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County Government Center Use Fees

There are three areas in the Government Center available for civic and community gatherings for a fee: 

The Chambers, its Lobby, and the Plaza outside. 

Because an employee has to accompany any use of this building, fees to cover staff time will be assessed for all uses in addition to the hourly fee.

*Government Center: $35/hour.
 *Lobby: $20/hour.
 *Plaza: $15/hour.

 *A combined use of all three areas will cost $50/hour fee.
 Two-hour minimum is required. Food service will only be permitted in the Lobby and Plaza.
 A cleaning deposit of $100 will be required of all groups with food service.
 Groups A and B of the Facilities Use Policy are the only groups eligible to apply for use of the Government Center.

Making a reservation using this online form will ensure your reservation with the Mariposa Parks and Recreation Department. All fees, however, are to be paid in full two (2) weeks prior to the requested date. Checks payable to Mariposa County Parks and Recreation. 

If liability insurance is required, a surcharge may be charged to cover the cost of liability insurance. This will depend on the circumstances of your event. Please check with the Mariposa Parks and Recreation Department to see requirements.

When your reservation has been approved, a Reservation Request Form will be sent to you with the required information about your event, including all fees and costs. This form must be signed by the person responsible for the event and returned to the Mariposa County Parks and Recreation office prior to you event. It can be delivered either by hand or by mail. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 732, Mariposa, CA 95338.

*The cleaning deposit must be made as a separate check or cash and is fully refundable as long as cleaning is done and there are no damages to the facility.  This includes placing all trash in dumpsters, removing all decorations, vacuuming/mopping all floors, cleaning all counters, tables and restrooms.
For any questions, please call our office at (209) 966-2498. Our hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.


Board Room (faces forward):

Photograph of Mariposa County Government Center with chairs facing the dais

Theater - Faces Screen:

Photograph of chairs Facing projection screen in Government Center

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