Building Department


The Building Department is responsible for enforcement of California State and Mariposa County laws concerning safety of structures.

Building permits are issued based on the current edition of the California Building Codes and local amendments; encompassing building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, state energy requirements, and state accessibility laws. These codes are enforced to protect you and your property investment. The permitting process ensures that your project proceeds according to safe building practices and can offer assurances that contractors are properly licensed to perform the work.

Types of Permits

Among those permits issued by this department are residential and commercial building construction (this includes but not limited to new construction, remodels, conversions, change of occupancy), manufactured home installation and grading.

NoteAll parts of the 2019 triennial edition of the California Building Standards Code, Title 24 may now be viewed online.

Building Codes

See links on this page: 2019 California Building Codes

Please note that online access is provided courtesy of the three entities that publish the codes: The International Code Council (ICC), International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), and the National Fire Protection Agency/BNi Books. Consequently, the online versions vary slightly in format.


Building Department Advisory & Appeals Board


Solar plans have been submitted with extraneous information or missing information.  This causes a delay the approval of the plans.  After the initial review, the plan checker issues correction notice.  The corrected plans must be resubmitted and sent back for an additional plan check.  If corrected plans are required, you may incur an additional plan check fee.

To assure the prompt approval of the solar plans, please be aware of the following:

  1.  Plans are site specific.  All sheets and notes that are not applicable to the job submitted, must be removed.
  2.  If there is a table showing multiple ground snow loads, wind loads, and exposures, the correct snow load, wind load and exposure must be marked in the table. 
  3. All items that are for the specific job applied for must be highlighted. 
  4. The ground snow load must be labeled on the plans.   If you do not know the required ground snow load for the project site, please call Building and we can look it up for you.