Tobacco Education Program (TEP)


A person who wants to quit using tobacco products typically makes 8-10 attempts. Some research suggests the number may be even higher. 

Quitting is difficult. But quitting is possible! 

Every attempt is part of your story to quit for good.


Your quit journey begins with a single step.

For FREE resources and counseling to start your journey, contact Kick It California. They have been helping Californians quit for 30 years.

  Kick_It_California_Logo_Right_CMYK_Primary      CALL:  1 (800) 300-8086 (English)
                     1 (800) 600-8191 (Español)

       TEXT: “Quit Smoking” to 66819    
                    “Quit Vaping” to 66819   


If you have questions about quitting tobacco and nicotine products, or would like to know about other resources, contact us at the Tobacco Education Program. Whether you smoke, vape, or use smokeless tobacco, we’re happy to help you take the next step.

About the Tobacco Education program

Mariposa County Tobacco Education Program is funded by the California Tobacco Control Program, with funding from California Propositions 56 and 99. Our work addresses the tobacco-related issues experienced in our rural communities in Mariposa County. We serve Mariposa County by providing education and technical assistance in and for the community.  

We provide the following free services in Mariposa County

  • Community Education & Collaboration:  We are available to collaborate with local organizations, community groups, programs, and community leaders to provide educational presentations, participate in community events, and facilitate discussion about tobacco- and nicotine-related issues impacting Mariposa County. 
  • Technical Assistance on Tobacco Laws: We support residents, agencies, and tobacco retailers to fully understand tobacco control laws. We can address questions and concerns California tobacco retailers have about compliance, as well as specific product questions. We can work with local agencies tasked with enforcement, business development, and planning, to support the success of local businesses along with community health. We are available to assist local agencies with grant applications for Department of Justice funding for tobacco control.
  • Smoke-free Technical Assistance & Training: We are available to help local businesses, organizations, property owners, and outdoor events develop smoke-free policies. We can offer training on secondhand smoke and smoke-free policies for employees, tenants, and community groups. 
  • Technical Assistance for Local Healthcare Providers: We are available to help local health and wellness providers identify current cessation resources and best practices. We can also offer training on Ask-Advise-Refer+ for providers with patients or clients who want to quit. We are available to a local community clinic with applications for grant funding to advance tobacco cessation.
  • Local data collection: We conduct data collection and evaluation activities to learn more about how tobacco impacts Mariposa County.
  • Educational Materials:  We offer free printed materials to individuals, organizations, and local businesses. We can also help customize some materials to meet the language and culture of the audience.
  • Mariposa Health & Wellness Coalition: The Coalition is an unincorporated community group comprised of local agencies, organizations, and individuals. We provide non-financial support for this community group, which supports tobacco/substance use prevention and cessation (quitting), as part of overall health & wellness in Mariposa County. To learn more about the Coalition or to become a member, you can email the Coalition at