Febrile Respiratory Illness (FRI) Screening Tool

Help protect you and your employees from a Febrile Respiratory Illness with this handy screening tool.

Febrile Respiratory Illness (FRI) is defined as a new or worsening episode of either cough or shortness of breath, in conjunction with fever or chills in the previous 24 hours (London Laboratory Service Group, 2007). This definition includes both upper and lower respiratory tract illnesses, which are mainly infectious diseases caused by many different pathogens. 

We have developed this screening tool for both employees and employers to take before entering the workplace.  The survey walks you through a set of questions that will determine if they should avoid coming in contact with coworkers and the public.

The results are reviewed by our Epidemiologist and will help with determining outbreaks within the county.  We recommend taking the survey daily before going to your place of employment.


Take the survey, or scan the QR code below with your mobile device.


If you would like to use a printable version of our Febrile Respiratory Illness (FRI) Screening Tool, we have you covered in both English and in Spanish.