Who are the Grand Jury members?

The 2022-2023 Grand Jury members are: 

  • John Peele
  • Marilyn Blessing 
  • Reannon Broomfield
  • Cynthia Caballero
  • Nicholas Hershey
  • James Hillenbrand
  • Megan Perez
  • Joseph Ritter
  • Wolfgang Rogge
  • Julia Schulze
  • Daniel Wilson 

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1. What is the Grand Jury?
2. What is the Grand Jury Function?
3. Who are the Grand Jury members?
4. What does the Grand Jury do?
5. What is the Grand Jury’s Jurisdiction?
6. How is the Grand Jury structured?
7. Who can be a Grand Jury member?
8. How are Grand Jury members selected?
9. Who can request a Grand Jury Investigation?
10. How can I contact the Grand Jury?
11. How to file a complaint:
12. What is the Final Report?