Tax Sale Information

When an owner of property has delinquent taxes for over six years, the property is sold at a public auction.

Next Tax Sale 

The next tax sale will be August 9, 2024. Stay tuned for details.

If you plan to participate in the auction of tax-defaulted property, please read the following information. Your co-operation regarding the auction rules is requested to help make the auction process run smoothly.

Send an email to Saundra Gonzales with any questions about the next tax sale.

Check this website for updates.


All Sales are final. It is the responsibility of the bidder to know what is being purchased before a bid is placed. You should personally inspect the property and search the title to prevent unwelcome surprises.

The 2023 tax sale was a big success.

Take a look at the August 11, 2023, tax sale results...

Prior Year Sale Results


  • Courtney Progner Morrow, Mariposa County Treasurer/Tax Collector
  • Saundra Gonzales, Assistant Treasurer/Tax Collector