Medical Health Operational Area Coordination (MHOAC) Program

About MHOAC:

The Medical Health Operational Area Coordinator (MHOAC) Program is authorized by the California Health and Safety Code Section 1797.153. The MHOAC position represents the single point of contact for the MHOAC program. It is responsible for monitoring and ensuring adequate medical and health resources are in place during a local emergency. The MHOAC is authorized to make and respond to requests for mutual aid from outside of Mariposa County.

During non-emergency operations and the initial phases of an emergency, the MHOAC Program operates in a duty officer mode and is on-call 24/7. Once the Mariposa County Health and Human Services Department Operations Center (HHSA DOC) is activated, the MHOAC Program functions can be distributed to various HHSA DOC positions. 

MHOAC Responsibilities: 

The MHOAC is responsible for ensuring the operational effectiveness of 17 mandated functions:

  • Assessment of immediate medical needs
  • Coordination of disaster medical and health resources. (If you wish to be a Disaster Healthcare Volunteer, click here)
  • Coordination of patient distribution and medical evaluations
  • Coordination with inpatient and emergency care providers
  • Coordination of out-of-hospital medical care providers
  • Coordination and integration with fire agency personnel, resources, and emergency fire pre-hospital medical services
  • Coordination of providers of non-fire based, pre-hospital emergency medical services
  • Coordination of the establishment of temporary field treatment sites
  • Health surveillance and epidemiological analyses of community health status
  • Assurance of food safety
  • Management of exposure to hazardous agents
  • Provision or coordination of Behavioral/Mental Health services
  • Provision of medical and health public information and protective action recommendations
  • Provision or coordination of vector control services
  • Assurance of drinking water safety
  • Assurance of the safe management of liquid, solid, and hazardous waste
  • Investigation and control of infectious disease


Contact MHOAC staff at (209) 966-2000 or email at