Concealed Weapons Permits

****New Online CCW Application / Submission-

Press Release Regarding New Online CCW System

The Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office has streamlined the Concealed Carry Permit (CCW) process by allowing both new and renewal applicants to fill out an application online.

The Sheriff’s Office will begin taking applications online starting May 1st through the Sheriff’s Office website at

With the new system, permits can be applied for anytime, day or night, weekends or holidays at the comfort of your home. The goal is to help the Sheriff’s Office  enhance convenience and better serve our public.

To apply online, residents should click the "Concealed Weapon Permits" tab on the left side of the Sheriff’s Office homepage. A link to the new

secure online application system will appear, allowing applicants to create an account and submit information for a background check.

The website offers a debit or credit card payment option with a service fee. Applicants can bypass the fee by paying with cash or a check at the counter of the Sheriff’s Office.

Residents will receive a notification by email, text message or automated phone call that their permit is ready.  A valid driver’s license or state ID card verifying residency is required to pick up a permit.

Pick‑up times are Tuesday and Thursday from 1pm to 4pm.

Applicants who wish to renew an existing permit must create an online account with the new system and follow all the prompts. For assistance or more information please contact the CCW Permit Clerk at 209-966-3615

Concealed Carry Weapon Permit Renewal Changes

As of January 1, 2019 new legislation has been enacted which will change the requirements for Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permit renewals. AB2103 will now require all renewal permit holders to attend a renewal course that includes instruction on firearm safety, handling and shooting techniques in addition to laws regarding the permissible use of a firearm. The course must also include live-fire shooting exercises on a firing range and shall include a demonstration by the applicant of the safe handling of, and shooting proficiency with, each firearm the applicant has on their permit.

As result of these requirements, and the professional staff time required to meet the re-certification mandates, the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office will no longer be able to host CCW renewal courses. All permit holders wishing to renew their CCW will need to take a renewal course from one of our approved renewal private instructors. 

Thank you for your interest in the CCW program and your continued support of our team. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that this change in process may cause.


California law requires concealed weapon permit applicants to satisfy specific criteria before being issued a license. The requirements are as follows:

  • Residency: All applicants must provide proof that they are a resident of the County of Mariposa.
  • Training: The applicant must complete and show current proof of attendance and a successful completion certificate from an approved Concealed Carry Course containing modules on safety, the law, and the applicant’s ability to handle a firearm safely. The course will be 8 hours.

     Pistol Qualification for Live-Fire Shooting Exercise:

  • 10 yards, 5 rounds center mass
  • 7 yards, 5 rounds while walking to cover (diagonal) at 5 yards. Reload behind cover and 5 rounds into center mass utilizing cover.
  • 3 yards, 5 rounds center mass
  • Passing Percentage 100% of rounds on (b-27 or similar sized) silhouette target
  • Unsatisfactory firearms safety, familiarity, or weapons handling will result in and automatic failure.

CCW Frequently Asked Questions (PDF). Please read through this, it should answer any questions you may have for new and renewals.

Approved CCW Instructors

Stage Stop Gun Shop


(209) 358-4867

Bill Tidwell


(209) 878-3056

Chris Williams Firearms Training 


(559) 994-1261

JLPFI – John Lewis


(559) 349-3833

John Canaday


(559) 875-4707

Harry Massucco Jr.


(559) 287-1100

Hammer Stryke 


(209) 614-1718

Jim Bernardi FirearmsCoarsegold(559) 683-5869

Hard Focus Firearms


(209) 564-0332

Insight Firearms Training


(559) 479-0871

Ron Garrison


(209) 631-3533

Trident Firearms Academy



Valley Defense Consulting


(209) 552-5728

Red Dog Firearms


(559) 689-3647

John Popke


(209) 532-6677

Eclipse Firearms and Training, LLC
Los Banos(209) 710-8554

Chavez Fire Arms 209Merced(209) 658-4206

Applicants are responsible for making their own training appointments and paying any applicable fees.

Proof of the 8-hour training is required before final approval of the application may be granted.

Application Process 

In order to obtain a CCW permit from the Mariposa County Sheriff Office, the applicant must complete the following steps:

  1. Apply online using the following link  HTTPS://MARIPOSACA.PERMITIUM.COM/CCW/START
    • Making any intentionally false statements on the application is a crime (Penal Code 12051) and can be prosecuted either as a misdemeanor or a felony.
    • The CCW application, while processed as confidential, is not a privileged document. Information divulged in the application is subject to public disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.
  2. The Sheriff will review the application. The applicant will be interviewed  regarding his or her application. All information is subject to verification and the applicant may be required to provide additional supporting documentation.
  3. The Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office will conduct a background investigation on the applicant. When the investigation is complete, the Sheriff’s Office administration will review the information. A decision will be made at this time whether or not the CCW permit will be preliminary approved. If the request is denied, the applicant will be notified by mail.
    Note: The applicant may be required to furnish proof of medical fitness and/or undergo psychological testing by a psychologist specified by the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office, and at the applicant’s expense in accordance with the provisions of Penal Code 12054(c).
  4. Upon receiving preliminary approval for the CCW permit, the applicant must be fingerprinted and pay the required Department of Justice fees before continuing the process. Fingerprints and fees are sent to the Department of Justice for confirmation of identify, criminal history, and firearms possession eligibility. All fees are non-refundable.
  5. The clearance from the Department of Justice usually takes from a few weeks up to two months.
  6. Once the Department of Justice responds and it is determined that the applicant has been cleared to receive a permit, the applicant will be notified by phone text or email. 
  7.  Applicant must complete an approved qualification class.
  8. Provide / upload proof of qualification, once provided / uploaded the applicant will be notified via text or email when the final permit is ready to be picked up.  


 No resident has the right to a permit, nor is the Sheriff required to issue a permit. By law, the Sheriff has the discretion to approve or deny CCW permit applications as well as revoke permits that have already been issued.

A permit may contain any reasonable restrictions or conditions on its use. Restrictions or conditions (if any) are imposed at the sole discretion of the Sheriff. Receipt by the Sheriff’s Office of a CCW permit application does not guarantee the issuance of a permit.

Renewal Process

Concealed Carry Weapon Permit Renewal Changes

1.  Renewal Applicant must complete an approved renewal qualification class. 

2. Fill out renewal application HTTPS://MARIPOSACA.PERMITIUM.COM/CCW/START

3. Provide / upload proof of qualification, once provided / uploaded the applicant will be notified via text or email when the final permit is ready to be picked up.