Mariposa RoadMap to Recovery Guidelines

California businesses have taken a hit during the Governor’s "Stay-at-Home" order. As Mariposa prepares to re-open, there are certain guidelines businesses have to meet. The Attestation is based on guidelines implemented by the State. On May 12th, 2020 at the Board of Supervisors meeting, our Public Health Officer presented the Attestation for Variance to Stage 2 to the Board. The Board then signed a letter of support to the attestation presented. That letter along with a letter of support from John C. Fremont Hospital will be submitted with the Variance Attestation to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). When approved by CDPH, Mariposa County will be able to move into Stage 2.5, allowing restaurants to open for dine-in customers and offices to open that can’t otherwise telework.

Reopening is like a sliding scale. Check out this infographic for more details. 

Mariposa County is currently in Stage 2.5 - click here to see an overview of what Stage 2.5 looks like. 

To view the Board of Supervisor’s agenda packet for May 12th, 2020 please click here.

Febrile Respiratory Illness (Fri) Screening tool for businesses

Use this tool to screen employees for Febrile Respiratory Illness (FRI). The information is collected by the Epidemiologist as a tool to monitor the counties progress during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Interested in seeing which other counties have been approved for the Attestation of Variance?

Check out the CDPH webpage to see which counties in California have been approved. 

Curious about the Attestation for Variance?

Click here to see what was presented to the board. 

Want to see the Governor’s Roadmap?

To view the Roadmap put into place by the Governor please visit

Check out the sector-specific guidelines and checklists from the State of California:

Was your business classified as essential during the closure?

Check out the guidelines for essential business here.  

All Businesses will need to place this checklist in their windows.

Why do you need this checklist? Putting this checklist in a place where customers can see it will help customers feel more secure. They get to see what your practices are and what safety measures your business is taking to protect yourselves and your customers. 

Want your customers to know what you expect from them?

Use this checklist to put in your window. This checklist will allow the customer to know what you expect before they enter your establishment. 

Did you miss the meeting regarding offices?

Check out the PowerPoint presentation regarding offices opening in stage 2.5. You can also review that meeting here

Did you miss the meeting regarding restaurants? 

You can review that video here!

Did you miss the meeting regarding Retail Businesses?

Check out the PowerPoint presentation regarding retail businesses reopening. You can also review that meeting here.

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