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1. What is a cord of firewood?
2. How can you make sure you are getting what you pay for when buying firewood?
3. What is a Private Applicator Certificate (PAC) and who needs one?
4. What is an Operator ID and who needs one?
5. What is a Pest Control Adviser?
6. Is there an application fee for a pesticide permit?
7. When are pesticide use reports due?
8. What is the Agricultural Pest Detection Program (Why is There a Trap in My Yard)?
9. What do I do if I am having a raccoon, opossum or skunk problem?
10. Who do I contact if I find a sick or dead bird?
11. Can I bring in a spider, bug or weed to be identified?
12. What payment methods are accepted by your department?
13. What is your mailing address?
14. What is your fax number?
15. I have an 18 gallon gas tank, but the pump says I put 18.5 gallons into my empty tank. Is this possible?