Pool Safety Program


The pool safety program monitors all public pools in Mariposa County to ensure that these facilities are free from safety hazards and risk of communicable diseases. Public pools include swimming pools, spa pools, and wading pools at hotels, motels, condos, apartments, campgrounds, community parks, resorts, bed and breakfasts, and other commercial sites.


  • Educate public pools owners and operators about health and safety issues regarding their pools
  • Inspect public pools throughout the year to ensure that health and safety standards are being met
  • Investigate complaints from the public regarding unsanitary or unsafe conditions at a public pool
  • Review construction plans to verify that a new or remodeled pool complies with State code requirements
  • Conduct on-site construction inspections to verify that new and remodeled pools meet all public pool code requirements
  • Initiate and monitor corrective actions to ensure health and safety at regulated facilities

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