolated
3710 7/4/2022 27 Community Isolated
3706 7/2/2022 55 Person to Person Isolated
3705 7/2/2022 56 Person to Person Isolated
3704 7/2/2022 22 Person to Person Isolated
3675 6/29/2022 38 Community Isolated
3654 6/27/2022 66 Community Hospitalized
3648 6/27/2022 68 Travel Related Isolated
3635 6/25/2022 67 Under Investigation Hospitalized
3557 6/19/2022 43 Community Hospitalized


  • Report Date - This date is the day a new positive result is reported to the state system and typically shared with Mariposa County Public Health.
  • Community Transmission - within Mariposa County, where there is no clear connection between the case and another case, and the exposure most likely occurred in Mariposa County.
  • Person to Person - the case has an established link to a known case.
  • Travel Related - likely exposure occurred outside of Mariposa County in an area with community transmission where a clear connection cannot be established with a known case.
  • Healthcare-Associated – occurred in a health care setting.
  • Congregant Setting – occurred in a congregant living facility (nursing facility or assisted living facility).