Important Dates

Date Event
January 1 Tax Lien date
February 1 Second installment is due.
April 10 Second installment payment deadline, another 10% penalty and $20 cost will be added after 5 p.m. if not received.
April 15 Deadline for filing personal state and federal tax returns
May Treasurer/Tax Collector mails delinquent notices for any unpaid, regular current taxes.
June 30 End of County fiscal year
July 1 1.5% penalty per month will be added to unpaid tax amounts, plus a $15 redemption fee on all delinquent accounts transferred to the delinquent tax roll. Mariposa County fiscal year begins.
July 31 Unsecured tax bills are mailed.
August 31 Unsecured tax bills due. A 10% penalty is added after 5 p.m.
September 1 Unsecured tax is delinquent.
October Treasurer/Tax Collector mail out original secured property tax bills.
November 1 Payment in full or first installment is due for secured property tax bills. Accrued interest begins at 1.5% monthly for unsecured taxes due.
December 10 First installment secured property tax payment deadline, a 10% penalty is added after 5 p.m. if not received.